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What you don't know about Changzhou's top ten business cards!

What are your reasons for staying in this city?

Some people stay in Changzhou, because Changzhou is not a mega city. They will not be in a hurry because of the pressure of work. They will not be unable to buy a house because of the high house price. They will not be full of negative energy because of the high consumption and wages. Most importantly, Changzhou has their loved ones, relatives and friends.

But, you know what? This comfortable big city has attracted a large number of enterprises to settle in, attracted young people from surrounding cities to struggle, and attracted many foreigners studying in Changzhou to stay in this hot land. Do you know what the 11 business cards of Changzhou are?

1、 Economic card: the birthplace of modern industry and modern equipment manufacturing city

In the 1980s, Changzhou was a famous industrial star city in China, and also the birthplace of the famous "Southern Jiangsu model" characterized by the development of township enterprises.

2、 Business card of science and education: Cradle of silver collar, famous city of science and education

Changzhou science and education city is the first education park with the characteristics of Higher Vocational Education in China. It transports about 20000 skilled technical talents to the Yangtze River Delta every year, known as the "silver collar cradle".

3、 City of animation culture

Changzhou is the only prefecture level city among the first nine "national film and television animation industry bases", and has become one of the two cities with the brand of "national digital entertainment industry demonstration base".

4、 Historical card: Yancheng in spring and Autumn

Yancheng is the most complete surface ancient city pool preserved in the spring and Autumn period. 3000 years ago, there is a saying that "the Ming and Qing Dynasties see Beijing, Sui and Tang Dynasties see Xi'an, and the spring and Autumn period looks at Yancheng". The earliest canoe in China, the first boat in China, was unearthed.

5、 Character card: China's red leader coming out of Changzhou

In the history of modern Chinese revolution, there are three outstanding figures in Changzhou: Qu Qiubai, Zhang Tailei and Yun Daiying.

6、 Regional name card: Changzhou, Beijing time

The 120 east longitude line is the Beijing time base line. In China, Changzhou is the only city in China where the east longitude 120 line runs through the central urban area.

7、 The first tower of Shenzhou in ancient Zen Temple

Tianning pagoda of Tianning Temple is 153.79 meters high with 13 floors and a construction area of 27000 square meters. The tower is the highest among more than 4000 pagodas in China.

8、 Tourist card: Jurassic Chinese Dinosaur Park in the East

China dinosaur park is a national AAAAA tourist resort with dinosaur theme, known as "Oriental Jurassic Park".

9、 Ecological card: landscape dream Tianmu Lake

Tianmu Lake, located in the south of Liyang, is one of the first batch of AAAA level scenic spots in China. The three unique features of Tianmu Lake are sweet water, fragrant tea and fresh fish head.

10、 Craft card: Everything starts from scratch

Changzhou comb is an outstanding representative of Chinese folk arts and crafts, with a history of more than 2000 years.

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