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Ten best Chinese rougamo in Xi'an

1. Wang Kui's rougamo with sauce

Address: No.13, baxian'an, changlefang, Beilin District, Xi'an

Highlight: the taste is still the same as it used to be. The steamed bun is crisp and delicious, and the meat in the wax sauce is fat but not greasy. The combination of the two creates a classic that will last for a long time. Every time you eat roujiamo, you will need a bowl of whistle noodles. The noodles are not bad. It should be said that the saozi is not bad. The two complement each other to form a characteristic Shaanxi food set meal.

2. Dongguan Liji rougamo

Address: Huzhu Road (near Zhipei building), Xincheng District, Xi'an

Highlight: it's a "powerful brand" in the rougamo industry. It not only sells rougamo, pasta and soup, but also has many kinds of Sichuan cuisine. It's also a Sichuan restaurant selling rougamo. The roujiamo in this restaurant is quite distinctive. The biggest feature is that it is not oily at all. It looks like the dry meat is directly sandwiched in the bun, which is similar to the wax beef rougamo of the Hui people. However, it doesn't feel dry and hard to eat. It tastes good.

3. Chengji sauce meat shop

Address: No.289, Fangjian Road, Textile City, Baqiao District, Xi'an

Highlight: local people especially recommend this one. Generally, people who live nearby come here for breakfast. Rougamo is hot when you get it. It's Crispy when you take a bite. Inside, the fat is smooth and the lean meat is tender. The smell of meat spreads in your mouth, which makes you want to stop.

4. Wang Huafeng's rougamo

Address: No.13, Southeast of the cross between Fengcheng 7th road and Wenjing Road, Weiyang District, Xi'an

Highlight: Hairong is a good place to eat in sunshine city. The boss is nice and the price is not expensive. Rougamo is recommended. The thin bun is roasted crispy round by round. The stuffing tastes good and the meat is delicious.

5. Ziwu road Zhangji rougamo

Address: No.14, North Jianshe East Road, Beilin District, Xi'an

Highlight: this family is also famous for its rougamo. The steamed buns are all freshly roasted and extremely crisp; the meat is crushed by the side of the knife, which is extremely rotten and has a lot of quantity. The wax juice seeps into the steamed bun, which is very tasty and enjoyable to eat. I recommend you try it when you pass by.

6. Dongguan Jixiang (Jixiang head office)

Address: No.31 Jixiang village, Yanta District, Xi'an

Highlight: business is very good, people are always full when it comes to meal. Roujiamo has crisp skin, fat and thin meat, fragrant but not greasy, and lots of soup. It's delicious with a bowl of cold skin or meatball soup.

7. Zhaoji sauce meat shop

Address: No.57 Fengdeng South Road (near Fengqing Road), Lianhu District, Xi'an

Highlight: it's a familiar feeling to sit outside and listen to the waiters shouting. Roujiamo is fat but not greasy, thin but not firewood. Cold skin is really my great love. I'll finish it like wind and cloud. Delicious is not expensive.

8. Yuan Ji rougamo

Address: No.12, opposite to mijiaqiao community, Gaoxin Road, high tech Zone, Xi'an

Highlight: it's a small shop with small popularity but good taste of rougamo. They are ordinary and high-quality. The steamed bun is crisp and crisp. The meat is tender and tender. The taste is very good. Sometimes I feel that there is a lot of fat meat.

9. Zhangji rougamo with wax sauce

Address: Xiying Road, Yanta District, Xi'an (opposite to lamp city)

Highlight: both caijiamo and roujiamo are very good. Steamed buns are made now, just need to queue up. Soybean milk is very good, grains, relatively thick.

10. Qin Yu rougamo

Address: No.19, Dongmu City, Beilin District, Xi'an

Highlight: this restaurant always dominates the most popular snacks and is praised as the "best" rougamo in Xi'an. The steamed bun is really big, crisp and delicious. There are lots of meat and it tastes delicious. With the classic vermicelli soup, it's really a chat. The shop is very good. It only does business in the morning and closes after noon, so you must go early.

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