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Ten cities most suitable for cycling

1. Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, cycling seems a bit too high. The number of bicycles in this city is more than that of its population, and its urban construction fully considers the various needs of cycling. The speed limit in the city center effectively reduces the risk factor of the car. Here, bicycle rental shops can be found everywhere. The city's terrain is extremely flat, and online bicycle travel planning can help visitors to visit Amsterdam easily. It takes only 30 minutes by bike from the city center to the tulip garden and Windmill Village in the suburbs. According to statistics, about half of Amsterdam people cycle to work, which may not be surprising.

2. Copenhagen

If you don't ride a bike in Copenhagen, it's equivalent to not taking a train in India - you miss out on the unique experience of the city. It's the most convenient way to visit Copenhagen by bike. Bicycle lanes can be seen everywhere, and special traffic signs can also be seen everywhere. Although Copenhagen's most famous bicycle sharing system has recently been closed, a new free sharing platform will soon be established.

3. Montreal

If there is only one city in North America built for cyclists, it must be Montreal. But it's only been 10 years since the city became a paradise for bike lovers. Over the past 10 years, the city has built hundreds of kilometers of bicycle lanes, even though it is very crowded. In Montreal, bicycle culture is growing up, and the scenery along the way to tourist attractions is very beautiful, so many people are willing to ride bicycles in the city.

4. Bogota

Bogota is by far the best cycling city in South America and has perhaps the most extensive network of bike lanes in the world. Bogota's bicycle lane network is integrated with the bus system, so cyclists can park their bikes at bus stops. On Sundays, cars are banned from some of the city's main roads and minor roads, providing a good opportunity for cyclists and walkers to take a leisurely tour.

5. Barcelona

Over the years, cycling has become part of Barcelona's infrastructure. No matter which scenic spot you visit in the city, you will always see bicycle tour operators soliciting business. Of course, Barcelona's passion for bicycles shows that it's just as easy to ride your own bike. Here, the claimed driveway is strictly protected and the signage is well designed, so you can't get lost.

6. Berlin

Berlin has more than 1000 kilometers of bike lanes, and most of them are protected, so it's no wonder Berliners like cycling. For tourists, the main tourist attractions in Berlin can be reached by bike. Berlin has a very advanced bike sharing system called "call a bike". When you arrive at your destination on a rental bike, you just lock the bike on any fixed object, and then call the rental company to tell you your password, which is equivalent to "returning" the bike.

7. Paris

In terms of the number and scale of bicycles, the velib public bicycle sharing system in Paris is second only to Hangzhou, China. Throughout Paris, there are about 20000 velib public bicycles on about 500 kilometers of bicycle lanes. In addition, most of the bike lanes are closed to Paris enthusiasts. The biggest feature of Paris bike sharing system is that it is almost everywhere. Within your line of sight, you can almost always see the velib bike station.

8. Tokyo

The public transportation system of Tokyo is famous for its wide distribution and modern characteristics. But Tokyo people are still very keen on cycling. Although Tokyo's bicycle lanes are limited compared with other transportation infrastructure, safe driving has greatly eased the tension between cyclists and drivers. In addition, Tokyo has a unique underground bicycle parking lot. When you want to park, you can feel the excitement of technology.

9. Portland

American cities have long been known for being unsuitable for cycling. Urban roads in the United States are built for cars, long-distance commuters, and a small number of pedestrians. But Portland, the oddest and most progressive city in the United States, is undoubtedly at the forefront of the American bicycle revolution. In addition to a wide range of bike lanes and a popular bike sharing system, Portland's fast-growing bicycle culture stands out. The city has more cyclists than anywhere in the United States, and many restaurants and coffee shops have bicycle parking.

10. Perth

Perth, located in Western Australia, is indeed one of the most livable cities in the world, thanks to impeccable weather conditions and wise urban construction. In this city, the transportation infrastructure includes thousands of kilometers of bicycle lanes, so Perth people can easily cycle in and out of the city. People can get to the commuter station by bike, park their bikes there, and then take the commuter bus. In addition, the best way to see Rottnest island is by bike. The island, close to Perth, is a famous natural park, but cars are not allowed in.

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