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Food strongly recommended! Check out the ten most delicious snacks in China

1、 Changsha rice noodles

Changsha rice noodles are not as famous as Guilin rice noodles, but they have their own characteristics. They are one of the favorite foods of Changsha people. Changsha people like to eat rice noodles, which can be divided into round noodles and flat noodles. Most people in Changsha prefer to eat flat noodles, because flat noodles have the advantage of being easier to taste than round noodles. You should know that rice noodles have no taste, and they all rely on Soup for seasoning.

2、 Hanzhong hot noodles

Hanzhong hot noodle is a kind of delicious food that can be eaten with seasonings such as salt, pepper, vinegar, etc. after the dough is steamed by grinding rice. Hanzhong hot noodle is delicious and spicy. It is suitable for all kinds of people.

3、 Xi'an spicy soup

One of the most classic breakfast of Shaanxi people can be said to have condensed the essence of Shaanxi snacks. Paste hot soup is divided into halal meat ball hu la soup and popular noodle paste hot soup. In Xi'an, walking through the streets and alleys in the morning, you can smell the smell of broth from big pots everywhere. You can hear the master selling paste spicy soup shout in Shaanxi Dialect: "paste hot soup, hot bun" and look at the soup lines pulled up by wooden spoon. This is the style of Shaanxi people and the life of Xi'an people.

4、 Beijing fried dough sticks and bean juice

Fried dough sticks is one of the traditional popular foods in China. It is not only cheap, but also crisp and delicious, suitable for all ages. Fried dough sticks have a long history. In ancient China, fried dough sticks were called "cold utensils". Liu Yuxi, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, described the shape and making process of fried dough sticks in this way in a poem about cold utensils: "when you rub jade with thin hands, you can find jade in blue oil, and you can make a deep yellow; when you sleep in the spring at night, you will not be able to sleep, and you will have a beautiful woman wrapped with gold in your arms.". How vividly the poem depicts the dough sticks! Fried dough sticks are the most common snacks in Beijing, which are usually eaten as early as possible.

5、 Shandong pancake

Shandong pancakes originated from Mount Tai. They are very thin. They are made from grains and grains. They are the food of the common people. They are rolled with green onions, vegetables, meat or delicacies. They can be eaten with relish. Pu Songling specially created "pancake Fu" for it, which shows the deep feelings for pancakes. At present, Taian pancakes, Yuzhen pancakes as an example, the earliest history can be traced back to the Song Dynasty. In Xintai City, Shandong Province, Loude Town, a very famous pancake Town, has the title of "the first town of pancakes in China". Families here can make Shandong pancakes, which is legendary.

6、 Shanghai glutinous rice group

Glutinous rice dumplings are the traditional breakfast of old Shanghai people. You can see these special traditional breakfasts on some stalls in Ningbo and Shanghai. Roll the glutinous rice into a thin cake, put some mustard on it, put a fried dough stick and roll it into a ball. In this way, the pure Shanghai glutinous rice group is finished.

7、 Ningbo Tangyuan

Tangyuan is one of the famous snacks in Ningbo and one of the representative snacks in China, with a long history. According to legend, tangyuan originated in Song Dynasty. At that time, there was a new kind of food, that is, stuffing with various kinds of baits, kneading it with Nuo rice flour outside, and then cooking it, it tasted delicious and interesting. Because this kind of Nuo rice ball is floating and heavy in the pot, it was first called "fuyuanzi". Later, in some areas, "fuyuanzi" was renamed yuanxiao. Different from the northerners, Ningbo people have the traditional custom of having a family sitting together for Tangyuan on the morning of Spring Festival.

8、 Chongqing hot and sour noodles

"Chongqing hot and sour noodles" is a famous traditional snack widely spread in the city and countryside of Chongqing. The main flour is sweet potato, sweet potato and pea mixed in the best proportion, and then made by traditional hand.

9、 Lanzhou beef Ramen

Lanzhou beef Ramen is a famous flavor snack in Lanzhou and enjoys a good reputation in China. The five steps of Lanzhou beef Ramen are skillfully applied to the physical properties of the ingredients, that is, the extensibility and elasticity of gluten protein.

10、 Wuhan hot and dry noodles

Hot dry noodles, Shanxi sliced noodles, Liangguang Yifu noodles, Sichuan Dandan noodles and Northern fried sauce noodles are known as China's five famous noodles, which are characteristic early snacks. Hot and dry noodles are one of the most famous foods in Wuhan. They are an integral part of the life of the people of Wuhan. The noodles are thin and have strong roots. They are yellow and greasy in color and delicious in taste. Mixed with sesame oil, sesame paste, shrimp, spiced pickles and other ingredients, more distinctive. Hot and dry noodles were originally Wuhan snacks. Because they were close to Xinyang, they became the favorite of Xinyang people after they were spread to Xinyang. Therefore, there are other Xinyang hot and dry noodles.

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