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Don't miss it! Top ten Japanese tourist attractions

Kushi cuisine - Huaishi cuisine Kyoto

You can't miss Huaishi cuisine when you come to Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan. Huaishi cuisine has a variety of dishes, natural and delicious, and the seasonal dishes are very beautiful. The delicate and delicious dishes with aesthetic significance in Huaishi cuisine make dining an unparalleled aesthetic experience.

Osaka with Octopus

Osaka is the birthplace of octopus. This little ball of seafood and vegetables is as famous as sushi and ramen. Japan's second-largest city is also known for its Japanese style pancakes, which are served with meat, squid and chopped vegetables, topped with sweet pasta and mayonnaise, topped with laver and dried tuna. Go to daotunhori, Osaka, and you can eat these delicacies.

Seafood Noodle Restaurant

Hakodate is a major island in Hokkaido. It is famous for its ramen and Genghis Khan mutton barbecue. The fish and seafood here are especially delicious, especially crabs and salmon. In the Hakodate fish market, you can eat the most beautiful seafood ramen.

Nagoya: Grilled Eel Rice Nagoya

Roast eel is one of the most delicious and edible foods, and Nagoya's roast eel is the most authentic. There are three ways to eat eel: the traditional way is to put eel on rice, the second is to eat with laver, onion and mustard, and the third is to eat with soup.

Tsukiji sushi Tokyo

Tokyo, the capital of Japan, has dominated the food industry for at least a century. Today, Tokyo has the largest number of Michelin star rated restaurants in the world. In the Edo era, Edo sushi was born here. Japanese sushi is traditionally served with fresh sashimi and vinegar rice. You can eat delicious sushi in Tsukiji market.

Long field of buckwheat noodles

Buckwheat flour made from buckwheat is the pride of Nagano county. In the castle city, Matsumoto has many famous buckwheat noodle shops. People are willing to start queuing early to make sure they enjoy the delicious hand-made noodles before they close at 2 p.m. or are sold out.

Sancai cuisine

GAOSONG city is famous for its sake factory. It can be served with miso, vegetables or beef, and roasted on magnolia leaves.

Fugu Ramen Fukuoka

Puffer fish is a specialty of Kyushu. It is most delicious in winter. But puffer Ramen can be eaten all year round. Puffer Ramen is also called Bodo ramen. In Fukuoka, there are stalls where puffer fish Ramen can be eaten, but the most concentrated place is at the intersection of the West Tianshen district and Zhaohe District of Zhongzhou island.

Four islands of Wudong, Zanqi

Zanqi Wudong noodles is a kind of noodles made of coarse 100 grain wheat, which is the main food of Siguo island. Add mustard or other seasonings according to your taste.

Minced pork barbecue Naha

Okinawa has the largest number of centenarians, which of course has a lot to do with their diet. Here, every part of the pig can be eaten, from the hoof to the ear. Of course, seafood is also part of the local cuisine. These delicious seafood dishes can be found at roadside stalls in Naha, Okinawa.

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