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Inventory of the ten most distinctive streets in Beijing

1 dim night - Houhai bar street

If Sanlitun Bar Street is popular, Houhai bar street is cultural. Yishui small alley, and the sea and together, there is no noisy music, only melodious songs and the unique cultural atmosphere of the 1980s. With the characteristics of old Beijing, Houhai is absolutely another kind of modern city. When you go around Houhai in Beijing, you have to say that the evening is the most charming time in Houhai, and the bar that attracts the most attention is there.

2. Gluttonous gathering

It is said that the name of GUI Street comes from the "ghost city" in old Beijing. In the early years, markets in Beijing, which mainly sold groceries, vegetables and fruits, opened in the middle of the night and dispersed at dawn. The stall owners used kerosene lamps to light them up. In the distance, they looked like lights, so they were called "ghost markets". Another common saying is that Dongzhimennei Street restaurant business is booming. Because there are many taxi drivers who come here for the night, most of the door faces are open until three or four o'clock in the morning or even all night, so it is called "ghost Street". Later, the Commission of Commerce named it "dongnei catering Street" and built bronze sculptures of wine cups, using the word "Zhen" in classical Chinese.

3 Beijing Wall Street - Jinbao Street

Jinbao Street is a place where famous cars gather in China. Around July 2009, the world's first Bugatti exhibition hall opened in Jinbao Street. Meanwhile, the largest Lamborghini exhibition hall and Aston Martin exhibition hall in Asia also opened at the same time. Jinbao Street has become the best luxury car street in Beijing and even in China. Jinbao Street has exhibition halls such as Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, BMW M-series, z-series, Bugatti, Pagani, koniseg, etc. Not far away, there is the Audi exhibition hall. In the middle of Jinbao Street, north of the road, there is a shop named time hall owned by Erwin Sattler, the world clock king. Beijing Jinbao Street, which has gathered the world's top brands, will convey to consumers a high-end, pure and world-class lifestyle. Like carving a piece of jade, Hong Kong Fuhua International Group has spent 10 years to build Jinbao Street in Beijing.

4 Antique - Guozijian Street

Under the shade of the old Beijing locust tree, there is a modern atmosphere, while the hutongs try to keep a low-key and quiet atmosphere, so that people coming and going constantly give it new interpretations. Guozijian street, small Hutong, Huaiyin Road, archway standing, holy temple as company, simple and low-key temperament; adjacent to the bustling Second Ring Road, but "hidden in the city". It's hard to walk into such a place without a sense of "historical vicissitudes". Walking here, the taste of old Beijing is captured one by one, and the cultural charm left by the sages is also appreciated one by one. Most importantly, in the face of today's noise, it's not so happy to help people live a slow life here! After entering the Imperial College, the first feeling is that the learning environment of ancient students is really good, at least it is very quiet! Now Beijing is so noisy, but there are not many people here. Noise is not accepted. Now people always complain about the impetuous atmosphere, it might as well bring a book here, find a leeward place to sit down, with the shadow of the tree and the shadow of the house, listen to the occasional birdsong, temporarily leave the usual troubles, precipitate their mood, enjoy the quiet between the lines, busy, is not looking forward to such a mood.

5 collection of petty bourgeoisie

Yandai Xiejie street is located in front of Gulou, di'anmenwai street, Beijing, which is the boundary of Changqiao in Xicheng District. It is said that most of the bannermen who lived in Beicheng at that time liked to smoke dry tobacco or water tobacco, and the tobacco leaves were packed in cigarette bags. Due to the increasing demand for cigarette bags, cigarette bag shops have been opened one by one on the street. In addition, the smoky Street itself is like a smoky bag. The slender street looks like a cigarette pole, the east entrance looks like a cigarette holder, and the west entrance turns to the south, leading to Yinding bridge, which looks like a cigarette pot. It is for these two reasons that Xiejie street is named after "cigarette bag", which is worthy of the name. From the late Qing Dynasty to the 1920s and 1930s, the street was mainly engaged in the management of dry tobacco bags, water pipe bags and other cigarette sets, antiques, calligraphy and painting, mounting, stationery and snacks, and service industries. Its pavement architectural style was simple and had the characteristics of Beijing North City. It was a famous cultural street in Beijing North City, and left many cultural celebrities' footprints.

6 Cool - Renmin University South Road

Cool works of art are printed on the wall, giving people a strong visual enjoyment. The wall on Renmin University south road is the largest graffiti wall in China. The graffiti above are all hand drawn by the students around. I feel full of art when I walk by. Be sure to take pictures with these graffiti.

7 May 4th legacy - Wenjin Street

Wenjin street is located in the center of the city, from the art museum in the east to the gate of Xi'an in the West. It is known as the most beautiful street in Beijing by overseas people. Wen Jin Street concentrates the essence of ancient capital Beijing, and maintains a quiet and elegant ancient capital. Walking westward from the art museum, the revolutionary tradition of Peking University Red Mansion reminds you of the famous events in modern Chinese history. Go on, the clean and quiet streets, the ancient moat, the corner tower of the Forbidden City against the blue sky, the white tower of Beihai like a dream, the lake like a mirage and a mirror, the light boats in summer and the happy people on the ice in winter. There is also the elegant Beijing Library Branch, the small Tuancheng, red walls, yellow tiles, green trees, very beautiful.

Beautiful 8 gingko Avenue

Whenever the ginkgo turns yellow in the capital, it also plays the signal of autumn in the capital. Autumn is the most beautiful season for ginkgo trees. You can enjoy the golden ginkgo trees by car or on foot, whether you are walking in a few ring roads or a block, a block park or a big park. There are also many ginkgo avenue which has become a "climate". When the autumn wind blows, you will always see the "onlookers" of photographers with long guns and short guns

9 wide and bright - Chang'an Street

Chang'an Street is an east-west axis of Beijing. It starts from Dongdan in the East and ends at Xidan in the West. Tian'anmen Square is located in the south of the center of Chang'an Street. Built in the Ming Dynasty, Chang'an Street is the main road for the construction of Beijing's Forbidden City, imperial city and inner and outer cities. Its name comes from Chang'an, a metropolis in the prosperous Tang Dynasty, which means long-term stability.

10 old scenes reappear - Qianmen Street

Qianmen Street is a famous commercial street in Beijing. Located in the central axis of the capital, it was called Zhengyangmen street from the Ming Dynasty to the Republic of China, and was commonly known as Qianmen Street. It was officially named Qianmen Street in 1965. In the middle of Ming Dynasty, due to the development of Commerce, markets and streets such as Xianyukou, Zhushikou, meishikou and commissariat shops appeared on both sides of Qianmen Street. Qianmen Street became a commercial street. Beijing's most famous "Dashilar" is also among them. In the late Qing Dynasty, Qianmen Street had a night market. Since 1979, while the original time-honored shops and traditional business characteristics have been basically preserved, new shops have been opened in succession, such as hardware and electrical appliances, clothing department stores, bicycles, food, clocks and watches, chemical paint, etc.

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