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Check the bars in Chengdu with the greatest chance of meeting stars

Locust house No.1

Through the gorgeous atmosphere and fashionable decoration style, the bar is intimate with wine, delicacies and music to enjoy a happy time! It is also a popular bar for many foreign stars.

Lemon soda

The soda here is a must-have summer drink for every table. It's not sweet to drink, and it's fresh and comfortable. Girls love it.

Recommended restaurant: No.1 bar of locust's house

Address: no.06-08, sunken plaza, languifang, No.1 Shuijing street, Jinjiang District (near Shangri La Hotel)

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Rambach Western beer house

Western food and bar perfect combination. There's a real place to eat and drink. German beer and French wine are very popular, because the environment is elegant and clean, many artists like to come here.

German sausage Platter

Meat lovers must not miss the sausage platter here. The sausages from Germany are very delicious. Every mouthful of meat makes people happy.

Recommended restaurant: Rambach Western beer house

Address: No.7, building 1, shuijinjie, No.1, jinguanyi street, Jinjiang District

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Bar 88

No. 88, an old brand operated for many years, is deeply loved by many people. Here you can relax. Most people like to narrate the wine, and the food and drink here are also excellent.

Pepper sauteed string beans

Because in Chengdu, there will always be its own food culture. Chengdu people like to stir fry a plate of beans with beer, which has a flavor and authentic.

Recommended address: bar 88

Address: muse, 88 Shaoling Road, Wuhou District

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Lan Kwai Fong CC bar

It is said to be one of the most grounded bars. The atmosphere is very good, the music is continuous and very popular with young people. Here, maybe you can see the local artists secretly come here to revel!

White beer

Many people like the white beer here. White beer contains a small amount of alcohol, slightly sour taste, refreshing and rich in nutrition. Compared with ordinary beer, the taste is softer and tastier.

Recommended restaurant: Lan Kwai Fong CC bar

Address: in Shuijin street, languifang, Jinjiang District (near Huangdi bar)

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This bar belongs to the lively type, many people like to come here to dance, relax, and enjoy wine with friends. And the DJ here is very powerful, very rhythmic.

Fruit flavored Platter

If you are tired, you may as well come to a plate of fruit platter, so that you can add some nutrition and physical strength. Can also be used as a good antidote Oh ~!

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Letoo bar

Letoo Club hardware and software facilities are improving. It's a very elegant bar. Here you can often see a lot of artists in and out. If you want to meet stars by chance, you might as well come here and sit down.


One of the best wine snacks! The popcorn here is fragrant and crisp. It can be said to be one of the best snacks in Chengdu bar.

Recommended restaurant: letoo

Address: letoo, 3rd floor, Jingang center, Section 2, Jinhua Road, airport, Shuangliu County

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Bar bar

It's a very comfortable little bar. Not only wine is complete, the boss is also very friendly. I often come to reminisce with you. The environment is very suitable for lovers, more retro romantic.

roast fish

The roast fish here is mild. Because with the atmosphere of the bar, the taste should not be too strong. But it keeps the fish fresh and tender, and it is also a delicious food with great flavor.

Recommended restaurant: hunba bar bar

Address: No.22 Baishou Road, Jinniu District (baiguolin subway station)

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