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Accompany you to see the cherry blossom rain! An inventory of Taiwan's top ten cherry Resorts

Sanzhi cherry blossom season

Sanzhi has the earliest cherry blossom in Northern Taiwan, also known as "Sanzhi Zaoying". Every February and March, Sanzhi not only has flowers on the top of the mountain, but also can be seen everywhere on both sides of the Qingshan Road, Zhibai villa, Xinghua primary school and various leisure agricultural gardens. Most of them are native species of Sakura (also known as Haihan cherry), others are Yoshino and octopus, red, pink, white Various varieties of Cherry Blossom competing to bloom, the colorful beauty always makes people forget to leave.

Species of cherry: Sakura Yamagata, Sakura Yoshino, Sakura bicolor

Cherry Blossom Time: February March

Location: Cherry Blossom Road in Sanzhi

Transportation information: take the no.1260, 1261, 1262, 1263 buses to Sanzhi, Shimen, Jinshan and Keelung to Tanshui MRT station. Get off at Sanzhi middle school station and walk to Yinghua Avenue

Theme activities of cherry blossom season in Sanzhi District, Xinbei City, 2016

Time: 06:30-16:30, March 12, 2016 (VI)

Venue: Sansheng trail image entrance platform line 2, 20.5km, Xinzhuangzi station

Cherry blossom season

Known as "the back garden of Great Taipei", the scenery of Wulai is changing all the year round. "Spring cherry trees, summer streams, autumn maples and winter springs" attract countless tourists. When spring comes, the red and colorful cherry trees in February can't wait to color the green mountains and waters of Wulai; then the light red Fuji cherry and Yoshino cherry are busy decorating the pink March day; finally, April's eight double cherry trees present a grand finale for the cherry blossom feast in Wulai.

Species of cherry: Yoshino cherry and three color cherry

Cherry Blossom Time: February to April

Cherry viewing route: Garden New Town - & gt; Cherry Blossom Park - & gt; waterfall viewing platform - & gt; around cable station waterfall watching square - & gt; Wulai old street

Take the new MRT station and get off at the new bus station

Cherry blossom season in Yangmingshan

When the budding cherry blossoms bloom, it is announced that the Yangmingshan flowering season has begun. The most widely distributed species in Yangming Mountain is Taiwan Mountain cherry blossom. Because of its adaptability to warm climate and low altitude, cherry blossom can be seen along the mountain from Shilin official residence, Tianmu East Road and Zhishan road at the foot of the mountain, Fuxing No.3 road and Dongsheng Road in Beitou, and Yangming Park and flower experimental center on the mountain. Different from the gorgeous peach of cherry trees and the pink beauty of cold cherry trees, the light pink of Yoshino cherry appears elegant and graceful. In addition, Zhaohe cherry, bachongying and dashima cherry are also varieties of cherry blossom that can be seen in Yangmingshan. They can be seen all over Shilin and Beitou districts, which make up the beauty of Yangming Mountain in winter and spring.

Species of cherry: Sakura Yamagata, Sakura Yoshino, Sakura octopus, Sakura Zhaohe and Fuji

Cherry Blossom Time: January to April

Transportation information: you can change to Xiao 15 or Hong 5 at Jiantan station of Taipei MRT, or 230 at Beitou station to Yangmingshan

Location, flowering period and species of cherry trees in Yangming Mountain

1. Around PINGJING Street: Hanying and Yoshino cherry from mid January to early March

2. Yangming Park: from the middle of January to the first ten days of March, Sakura Sakura, Sakura Sakura, Sakura Yoshino

3. Flower experimental center: from mid January to early March, Sakura Sakura, Sakura Sakura, Sakura Yoshino

4. Along the third Fuxing Road of Beitou: from mid January to early March

5. Along Dongsheng Road of Beitou: from the first ten days of February to the middle of March

Sakura festival of the nine tribes

The jiuzu cultural village next to Riyue lake is famous for its annual "nine ethnic Cherry Blossom Festival". The total number of cherry blossoms in the park is as many as 5000. The planting is concentrated and the flowers are in good condition over the years. Whether it is the cherry blossom forest or the cherry blossom tunnel, tourists are amazed. In 2013, the Japanese Cherry Blossom Association awarded the certificate as the "preferred place for Cherry Blossom names" overseas by Japan, which can be called the largest and most representative Cherry Blossom Festival in Taiwan. This year, a Fuji Cherry Blossom Park has been planned for the jiuzu Cherry Blossom Festival. The flowering period is about half a month later than that of Baichong cherry. The Cherry Blossom Festival and cherry blossom appreciation activities have been extended so that visitors can still enjoy cherry blossoms in March. During the flowering season, visitors can have one ticket to play to the end. From morning to night, they can enjoy the cherry blossoms all over the mountains in the daytime and watch the only night cherry light show in Taiwan at night.

Species of cherry blossom: Mountain cherry (Crimson cherry), eight double cherry, night cherry

Cherry blossom season in Wuling

Wuling farm is one of Taiwan's most famous cherry blossoms. Cherry blossoms are in full bloom all over the mountains and the three kilometer long Cherry Blossom belt is extremely spectacular. There is also a "cherry tree flower path", which is a pilgrimage to Wuling to experience the cherry blossom sea. This year's cherry blossom season will kick off on February 13. In order to avoid congestion caused by too many people and vehicles, the General Administration of highways will implement traffic control measures from February 13 to 23 and February 27 to March 1. 6000 people will be allowed to enter the park every day. If you want to go, please buy tickets in advance.

Species of cherry trees: Sakura Yamagata, Sakura bicolor, Wushe cherry, pink beauty, Zhaohe cherry and Yoshino cherry

Cherry Blossom Time: 2 / 13-3 / 1

Transportation information: the local Highway Bureau has specially planned six Cherry Blossom appreciation bus routes: Taipei station Wuling farm, Taipei municipal government transfer station Wuling farm, Ilan transfer station Wuling farm, Datong Township Office Wuling farm, Sanxing changfuhu Wuling farm, Lishan Wuling farm;

Note: in order to comply with the admission control plan, the maximum time for visitors to visit the park is 4 hours. This year's cherry blossom special bus will "go back to the original bus". Tourists who take the special bus to enjoy cherry blossom will be informed of the return flight time and boarding place when they get off the bus. Tickets for the cherry blossom special bus will be available for pre-sale on January 29. Only the "Lishan Wuling farm" route will sell tickets and tickets at Lishan tourist center from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. on the day before departure, with a limit of 6 tickets per person.

Dongshi Forest Farm

Dongshi forest farm is not only the most beautiful forest garden in China and Taiwan, but also known as "Yangming Mountain in Central China". More than 20000 cherry trees are planted in the park, and the tree age is more than 10 years. It is a famous cherry garden in China and Taiwan. During the cherry blossom season, the pink cherry blossom sea distributed all over the park is quite beautiful.

Species of cherry: Sakura Yamagata, Sakura Yoshino, Sakura bicolor, Prunus trifoliata

Cherry Blossom Time: January February

Location: dongxinli, Dongshi District, Taichung City

Transportation information: from Taichung and Fengyuan to Fengyuan, Dongshi forest farm

Cherry blossom season in Qilan National Forest Recreation Area

At the turn of winter and spring every year, plum blossoms and cherry blossoms around Qilan mountain villa and Mingchi mountain villa are in full bloom, which is the most dreamy scenery of the year. Most of the cherry blossoms are mountain cherry trees with a few pink beauties interspersed. This is also one of the few cherry viewing spots outside Wuling where you can see the pink beauty. There are about 200 cherry trees in the whole area of Mingchi, including cherry trees of mountain cherry and big island cherry. Because of the high altitude, they will continue the flowering period of orchids.

Species of cherry: Mountain cherry (Crimson cherry), pink beauty, big island cherry

Cherry Blossom Time: January to March

Location: Qilan villa and Mingchi Villa

Transportation information: take the Taiwan Railway to Yilan station, transfer to Guoguang passenger transport, Yilan Lishan, and get off at Qilan station

Cherry blossom season in AOWANDA National Forest Recreation Area

At the end of winter and the beginning of spring, in addition to the beautiful scenery of maple red, pink and tender cherry blossoms are gradually blooming in aowan forest park. There are three major strains in the park: Feihan cherry (mountain cherry), eight double cherry and Wushe cherry. Among them, the cherry trees planted in front of the Cherry Blossom Park and LVYE villa are Rosa hybrida and Rosa multiflora, while those planted along the forest path to the park are Wushe cherry. Because the altitude of aowan is about 1200-1600 meters, and the temperature difference between day and night is large, we should prepare clothes to keep out the cold.

Cherry species: Rosa laevigata, Rosa wusheensis

Cherry Blossom Time: January to March

Location: Cherry Blossom Garden, LVYE villa, forest trail

Traffic information: take high-speed rail to Taichung Station and then transfer to bus, or transfer from Puli to bus.

Cherry blossom season in Tanshui TianYuanGong

Tanshui Tianyuan palace is a popular Cherry Blossom attraction in the north of China in recent years. The elegance of cherry blossoms and the Chinese architectural style of temples are not only appropriate, but also give visitors a sense of "crossing". The cherry blossoms in Tianyuan Palace are grafted with the native species of Sakura Yamagata in Taiwan and Sakura Yoshino in Japan. Therefore, two different kinds of cherry blossoms, pink and white, can be seen on the same cherry tree. When they are in full bloom, they are saved after the middle of March each year, and the flowering period is later.

Species of cherry: Yoshino cherry and three color cherry

Cherry Blossom Time: March

Location: No.30, section 3, shuiyuanli Beixin Road, Danshui District, Xinbei City

Transportation information: in front of Danshui MRT station, take Danshui passenger bus to Beixinzhuang to TianYuanGong station

Theme activity of cherry blossom season in Tianyuan Palace: free postcards from cherry blossom post office

Cherry blossom season in Alishan

The annual cherry blossom season begins when the cherry blossoms bloom in Alishan. The cherry blossom season in Alishan, which is famous at home and abroad, is held from mid March to mid April. Due to the different climate and varieties of cherry blossom, cherry blossom will bloom in succession. Cherry blossoms of Qiandao, Shanmei, Yoshino and octopus will bloom in sequence. Among them, Yoshino cherry, which is white as snow and shining, is the main character, which will decorate the original green mountain scenery of Alishan into dreamlike flowers Sea world. In addition, azalea mori, Manglietia, Canary, Cymbidium, camellia and other flowers in the forest recreation area will also compete with cherry blossoms, adding to the lively atmosphere of cherry blossom season in Alishan.

Species of cherry trees: Sakura Yamagata, Sakura Yoshino, Sakura Ryukyu, Sakura bakura, Sakura kurima, Sakura Oshima

Cherry viewing time: mid March to mid April

Location: between the old station and Alishan police station, near Alishan Hotel, Sakura garden near sister pool, Sakura garden near San Daimu, and near Alishan hotel

Traffic information: in order to ease the traffic on Alishan highway (Tai 18) during the cherry blossom season, Jiayi forest management office carries out high-intensity passenger car control from 6:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. every six days. Jiayi forest management office also provides flower viewing buses on Saturdays and Sundays during the flower season. Free rides from 83k to 95k of tai18 line to Alishan Forest Recreation area can enjoy 25% discount of tickets.

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