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1. Wudalianchi aaaaa


Wudalianchi city in the northwest of Heilongjiang Province is a famous volcano resort in China. In 1719-1721 ad, the volcanic eruption blocked the river channel and formed five interconnected lava barrier lakes. It is a comprehensive natural scenic spot with many functions, such as sightseeing, recuperation and scientific investigation. In addition to the five dammed lakes, there are also many ancient and modern volcanoes. Among them, Laoheishan and Huoshaoshan are the youngest, but they are large in size and beautiful in scenery. They are the best scenic spots in Wudalianchi. Laoheishan mountain is towering with lush vegetation, with a relative height difference of 166 meters. It is the highest of the 14 volcanoes. Ticket price: RMB 1955 for each scenic spot; RMB 15 for each scenic spot; RMB 15 for each scenic spot; RMB 15 for each scenic spot; RMB 15 for each scenic spot; RMB 15 for each scenic spot; RMB 15 for each scenic spot; RMB 15 for each scenic spot; RMB 15 for each scenic spot. Opening hours: 7:00-17:00 address: Heihe City, Heilongjiang Province. The best travel time: from the first ten days of June to the last ten days of September, the climate characteristics of Heihe River are long winter, short summer, low temperature, cold and wet, the annual average temperature is about 0 ℃, and in January

2. Harbin Taiyang Island aaaaa

Harbin Sun Island

Located on the North Bank of Songhua River in Harbin, Taiyang Island Scenic Spot is a famous summer resort across the country. With an area of 38 square kilometers and a planned control area of 88 square kilometers, it is a grassland type scenic spot of jiangmantan wetland. It receives about one million visitors annually. Party and state leaders -, - and others have visited Taiyang Island successively. Surrounded by clear water and charming scenery, Taiyang island has the characteristics of plain, rough and natural natural scenery. The seasonal change here is very obvious. In spring, the mountain flowers are brilliant, the grass is luxuriant, the green leaves are full of branches, the birds are singing together, the running water is tinkling, and the clear springs and waterfalls are singing together. In summer, the willows are green, the plants are luxuriant, the fragrance of flowers is overflowing, the rivers are white, the people are weaving; in autumn, the maple is red, the cypress is green, and the golden leaves are compound In winter, with flying snow, jade trees, silver flowers and plain clothes, it is a unique picture of northern scenery, which is known as "the scenery of northern China competing in the south of the Yangtze River". As an important part of Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival, the annual Sun Island International Snow Sculpture Art Exhibition has long been well-known at home and abroad

3. Northeast Tiger Garden AAA

Northeast tigers garden

The Northeast Tiger Forest Park is a comprehensive enterprise integrating protection, scientific research and tourism. It is a unique tourist attraction in Harbin, and also the largest artificial breeding and breeding base in the world. Northeast Tiger Park is located on the North Bank of Songhua River, adjacent to the sun island. It covers an area of 1.44 million square meters and has more than 300 purebred Amur tigers of different ages. The natural characteristics of the park are very strong, and it has a good foundation of eco-tourism. The air quality here is excellent, with the fragrance of soil and weeds everywhere, making people fully enjoy the integration with nature. It is an ideal place for tourism, leisure and vacation. Since its opening to the outside world in 1996, the park has attracted tourists from home and abroad with its strong wild interest and charming charm. In the past seven years, it has received more than 1.8 million tourists, and has successfully received more than 1500 important national leaders and guests at home and abroad. At present, there are five scenic spots in the Northeast Tiger Park, including Chenghu Park, yuchenghu Park, Youhu Park, African lion park and pedestrian area. It takes one hour for tourists to complete the whole tour. Among them, Chenghu garden, yuchenghu garden, Youhu garden and African Lion Garden need to be visited by bus. Northeast Tiger Forest Park has 15 luxurious and comfortable tourist attractions

4. Mohe Arctic Village aaaaa

Mohe Arctic Village

It is called the "Arctic village" for its fresh and pleasant scenery. During the summer solstice, there are many tourists who come to see the "northern lights" and "polar day"; the boundary river between China and Russia, Heilongjiang, originated from Mohe, with crystal clear water, zigzag loops and flowing down the river, enjoying the beautiful scenery on both sides of the Strait and exotic scenery; the original forests of Mohe are luxuriant and luxuriant, the mountain wind is cool, the forest is thick and fragrant, and the wild exploration adds the mysterious color of nature; the ancient Mohe It has a long history and culture. The historical sites of Manchu Qing Dynasty and Japanese puppet period can be seen everywhere, especially the "yanzhigou" and "ancient Golden Road" of Empress Dowager Cixi. Mohe cuisine is famous for its rare cold water fish, such as cod stewed with tofu, roast dog fish, braised minnow, etc. white meat sausage, Mohe people's special air dried sausage and fried cake are also very local characteristics, which are worth tasting. Mohe County has a small area, but there are many restaurants. You can eat these dishes from any one of them. If you go to the Arctic village, of course, there are all these dishes, but they are relatively expensive. Generally speaking, about 40 yuan per meal per person. Local products of Mohe mainly include: mushrooms, wild herbs, wild berries, wild vegetables, deer antler slices, etc. Most of Mohe tourism is in the Arctic village, where there is no shopping

5. Linhai Qishi National Forest Park AAAAA National Forest Park

Linhai Qishi National Forest Park

-Qishi National Forest Park is located 8 kilometers away from Tangwanghe district. It is an eco-tourism new area and a national geological heritage park composed of human landscape and natural landscape. The scenic area can be divided into eight areas: natural pasture, snow pine forest, stream wetland, ethnic customs, landscape browsing, Xing'an stone forest, autumn pine forest and flower viewing. In the area, the strange peaks and Rocks rise up in the sky, and the hundred year old trees and pines stand up in the sky. The strange trees and rocks are lifelike, with profound meaning and lifelike. In 1993, Chen Lei, former governor of Heilongjiang Province and honorary chairman of Heilongjiang Calligrapher Association, mentioned the main sign stone of the scenic spot "stone forest of Xiaoxing'an Mountain". The famous scenic spots include "yixiantian", "luohangui", "Xiongfeng" and "mountain protection general". The western district is a special landscape full of fairy tales, which is composed of "sword splitting mountain", "tiangouyan", "yunbooting" and "zui'ao stone". The main contents of the northern district are "Zhongkui cliff" with a magic wand and a devil expelling whip on the waist, and green and deep "Valley" and "Pantao ridge", reflecting the folk legends and customs. The landscape in the central area is mainly pictographic stones, mainly including "longtouyan", "longfengchengxiang", "Guanyin", "wotianniu", "Xingan Lingzhi", "butianshi", "zengshougui", etc

6. Harbin Ice and snow world

Harbin Ice and snow world

Harbin Ice and snow world was founded in 1999. In order to meet the Millennium celebration, the Harbin municipal government gave full play to Harbin's advantages in ice and snow time and space, further used its big hand to construct a large pattern, and solemnly launched a super large ice and snow art project of unprecedented scale - Harbin Songhua River ice and snow world, which showed the world Harbin ice, a famous city in the north The unique charm of snow culture and ice snow tourism

7. Heilongjiang Science and Technology Museum AAAA

Heilongjiang Science and Technology Museum

Heilongjiang Science and Technology Museum is located in the Sun Island Science and Technology Park of Harbin city. It is a ship-shaped building with unique shape and spectacular. The modern science museum covers an area of 25000 square meters, with the largest multi-function building area in the province. There are 12 exhibition areas in the museum, including five exhibition areas on the first floor: Mathematics exhibition area; mechanics exhibition area; machinery exhibition area; aerospace and transportation exhibition area; energy and materials exhibition area. The five exhibition areas on the second floor are: life and environment exhibition area; sound and light exhibition area; fire knowledge exhibition area; electromagnetism exhibition area; information technology exhibition area. There are two exhibition areas on the third floor, namely, the exhibition area showing the forestry, geology, mineral, animal and plant resources of our province and the children's science exhibition area made by children. There are some temporary exhibition halls and academic lecture halls in the museum, which can hold all kinds of temporary exhibitions, trainings and conferences of different sizes at any time. The ball screen cinema and 4D cinema in the museum refresh the audience. The ball screen cinema adopts the ball screen system provided by IMAX company of Canada. Under the same light source, the picture is the clearest and the image is the most stable. It can accommodate 223 people at a time. In the meantime, the strong shock brought by high technology makes you feel great

8. Fenghuangshan National Forest Park National Forest Park

Fenghuangshan National Forest Park

Wuchang County near Harbin has a mountain called Fenghuang mountain. It is 150 kilometers away from Wuchang City. It has two peaks, North and south. It is the second highest mountain in the province after datudingzi mountain. In the past, there was only a narrow gauge railway to connect with the outside world. At the end of 2000, a highway was built to connect with the outside world. Because of the beautiful scenery, the mountain is high, the forest is dense, and the people are rarely seen Natural garden Fenghuang Mountain has been yearning for a long time, not only because it is a natural garden, but also because of its unique alpine wetland landscape, a waterfall with a drop of 100 meters, two white and black streams, a canyon with a depth of 5 kilometers, azaleas all over the mountains in spring and Wuhua mountain in autumn. About Alpine Garden: the sky garden is located at Laoyeling mountain, 1690m high (1633m GPS data, 1690m local introduction), which is known as the largest mountain of Longjiang river. It covers an area of 100000 square meters, and is one of the headstreams of the upper reaches of the Lalin river. The unique climate conditions and natural environment have created a variety of vegetation landscapes in the mountains -- alpine Yansong, alpine birch, Alpine Rhododendron. On the alpine wetland: the top of the mountain is a large open wetland. The soil is grassy, carbonaceous, and contains a lot of water. There are flowers, plants, and shrubs more than one person tall

9. Wuying National Forest Park AAAA National Forest Park

Wuying National Forest Park

Wuying is the best preserved place of Pinus koraiensis virgin forest in Yichun, with Wuying National Forest Park and Fenglin national Pinus koraiensis nature reserve. This is the largest, most complete and most representative distribution center of Korean pine virgin forest in Asia. Catering / accommodation / shopping: there are wooden buildings by Tianci lake for accommodation. Transportation: take the train directly from Harbin to Wuying, and then take the 30 minute bus up the mountain. (Forest Park has a special bus station) ticket / opening hours 50 yuan {Yichun City, Heilongjiang Province

10. Harbin Jinyuan cultural tourism area AAAA key cultural relics protection units

Harbin Jinyuan Cultural Tourism Zone

Jinyuan cultural tourism area in Acheng, Harbin, is located 2 kilometers south of Acheng City. It is a national key cultural relic protection unit. It is the capital of the Jin Dynasty from 1115 to 1234. It is the only well preserved capital site of the Jin Dynasty. So far, the Meridian Gate of the imperial city and the palace building sites are well preserved, while the outer city wall, urn City, Mamian, turret and moat sites still exist. Acheng is a famous historical city with rich cultural heritage. In 1115 ad, Wanyan Aguda, the leader of nvzhenren, established the grand Jin Empire, which lasted for 38 years