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Ten successful cases of enterprise wechat marketing


Durex is no stranger to us. Whenever we mention microblog marketing strategy cases, we can always see the figure of Durex. It seems that he has become an insurmountable monument in microblog marketing strategy. This unique "Du Du" on Weibo also opened a small lecture hall for Du Du and a collection of weekly questions on wechat.

On December 11, 2012, Durex wechat pushed such a wechat activity message: "Durex has randomly selected ten lucky people in the background, and each of them will get a new magic outfit. Before ten o'clock tonight, ten magic costumes will be sent out! If you are an old friend of Du Du, please reply "I want welfare". Du Du Du will continue to select ten lucky ones. Please look forward to tomorrow's winning list! Let me tell you quietly that if the end of the world does not come, there will be more gifts waiting for you in the near Christmas and new year. "

In just two hours, Du Du received tens of thousands of "I want benefits" and ten boxes of suits in exchange for tens of thousands of fans. How is it cost-effective. The charm of wechat marketing strategy is fully demonstrated here in Dudu. After all, no one can help but look at the free welfare.

Starbucks music push wechat

Make wechat creative, wechat will have vitality! The function of wechat has been so powerful that we can't bear to look at it. In addition to restoring keywords, we can also reply to expressions.

This is the Starbucks music marketing strategy, intuitive stimulation of your hearing! By searching the Starbucks wechat account or scanning the QR code, users can send emoticons to express their feelings at this time, while Starbucks wechat selects the relevant music in the "natural Wake" special series according to different emoticons to respond. This kind of expression is the selling point of Starbucks. But I always don't understand whether facial expression differentiation is all intelligent or artificial service?

Xiaomi customer service marketing strategy

How can the new media marketing strategy program lack the figure of Xiaomi? "9:1 million" fans management mode. It is understood that there are nine customer service staff in the background of Xiaomi's wechat account. The biggest work time of these nine staff is to reply to 1 million fans' messages every day.

Every morning, when nine Xiaomi wechat operators open the wechat account background of Xiaomi mobile phone on the computer and see the message from the user the day after tomorrow, their work of the day begins. In fact, the wechat backstage developed by Xiaomi itself can automatically grab keyword replies, but the customer service staff of Xiaomi's wechat will still make one-to-one replies. Xiaomi also greatly improves the brand loyalty of users through this way. Compared with opening a Taobao store on wechat, for wechat users of brands like Xiaomi, it is obviously more desirable to be a customer service provider than to sell one or two mobile phones.

Of course, in addition to enhancing user loyalty, wechat as a customer service also brings real benefits to Xiaomi. Li Wanqiang said that wechat has also reduced the cost of Xiaomi's marketing strategy and CRM. In the past, Xiaomi used to send mass SMS when doing activities. If one million SMS were sent out, it would cost 40000 yuan. The role of wechat in customer service can be seen.

No.66 Cadillac road only

It's not new to broadcast road conditions. Traffic broadcasting has dominated this field for many years. Cadillac launched the activity of "Highway 66" in its wechat to broadcast road condition information in real time, update it and provide services for local travelers in a timely manner. Although it is competing for business under the eye of traffic broadcasting, the good news is that Cadillac's traffic broadcasting is only limited to Highway 66, which is also its advantage The broadcast of a road condition information can avoid the situation that the information is not timely due to a large range.

Game marketing strategy of No.1 store

Store 1 launched the "you draw, I guess" activity on wechat. The way of the activity is that users follow the wechat account of store 1. Every day, store 1 will push a picture to subscribers, and then users can send answers to participate in the game. If you can guess the answer of the picture and you are within the quota, you will get the prize. In fact, the concept of "you draw, I guess" comes from the popular app game drawsomething, which is not independently developed by store 1. It's just that store 1 combines the form of game into wechat promotion for the first time.

Wechat red envelope: the biggest winner of Spring Festival Gala

During the Spring Festival, wechat red envelopes once overshadowed the Spring Festival Gala. Wechat will cooperate with CCTV Spring Festival Gala this time. In the process of the Spring Festival Gala, the host will broadcast it orally, and let the audience "shake" to grab the red envelope. The red envelope is sponsored by several advertising brands, and the red envelope will also show that "××× enterprise has sent you a red envelope".

Results: the total number of wechat shakes is 11 billion times, and the total amount of wechat red packets received and sent in a single day on February 10 this year has exceeded 10 times of the peak value of last year's new year's Eve. The enterprise marketing scene also has a foothold in wechat, and wechat has further penetrated wechat payment into the second and third tier market.

Shenzhou special vehicle: "self black" marketing

In June 2015, the official of shangshenzhou special car micro tweeted, "wubo, please stop your black special car!" The microblog is also equipped with advertising pictures endorsed by Haiqing, Wu Xiubo and others. The practice caused a strong public reaction, questioning its "low" approach, and mocking Wu Xiubo's advertising picture of the strange corn wrong, at the same time encountered major brands to take advantage of marketing. Results: Shenzhou special car issued a letter of apology, and issued 100 million special car tickets to show sincerity, along with the harvest of millions of new app downloads.

Coca Cola: we care

Some time ago, Coca Cola's "we care" swept the circle of friends. Its real body is a "sustainable development report" shouldering the responsibility of corporate CSR. Although the content strives for image, it is still hard to hide its massiness. In order to be more down-to-earth in the social era, Coca Cola tried to use H5 as the report "slimming beauty": select some of the core data in the report and use a 15 page screen to intuitively show Coca Cola's efforts, and turn it into a form that adapts to the characteristics of network communication, especially the needs of mobile terminal viewing and sharing. Marketing Inspiration: hybridizing pictures, words, audio and video is another advantage of H5. When this vivid form meets some serious content, unexpected chemical reactions often occur.

Victoria's Secret

Victoria's secret of underwear brand can be said to bring the characteristics of touch screen mobile phone to the extreme! In order to warm up Qixi, Weimi launched a cool light app in early July: the home page is a photo that has been atomized. Users only need to rub their fingers on the screen, and a sexy girl will come to the surface. If you continue to browse, you will see the brand introduction, and finally arrive at the underwear shopping page. This interactive experience can be imitated by many brands later. From soap bubble to glass bead, from touch screen to gravity sensor, technology is always the best weapon. It's a new marketing experience for home. "Technology changes marketing", this is the truth. Wechat circle of friends: you brush to BMW, but I only see coke

In January this year, the first batch of ads in wechat circle of friends quietly appeared. BMW, Coca Cola and vivo appeared at the same time. According to a text circulating in the wechat circle of friends, the advertising push in the circle of friends is based on big data analysis, and high-end users push BMW; those who can't afford iPhone 6 but can afford Xiaomi receive advertisements from vivo; those who receive advertisements from coca cola. Compared with the other two brands, BMW, the "symbol of identity", has an overwhelming advantage in communication.

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