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Taiwan's top 10 best fried rice with eggs

Minsheng fried rice shop

Taipei's Minsheng fried rice business is very good, and there are always long lines outside the store. It boasts no monosodium glutamate, no dry mouth and tongue after eating. There are a wide range of menus. There are a variety of flavors to choose from. In addition, there are hidden menus only known by familiar customers. The boss is a pot of cooking, will carefully observe, according to the different groups of guests and adjust the taste, such as children, young ladies and the elderly will do more plain, if it is like a lot of sweating workers, it will be a little salty. Perhaps the most important reason for their fried rice to win high praise is that they can achieve such a thoughtful idea.

Ding Taifeng

Dingtaifeng's fried rice has made a lot of efforts in the selection of materials. With the selection of high-quality Taigang No.9 rice and the selection of green onions, it can produce a clear and fragrant fried rice with eggs under the precise control of the temperature of cooking oil. Dingtaifeng, which originally started as an oil company, uses oil very precisely. Even at the end of the fried rice, there will not be too much oil left at the bottom of the plate. This refreshing taste captures the taste buds of many gourmets. In particular, dingtaifeng's fried rice has two options: brown rice and white rice, providing more choices with different tastes.

A small hut

The cottage on Lishui street is highly recommended by netizens because the food is delicious and real. The signature fried rice with eggs and shredded meat is much better. It tastes very clear. Because there is no seasoning, it tastes fresh and not greasy, and the price is approachable. Although the store is small and old, it has gradually become famous by word of mouth. Many gourmands and tribesmen can write about their family's food. Even Shu Guozhi, the "leader of snacks", once called for blessings. It is a high-quality shop that can be found by experts.

Qingsheng Pavilion

Starting from the side of Chiayi Qingsheng theater, he has been engaged in the seemingly simple fried rice with eggs for 20 years. He advocates "local food" to ensure freshness and peace of mind. There are three tips for cooking rice in Qingsheng small restaurant: "soft rice, tender eggs and sufficient heat.". The special selection of taigeng No.16 rice, fresh grass shrimp bought from the port every day, after chilled, pickled, coupled with fried rice skills, rice grains clear, crystal clear, plus the choice of spicy Douban, tomato, Shacha and other flavors, people can eat unforgettable.

Fried rice with eggs

At the main road of Zhongxiao night market in Taichung, there are always crowds watching the fire and the fragrant fried rice with eggs. The fried rice with eggs fried by the boss is crisp and crisp, with onions, carrots, prawns and scallions. The salt is moderate and not careless at all. Xibin fried rice with eggs, which has entered its 23rd year, is one of the old shops in the early night market. After a generation of inheritance, it shows the essence of fried rice with eggs to the extreme, from seasoning to quick frying, and after rolling, the fried rice with eggs can fully absorb the sauce and present a delicious color with complete color, aroma and taste.

Long fried rice

Located on Xiyuan Road in Taipei, a long fried rice is clean and refreshing. Although the store is small, it is a good taste with high popularity. There are about 20 different flavors of a long's fried rice. At the boss's insistence, each plate of rice and noodles is fried separately, at most two plates are fried together. According to the boss, the knack of fried rice lies in a small amount. If the amount is too large, it is difficult to stir fry clearly. Having a variety of flavors but maintaining the same good quality at the same time is the reason why a long fried rice attracts customers to come to the door again and again.

Acheng fried rice shop

The most special thing about a Cheng fried rice shop is that fried rice is covered with a layer of meat floss. When you eat it with fried rice, it has a different taste. At the same time, it is full of the aroma of soy sauce. It's totally different from the ordinary thin salt fried rice, which pays attention to clear grains. It also has a moist taste. Because there are as many as 48 kinds of fried rice, in addition to the general taste, there are also black fish seed fried rice, ostrich meat fried rice, Yangzhou fried rice, sesame oil fried rice with pork liver and other categories. The most distressing thing for customers is that they don't know how to choose when ordering.

Xinzhuang Hougang Yilu fried rice with eggs

It is located at the entrance of lane 49, Hougang 1st Road, Xinzhuang District, Xinbei city. There is no store. It starts to do dinner and night business in the evening. The seats can accommodate about ten people. This nameless shrimp fried rice has distinct grains, which are stained with light soy sauce. The taste is moist and sticky. The shrimp is big and sweet. It can taste the obvious taste of shrimp, as well as slight pepper and spicy aroma. This kind of delicious food has been in business for ten or twenty years.

Gaoji fried rice with shrimp and egg

Gaoji inherits the authentic taste and solid craftsmanship of Shanghai. After coming to Taiwan, it founded the first Shanghai snack shop in Yongkang street, and won a good reputation for its orthodox Shanghai taste and rich materials. Gao Ji's "fried rice with salmon, chicken and rice" and "fried rice with shrimps and eggs" seem simple, but they have to be full of aroma and not greasy. Master's ability to master the heat is the key point. Because it is a restaurant in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, the decoration in the restaurant is antique, and the display of blue and white porcelain and ancient Chinese paintings make it look grand and atmosphere.

Qiaopinmai Hotel

Qiaopin fried rice is located next to the Jindian Hotel on Shin Kwong Road in Kaohsiung. The store is small and simple. In addition to the spicy degree of fried rice is divided into 3 levels, you can also choose whether to add pepper or onion. The fried rice here has distinct grains, dotted with marinated beef tendon, broken eggs, scallion and pepper; the soft rice grains with slightly chewy marinated beef tendon add a lot of taste, and with slightly salty beef, it is smooth and delicious.

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