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The nine most popular ancient towns to visit next year are out of the world in the world!

Twenty eight capital ancient town

As an important market town in the border area in history, the ancient town of 28 Du is known as "the lock and key of Fengxi River", and "a dream left in the mountains" reminds people of the journey.

Compared with Zhouzhuang, Tongli, Wuzhen and other famous ancient towns, it is still hidden in the mountains, people do not know. It has a very different style from those ancient towns in Jiangnan, even with a bit of mystery.

Chikan ancient town

Chikan ancient town has a history of more than 350 years. It is an ancient town with strong Lingnan characteristics and profound cultural heritage

Although the decoration of these buildings is not much, they all have balconies, facing the Tanjiang River, the mother river across the town. This kind of building has become the architectural feature of Chikan ancient town, which is called "Qilou" in local dialect.

Gongtan ancient town

The green stone slab street in the ancient town of Gong Tan is as green as jade. It links the whole town. The street is a wooden hanging building with ancient antique and high cliff. It can be called the essence of Wujiang gallery.

Living in the ancient town for a few days, leisurely time, slowly passing, let people easily forget the city's troubles.

Chaji ancient town

The ancient residential buildings of Ming and Qing Dynasties are located on both sides of the chaji River, which stretches for 10 Li, surrounded by green mountains and trees.

Three streams pass through the village, and four gates and three pagodas are set against each other. There are many ancient dwellings, ancient buildings, alleys and winding paths.

Xinshi ancient town

The vertical and horizontal Xitang passes through the street and the city. The bridges on the stream fly across, the trees are shaded by the pond, the boats are endless in the river, and the city laughs constantly.

Xinshi ancient town can be regarded as the ancient city and the beauty of the water town. Facing its many cultural roots, it makes the ancient town more colorful.

Huangyao ancient town

For thousands of years, the residents have built along the river and along the bridge, forming a typical Jiangnan style. If they linger in it, they can appreciate the purity and calmness of the place.

No publicity, no surprise, only through the distant breath of time, weaving into the river wind, spread, bewitch you and me.

Peitian ancient town

The architecture of Peitian ancient town in Fujian Province is comparable to that of Yongding Tulou, which tells the long history with a long time.

Ancient road twists and turns, roadway interlinked, chicken and dog, villagers leisurely pace between.

Qiantong ancient town

Former children give us more, is its vicissitudes, haggard beauty, the most perfect peace.

Qiantong is also a family with small bridges and flowing water, but has a unique scenery. The streets are paved with pebbles, and most of the house foundations are made of pebbles. The streets are very narrow and the buildings are very dense. It's like walking in a maze.

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