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Top 20 favorite cities for tourists in the world: Hong Kong takes the lead and China has six seats

According to German daily Le Monde's website on March 10, a total of 17.4 million foreign tourists visited the British capital in 2014, an increase of 3.5% over 2013. London pushed Singapore and Bangkok, which ranked second and third on the previous year's list, to third and fourth.

According to the report, Euromonitor recently released a list of 100 tourism destination cities in the world based on 2014 data. On this list, Hong Kong, with 7 million residents, is at the top of the list. China's SAR benefits from mainland Chinese tourists: 67% of the 27.8 million visitors to Hong Kong in 2014 came from the mainland. But Hong Kong, as a tourist city, also faces the risk of relying on mainland Chinese tourists, who are increasingly inclined to go to western countries for shopping and cultural tourism.

As in the past, the countries with the most cities on the list are China and the United States. In the top 20 alone, there are six Chinese cities: Hong Kong (1), Macao (6), Shenzhen (7), Taipei (15), Guangzhou (16), and Shanghai (20).

Rio de Janeiro recorded a record increase of 46.6% in the latest ranking, thanks to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, the report said. Rio de Janeiro has improved 12 places and is currently in 80th place. In addition, the retrogression of Russian cities is also noteworthy. In 2014, foreign visitors to Moscow and St. Petersburg decreased by 10.5% and 14%, respectively. Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, which had been ranked 96th before, fell out of the current list due to the outbreak of war in eastern Ukraine in February 2014. In 2014, the number of foreign tourists visiting Ukraine decreased by 49%, and the number of Russians visiting Ukraine even decreased by 77%.

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