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Top 10 places for lovers to break up in Suzhou


Anyway, since ancient times, most of the rivers and lakes are places to leave. It's quite appropriate to break up by the lake. It's also verified that: "if you break up, just break up. Don't bother me any more. There's only lake water behind me. If you bother me again, I'll..." When the other party hasn't responded, you jump on the hired boat and walk away. Stare at the boat for a minute, then resolutely turn to look away. Your back is far away in the sunset, which is the rhythm of idol drama!

Universities in Suzhou

A lot of love begins when we are students. You and I can start here and end here. We can say to each other, "you see, even if we come back here, we still can't go back." it's good to get together and disperse when we go back to the starting point. It's still touching to recall~

Suzhou's major parks

It's sad to break up in the park, but if you don't want this kind of tune, it's suggested to go to the place where there are many square dance teams. After the break-up, it's too late to be sad to make sure that all emotions are covered by various divine tunes such as "follow my left hand and right hand in a slow motion", "you are the most beautiful cloud that day" Er I'm a little drunk when I think of that picture

Bridges in Suzhou

I don't want you to jump in the river. No! If you think about it, it's cool to break up on the bridge. Have you ever left each other back-to-back? Don't look back. The car roared by and the river was blowing. In the background, there was a bit of tragic BGM. In retrospect, you can tell your baby that I was also a movie actor in those years!!

Suzhou Railway Station

EMU station is OK, pick the one close to you, or it's a waste of money. Finish on the station, after each other, you love how. Go back and find some movies that break up at the station. Forget it, you're the next Oscar winner / Queen!

Suzhou Qingba bar

Yo, the biggest advantage of breaking up here is to give each other a break-up note, which contains merits and fame. Even if the other party chases out, it's a big deal to hide in a bar and twist in the crowd! Who can find you?

Guanqian Street

It's very suitable to break up here. Remember to make a phone call before meeting: I always think we have no fate. If we can't find each other in another 10 minutes, let's calm down and think about our relationship! The result... The other party hasn't found you after an hour, and then there is no then! You know when there are too many people.

Shuofang Airport

This is the extended version of the station. It's more decisive. For couples who are hard to break up, the airport can't be better, because once a person goes in, he won't come out again! From then on, you can forget each other in the river and lake. Later, you can also send a circle of friends like "my heart is like tens of thousands of meters high, so empty". Taitemao is smart!

Li Gongdi

Hello, what's the age of breakup? It's so sad to break up. Li Gongdi made an appointment for a meal. After finishing this breakup meal, you and I can get together very well. Moreover, you can't be sad in places where there are many delicious food. Isn't it who said that "only delicious food can live up to it" in the world! Suzhou is one of the top ten places to break up. If you want to break up this year, you should go to these places!

Wechat Moments

The most direct and simple way to break up is to send a circle of friends and tell the world that Laozi / Laoniang wants to break up with you! Then directly pull black, from then on Xiao Lang is a passer-by!

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