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How many food tourism cities have you swept in China

8. Hangzhou with light wind and thick dew

Jiangnan scenery is poetic and picturesque, Jiangnan food is endless.

Around the Qingming Festival, people always think of the West Lake in Hangzhou, where the apricot blossom and spring rain come, and the sweetness of Longjing shrimp seems to linger on their lips At this time, it is the best time to feel the spring flavor from the Bank of Xizi lake.

Hangzhou's delicacy of cooking makes Hangzhou's cuisine unique in North and south.

Hangzhou cuisine focuses on the selection of fresh seasonable ingredients, and is good at cooking fresh water fish and a variety of precious game, fungi and bamboo shoots. It is simple, elegant and rich in nutrients. It is most suitable for spring at the beginning of the year.

7. Hu Chihai's Guangzhou

Guangzhou snacks belong to Lingnan flavor, mostly originated from the folk, most of which have been handed down and become traditional famous food.

If you want to invite guests from all sides, you don't need to go to star hotels. Just walk around the city and taste all kinds of authentic snacks. It will make people believe that eating in Guangzhou deserves its reputation!

There are 10 kinds of famous Guangzhou snacks, such as congee, Bula sausage powder, ginger milk, barbecued pork bun, wonton noodles, radish and beef offal, which you must experience when you go to Guangzhou.

In addition, when I go to Guangzhou, I have to try morning tea with the local people. I have a few friends and chat with them over tea and snacks. Maybe the leisure time in the morning is gone.

6. Luoyang

Perhaps, for Luoyang, we only stay in the impression of "Luoyang paper price" and "Peony sea". Today, what I want to talk about is the food of Luoyang.

Luoyang is surrounded by mountains on all sides and located in a basin with little rainfall, so soup is often used in folk diet to resist the dry and cold climate. No matter in the morning, at noon or in the evening, people in Luoyang love to drink soup. The most proud state banquet of Luoyang people is water mat 24, which is soup after all. So Luoyang's food culture is concentrated in one word: soup.

Three meals a day, soup, salty soup with sweet soup sooner or later. According to statistics, there are at least 20 or 30 kinds of soup in Luoyang --- mutton soup, beef soup, dog soup, donkey soup, miscellaneous liver soup, Hu hot soup, vermicelli soup, bu fan soup, meatball soup, etc

It's hard for ordinary outsiders to experience the leisure and comfort of Luoyang people when they drink soup in the morning. But if you have a chance to go to Luoyang, when you see the long line in front of the door of the soup hall, and the delicacy of everyone's soup, I believe you have begun to appreciate the atmosphere of "Tang culture" in Luoyang.

5. Urumqi, a meat paradise

You must not know that Urumqi is also a food city!

In history, the ethnic groups living in Xinjiang seldom ate vegetables, so there were few dishes. 2000 years ago, Princess Wusun wrote in her poem: "meat is the food, cheese is the pulp." When you arrive in Xinjiang, meat experts will open up to eat! If you don't come to Xinjiang, you will never know the real taste of Dapan chicken.

In addition, mutton kebab, pilaf, Latino, barbecue, roasted bun, Nang, Nang baorou, roasted whole sheep, minced mutton, youtazi, pimahong, Dingding fried noodles, minced meat noodles, fried meat noodles, Ili horse intestines, smoked horse meat, yogurt pimple, milk tea There are all kinds of delicious food.

Tasting the night market in Urumqi is about the dream of many friends who travel to Xinjiang. In addition to fresh and delicious food, we can also feel the enthusiasm of Xinjiang people.

4. Xi'an

As an ancient city with a history of thousands of years, you may eat a humble shop, but it's actually a century old shop.

All kinds of snacks in Xi'an feel like they came from ancient times, which makes you dream about them. When it comes to Xi'an cuisine, I have to mention Huimin street.

Huimin street is beside the drum tower in Xi'an, and the north end of the street is a thick wall. Its mottled arches and massive city bricks always remind people of the bold and chivalrous spirit of eating meat and drinking wine. It has been said that as long as you have been to Huimin street, you will have no regrets about Xi'an snacks.

Huimin street is not long. It's only about 500 meters long. On both sides are full of authentic Huimin hotels. Mutton kebab, Melaleuca butter shortbread, mutton steamed bun, Huanggui persimmon cake, Qishan noodles A glutton who loves meat and noodles is like falling into heaven in Huimin street. If you think Huimin street has too much "tourism" flavor, you can go through the alleys, and the nearby Dapiyuan and Xiyang city may give you the feeling you want.

3. Changsha without spicy

When it comes to Changsha, maybe we are not strangers! Orange Island head, Changsha stinky tofu and so on!

I used to think Chongqing could eat spicy food until Xiaobian went to Changsha! A city surrounded by food, but also a group of food to protect the city.

Changsha is a place where you can't lose weight when you get fat. In the eyes of some people, it's mysterious and sometimes more magical. Changsha people love the taste of pepper? Still love that kind of sweat dripping soundly? Don't enter Changsha, don't taste Changsha food, don't know Changsha people.

Changsha people can walk from the south gate to the riverside with all kinds of snacks in their hands and eat while strolling; Changsha people can also come out of nightclubs in the early morning without tired shadow and have a midnight snack on the street until two or three o'clock; Changsha people can also wear suits and shoes and drive to the roadside shop in the early morning just for a bowl of delicious and refreshing rice noodles.

Whether it's stinky tofu, sugar and oil Baba, or fish head with chopped peppers and fried meat with green peppers, which are popular all over the country with Hunan cuisine shops, or hot stewed and cold noodle stalls that can only be found with local people. Changsha, you have too many reasons to try.

2. Chengdu, a snack paradise

Chengdu was listed as "food city" by UNESCO in 2010, which is the first place in Asia to win this honor. Therefore, it is not too much for Chengdu to be a food city in China!

There are at least hundreds of special snacks on the streets of Chengdu, such as hot and sour noodles, and "longchaoshou" (boiled wonton with chili oil, pepper and scallion).

You must go to Yujia's kitchen when you come to Chengdu. This high-end restaurant specializes in Sichuan cuisine with complicated procedures, such as abalone jelly, refreshing ginseng and boiled Jiangtuan.

In this string of cities that can be seen everywhere, there is a pungent atmosphere everywhere. In Zigong, the special dish diving frog is to add a lot of pepper, vegetables, vermicelli and frog meat to the hot pot.

1. Hot and sour Chongqing

When it comes to gourmet food, how can it be without Chongqing!

Built on mountains, it is called "mountain city"; heavy clouds and fog, it is called "fog city"; the heat is unbearable, it is called "stove". Delicious food, beautiful scenery and beautiful beauty are not to be desired.

Spicy and sour is the name card of the city. Noodles, hot and sour noodles, hot pot, maoxuewang, liangshanji

In addition to spicy, Chongqing is also unique in hemp! It's so hot that my mouth turns up! Especially after the China broadcast on the tip of the tongue, Chongqing's noodle is even more popular! Many foreign friends come to Chongqing just to eat a bowl of legendary noodles.

There are so many delicious food! There's no end to it. Three steps is a small noodle shop, five steps is a hot pot shop! This is not exaggeration at all, it is the summary of chongqing cuisine. Come to Chongqing, you can also have a look at the beautiful night scene, just in summer, the beautiful Chongqing beauties with white skin and long legs on the street are also enough to attract attention!

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