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List of foreign winter tourist cities this year

When winter comes, winter vacation will come as scheduled. If you are tired of domestic scenic spots and want to travel abroad, which countries are suitable for winter tourism in winter? I compiled a list of foreign winter tourism cities in 2015, which friends who want to travel abroad in winter must see.

List of foreign winter tourism cities in 2015 Maldives

It is suitable for all seasons. Maldives is located on the equatorial line, belonging to the tropical marine climate, affected by the monsoon, the four seasons are warm and the humidity is high. But Maldives day and night temperature difference is not big, basically suitable for tourism throughout the year. From December to April, the northeast monsoon comes. At this time, the sky is clear, the humidity is low, and it seldom rains.

List of foreign winter tourism cities in 2015 - Hawaii

It's warmer in winter and warmer in summer. In other words, the climate in Hawaii is pleasant all the year round. Even in winter, Hawaii only occasionally rains or is covered by clouds, and can still get a lot of sunshine. The beautiful environment, warm and friendly Hawaiians, the beautiful sunshine and charming beaches of Hawaii have deeply attracted people from all over the world to travel.

List of foreign winter tourism cities in 2015 Thailand

The Buddhist temples in Thailand are magnificent in appearance and exquisite in architectural decoration. They are the national treasures of Thailand and the essence of Thai culture. With 90% of its residents believing in Buddhism and rich and colorful folk art, Thailand is the leading tourism country in Southeast Asia.

List of foreign winter tourism cities in 2015 - Dubai

At the beginning of the new year, the climate in Dubai is suitable and sunny, which is the golden time for foreign tourists to fully appreciate the local customs.

List of foreign winter tourism cities in 2015 Bali

Bali sea is very beautiful, a very famous place. Beautiful golden beach, transparent and clear water. Visitors are so busy at night.

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