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The most popular 10 theme restaurants in Changsha

The theme of Maocha era: Cats

A small caf é with cats as its selling point is suitable for sitting and playing with cats after dinner. The decoration is simple in northern Europe. There are various kinds of cats in it. Every cat is very docile and lazy Please make an appointment before you go.

Address: room 2701, building 1667-2, Changbao, Zhongshan Pavilion

Per capita: 44 yuan

Contact: 0731-84812369 lacafe

Subject: Indian

The place is very big and spacious, and the attendants are also very beautiful. The decoration details are Latin American. The animal skulls, exaggerated photos and murals, including every light, feel decadent, delicate, warm and retro Even the bathroom has its own characteristics.

Address: opposite new world department store, No.8 Nanyang street, Furong district

Per capita: 47 yuan

Contact: 0731-89909880

Enigma animation robot theme restaurant

Subject: robot

There are a lot of cartoon dolls that children like in the restaurant, as well as robots serving food, voice speaking, and waiters wearing cartoon clothes. The whole environment is good, which is very suitable for bringing children to play.

Address: southwest corner of Kaiyuan middle road and Bancang Middle Road (third floor of Bubugao department store)

Per capita: 43 yuan

Contact: 0731-88195589

Theme: porcelain

With the intention of exchanging porcelain for rice, the artistic tone is full. The clay sculpture at the entrance, the pottery on the porch and the exquisite garden scenery in the hall all show the artistic details. Many of the decorations in the shop are old objects. In addition to coffee, tea and catering, they also deal in some porcelain and ceramic crafts.

Address: 1-19 commercial street, Juzizhou Folk Culture Park, Yuelu District

Per capita: 85 yuan

Contact information: 18684830789 third food world · celebrity kitchen

Theme: Film

A rare movie themed restaurant, popular with young people. The overall design is more retro, there are also boxes, the environment is very comfortable. Creative Hunan cuisine, but the taste is very amazing, dish style is very delicate, taste in line with Changsha people's preferences, emphasis on the mouth partial oil.

Address: 2nd floor, 75 Jinggui Road, Yuhua District (next to Jingwanzi middle school)

Per capita: 44 yuan

Contact information: 0731-84172577 piggy

Subject: Pig

Pig style barbecue shop, outside the shop, all kinds of cute pig models and stickers can be seen everywhere in the shop. There are several cartoon images of pig in the waiting room at the door, so that guests can take pictures when they are waiting. It's not so boring.

Address: L4, 7up shopping center, 635 Wuyi Avenue, Tianxin District

Per capita: 72 yuan

Contact: 0731-89875757 Marilyn Monroe theme coffee bar

Theme: sexy goddess

The name Marilyn Monroe is hard to resist, both boys and girls. A small European style building, the interior is very elegant, red brick wall, fireplace, small oil lamp, and Monroe elements, it's really popular.

Address: a2-212, Liuyanghe wedding culture park, Liuyanghe Avenue, Furong district

Per capita: 155 yuan

Contact: 0731-85576668

Swelling ice

Theme: brown bear and Kenny rabbit

Changsha's first line theme restaurant, a piece of ice to the throat in summer, so cool! But there are brown bears and Kenny rabbits in the shop that make you feel like a girl. They want to take you away every minute! The shop decoration style is too laggy. Many couples here are self timer.

Address: 3009, LM, 7up shopping mall, Jinxiu central, Huangxing Middle Road, Wuyi business district, Tianxin District

Per capita: 33 yuan

Contact information: 18627316626 Zo coffee

Theme: Zoo

This is a coffee shop full of children's interest. It comes from South Korea. There are all kinds of lovely animal elements and huge dolls in the shop. Many big friends and children are taking pictures with them. I really love the theme style here. It's cute!

Address: Wandajin street, Kaifu District

Per capita: 39 yuan

Contact: 0731-89671200 Siji granary

Theme: Original Ecology

Rich in the characteristics of the original ecology, all kinds of simulated straw, logs, tiles, porcelain bowls, etc. are full of emotional appeal. They go to the food material area to select materials to ensure the freshness of raw materials. There are not many dishes. The taste is OK. You need to go to the front desk to see the menu~

Address: 3rd floor, Xingcheng Rongyu complex building, the intersection of Furong South Road and Xiangfu West Road, Tianxin District

Per capita: 66 yuan

Contact: 0731-85556769

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