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Where are parents going? New choice: 8 parent child hotels around Shanghai

Le Meridien She Shan Shanghai

Reason for selection: Children's happy figures can be seen everywhere in the Amy hotel of Sheshan. The hotel has created an indoor and outdoor paradise for children. Located on the garden floor of the hotel, the indoor children's Park has entertainment facilities such as slide, cabin, balance exerciser, crawler, ocean ball, rocking horse and mischievous castle. Stay in the hotel, you can also visit the Moon Lake sculpture park for free, and visit Shanghai Happy Valley at a preferential price.

Comments from netizens

Gace: Amy, there is a lake in it. The lake is Sandy. My family was less than two and a half years old last year. I had a great time digging sand by the lake. The indoor swimming pool is very large, and the outdoor swimming pool has a good view, so there is no playing pool. By the way, there's a children's park beside the outdoor swimming pool. In a word, I have a good impression of Amy Sheshan. It will continue next year.

Meimei: Amy can go all the year round. The garden behind the hotel can be strolled around, and tickets for Yuehu park are always given. Children like it very much.

Thousand Island Lake intercontinental Resort

Reasons for selection: the hotel is excellent in mountain scenery and lake scenery, and it is still green even in winter. The children's playroom is very large. In addition to many toys, children can also be trusted there. There are full-time staff to take care of them and play with them. The service attitude is friendly and cuts into the psychology of primary and secondary school children. There are two swimming pools in the room, an adult pool and a children's pool. They are all warm water. It's not cold to go swimming in winter. In addition, the hotel also has farm picking, tree planting, Xianshan Peninsula tour, free bike rental, mountain kart, gym, table tennis, yoga room, home theater, etc.

Comments from netizens

Rice group: the hotel is located in the depths of Xianshan peninsula. The feeling of vacation starts from the 10 km long private road leading to the hotel. It has a feeling of paradise. The ordinary high-class room has a small living room, a small dining room and a balcony. Children can enjoy their activities. The combination of logs and stones gives people a sense of vacation. There are children's articles in the room. In the morning, when I open the curtain, I can see the green mountains and clear water, which makes me happy. Be sure to live in building a, facing the lake.

Rose smile: the hotel's Chinese and Western restaurants have eaten, the taste is fair, the price is small expensive, after all, is a five-star hotel. Fish head soup is recommended. Breakfast to 10:30 is more humanized, especially set up children's play space, very intimate, adults can eat at ease.

Kempinski Hotel Suzhou Jinji Lake

Reasons for selection: the biggest feature of the hotel is to build a hot water drifting pool (the temperature is about 32 degrees) and hot water massage pool suitable for children. There is also a small children's indoor park by the pool. The guest room has a panoramic view of the beautiful scenery of Jinji Lake, which is a good place for the family of three. The hotel also has its own garden, which is suitable for the elderly and children.

Comments from netizens

Liushen flower water: the hotel is quiet when it is noisy, with wide vision and good hardware. The service of the five-star hotel is also very good. The room is very big, suitable for the baby to run around; the bed is very big, three people in a family sleep very loose; the bathroom is arranged with children's mouthwash cup and children's toothbrush, and children's slippers, which is considerate. It's very sweet to see that children will send plush toys, snacks and candy.

Dog: it's highly recommended to go in winter. There's a massage pool in the indoor swimming pool. The water temperature is excellent. Taking children to the swimming pool in winter is like a hot spring. The children's paradise is separated by the glass door of the swimming pool. The air conditioning is very good. It's enough to wear a T-shirt in winter.

Crowne Plaza Dishui Lake

Reason for selection: as the only one island one hotel in Shanghai, Crowne Plaza Dishui Lake is built on the artificial lake. The hotel is designed by foreigners and built near the water. It is surrounded by the largest artificial lake and presents a peach blossom in full bloom. Each petal is an area. There are half indoor and outdoor children's parks. You can rent a bike to travel around the lake.

Comments from netizens

Tony Wang: the service is really good. When you meet children, you not only say hello, but also do all kinds of magic tricks. The children are having a good time and don't want to go back. The outdoor children's Park will be scrubbed. It's so loving. Great.

French fries: indoor and outdoor children's parks are good. The hotel covers a large area. It's very comfortable to walk around. It's very recommended for parent-child travel.

Fairmont Hotel, Yangcheng Lake, Kunshan

Reasons for selection: the water park of the hotel is very beautiful, integrating with the natural environment. It's very pleasant to take children for a walk or rent a bicycle. Now is the "crab season". It's a great pleasure to taste the authentic Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs. In addition, Yuefeng Island organic farm is located in the exclusive water park of the hotel, covering an area of 200 mu. In addition to the fresh and natural food directly provided by the farm, the hotel guests can also have close contact with rabbits, cormorants and other small animals. They can also catch crabs, fly kites, make scarecrows, climb rocks, play tennis, play golf, fish, pick seasonal vegetables and fruits, and experience the endless fun of the countryside.

Comments from netizens

Always on the road: good service, good environment and close, have their own organic farm and water park, swimming pool temperature, outdoor feel like Sanya. Next to it is a farmhouse where you can eat crabs. The curtains are automatic, the bathroom has floor heating, and the hotel can rent a bicycle for free for a day.

Angel: it is highly recommended that the hotel has an indoor swimming pool, a super large park and a farm. Both the hardware and software are very good, and the breakfast is also very good, which is very suitable for parent-child travel. Twice in three months.

Sofitel East Sheshan Hotel

Why: compared with Amy, Sofitel is more suitable for summer. Sheshan Sofitel has a children's pool outside. Next to the pool is the beach, which has the feeling of seaside. The beach is opposite to the swimming pool. Children can wear swimsuits to draw water and sand between the swimming pool and the beach. There are beach chairs for rest, making it more comfortable and convenient.

Comments from netizens

Marshmallow: Sofitel's outdoor children's playground is combined with the swimming pool, which is equivalent to a small outdoor water park. In terms of equipment, Alfredo is better than Sofitel.

Jin: it's a good hotel for parents and children in summer. There are artificial beach and outdoor swimming pool. My son has a good time! The service was also very good. The lack of sound insulation in the room was general. For example, when the occupancy rate was high, the corridor was noisy.

Chongming Qinyi Resort

Reasons for selection: located in Chongming, YIQINYUAN is different from the crowded and noisy atmosphere of the city. There are no oppressive high-rise buildings in YIQINYUAN, and the noise of the whistle can not be heard. Walking along the plank road in the forest, PM2.5 Shenma is full of floating clouds. In this natural oxygen bar, you can sleep with the sound of frogs and wake up with the sound of birds. What's more, it's so close to the downtown area of Shanghai that it's very suitable for the whole family to take a vacation. Although the resort covers a large area, the hotel is equipped with shuttle cars to facilitate travel. Overall, the outdoor environment of YIQINYUAN is more valuable than the indoor hardware. Near the resort is the Dongping National Forest Park, where you can take a walk, take photos and ride a bike.

Comments from netizens

Yiyin: the hotel rooms in the resort are generally good. The lake view room in building 7 is recommended here, which is superior to the old building in terms of landscape and facilities. YIQINYUAN restaurant is near the lake. It has good taste, moderate price and large quantity. However, there are few choices of dishes. It's mainly made of Yangtze River and Chongming specialties. I'm afraid it won't make any difference after two meals. If you want to eat farm food, recommend the avant-garde village near the district. Chongming old liquor, mutton, crisp taro, Chongming crab and glutinous rice cake are all delicacies that tiebao wants to eat.

Joy: YIQINYUAN is a telecom industry, characterized by tall fir trees. Dongping Forest Park is next to the hotel, but it's enough to wander in the hotel. You don't need to go to the forest park. There are swans in the lake. There are also small wooden houses on the other side of the fir forest, but the configuration is not so good.

Hangzhou Liangzhu Junlan Resort

All the reasons for the selection are: to eat, to play and to live in the hotel. Many of the details of the hotel are in place, providing free cribs and bathtubs. There are children's slippers. There is a disposable diaper pad under the baby care desk in the public toilet, so that the mother who changes the baby's diaper has no worries. There is a children's dining area for breakfast with cartoons and children's snacks. There are many fun projects for children, such as outdoor sand pool, forest maze, etc. The hotel also has ceramic production, children's kitchens and so on.

Comments from netizens

Xueer: it's located near Liangzhu Cultural Village in Hangzhou. The hotel environment is really good. The indoor children's activity room is also large, especially there are many children's books. The indoor swimming pool is OK, but the outdoor swimming pool is smaller. There are also many outdoor places for children's activities, mainly divided into two parts. There seem to be six of them. There are seesaws, slides and so on.

Shao: the environment is really good, the accommodation conditions are satisfactory, and there are many children's facilities. Indoor children's paradise, warm water swimming pool, outdoor sand swimming pool slide and so on, children like it very much.

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