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Top 10 cities in the world most suitable for Entrepreneurship

1. Silicon Valley, USA

Silicon Valley, which is famous for its strong entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial culture, is once again worthy of the first place.

In Silicon Valley, more than 50% of startups are founded by immigrants, and more than 70% of engineers are immigrants. Silicon Valley has become the "holy city" of technology innovators all over the world, with 19000 start-ups and about 2.2 million high-tech workers.

Silicon Valley has nurtured the most influential technology enterprises in the world, including apple, Google, Facebook and so on. The market value of these companies has exceeded 1.5 trillion US dollars and employed more than 165000 employees worldwide, which makes the entrepreneurial atmosphere and global influence of Silicon Valley unmatched.

2. New York, USA

New York is a well deserved "entrepreneurial capital" on the east coast. With its unparalleled openness, the city has become a window for global companies to develop in the United States. Many start-ups that are going to expand the global market will choose to open a branch in New York as the first step to open the U.S. market.

3. Los Angeles, USA

Besides Hollywood and Disney, Los Angeles also has high-tech. Los Angeles has grown rapidly in recent years in the field of science and technology.

Just west of downtown Los Angeles, less than 7 kilometers from Santa Monica to Venice, there are nearly 1000 startups. Since most start-ups are located near the beach, it is also known as "Silicon Beach". Silicon beach, together with the surrounding West Hollywood and other areas, forms the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Greater Los Angeles.

In Los Angeles, there are hot start-ups like snapchat, whisper and enplug, traditional Internet companies like Hulu and truecar, and Los Angeles departments of Internet giants such as Google (including YouTube), Yahoo! And AOL.

At the same time, Los Angeles has gathered business incubators and accelerators such as idealab, startengine, launchpad La, science, etc., together with a considerable number of venture capital companies and rich investors, forming a complete entrepreneurial ecosystem. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers estimates, since 2011, startups in silicon beach alone have raised more than $1.3 billion, and in the first half of 2013 alone, the total amount of financing exceeded $500 million.

4. Boston, USA

Compared with the IT industry full of myth of wealth making, Boston is strong in life science, biochemistry and medical enterprises. Compared with Silicon Valley, many entrepreneurial teams in Boston have come out of the lab.

With famous universities including Harvard University, there are more than 1000 innovative companies in the greater Boston area. With the continuous growth of student entrepreneurial groups, several famous universities in this region have set up such academic institutions as the innovation accelerator. The team entering the college accelerator will get 150000-250000 operating funds every year, and be guided by special venture capital.

Since the establishment of Harvard innovation accelerator, 33 projects have been successfully supported, involving small molecule therapy, medical devices, diagnostic analysis and other fields. Every year, 50% of the campus accelerator projects eventually become successful start-ups, which are granted patents or funded by in-depth research and development.

5. Tel Aviv, Israel

This city, with an area of only 52 square kilometers and a population of about 400000, is home to 23% of Israel's high-tech enterprises. Among them, 700 are seed stage start-ups, which is one of the most intensive cities in the world. There are 13 start-up companies per square kilometer.

Free WiFi covers almost all of Tel Aviv, including the city library, which provides entrepreneurs with extremely cheap working environment. Tax exemption for start-ups is 75%. 20 famous academic institutions gather here and have cooperative relations with many world leading institutions. 33% of the residents of the city are young people aged 18-35. These are the constant emergence of innovation and start-up companies in the city Why.

Because of the strong atmosphere of innovation, hundreds of multinational and Israeli venture capital companies, incubators, accelerators and R & D centers have also settled in Tel Aviv, which in turn further promotes the establishment of new ventures and helps them develop. The Wall Street Journal named Tel Aviv "the leading center of science and technology in Europe.".

6. London, UK

London ranks sixth on the global list of entrepreneurship for its proximity to wealthy consumers, large multinationals and active government support. The report estimates that London start-ups will create more than 10000 jobs in the second half of 2015.

7. Chicago, USA

With 1800 to 3000 dynamic start-up companies, Chicago has become a new rising city in the wave of entrepreneurship. The reason for making the list is that Chicago has nurtured several influential innovative companies, including Groupon, the founder of group buying, and grubhub, a delivery delivery company.

8. Seattle, USA

Seattle, which gave birth to Amazon and Microsoft, ranked eighth, with 12% of the city's new jobs created by the IT industry.

9. Berlin, Germany

Germany, which is famous for its preciseness, has also caught up with the global wave of entrepreneurship. It is estimated that start-ups in Berlin will create more than 40000 new jobs by 2020.

Start ups in Berlin have always been strong in e-commerce and game development. Strong creative atmosphere and low cost of living attract many high-tech talents from Germany and abroad.

10. Singapore

As one of the global financial centers, Singapore government strongly supports start-up companies, making it a "geomantic treasure land" for entrepreneurs. Singapore's geographical location and its close links with the Asian market make it easier for start-ups to reach affluent consumers and for multinationals to expand their size.

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