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Ten most beautiful rural roads in Beijing!

Luanchi Road (Yanqing County)

Yanqing section of luanchi road is the main route of bailishan Gallery, with a total length of 51.1 km, dense bridges and culverts, which organically integrates the highway into the surrounding natural landscape, and the scenery along the road is picturesque.

Zuodi Road (Daxing District)

Zuodi road starts from Lugou Bridge in the north, goes along Yongding River and reaches Hebei border in the south, with a total length of 62.8 km. With the heavy sense of history and the beautiful scenery of "the most beautiful village", Lihua village combines the ancient charm of the old city with the new appearance of the countryside.

Beiyunhe Xindi Road (Tongzhou District)

Xindi road of the North Canal is adjacent to TongZhou Grand Canal, with a total length of 8.4 km. The ancient canal beside the road unfolds slowly like a picture scroll, interweaving and colliding with the modern "green travel" concept, creating a beautiful landscape.

Lanian Road (Huairou District)

Lanian road is located in Labagoumen Manchu Township, Huairou District, with a total length of 13.2 km. It leads to the national primeval forest park and "Baihua Valley" in the suburbs of Beijing. It is far away from the noisy city and has rich ethnic charm along the road.

Baima Road (Shunyi District)

Baima road runs through the central part of Shunyi District, with a total length of 29.8 km. During the Beijing Olympic Games, it undertakes the traffic task of visitors and vehicles from all over the world, and is known as the "Olympic Avenue". Today, it still provides smooth road network services for surrounding enterprises.

Xiaoer Road (Miyun County)

Xiaoer road is located in Xinchengzi Town, Miyun County, with a total length of 8.8 km. It is connected with many scenic spots such as Wuling Xifeng and Guandi temple. It is close to the mountains and rivers, and the beautiful scenery of the four seasons alternates. It has become the "Landscape Gallery" in Miyun.

Miaofengshan Road (Mentougou District)

Miaofengshan road in the east of Mentougou District is named for the mountain, with a total length of 20.4 km. The road landscape and natural landscape are harmonious and unified, and the traditional folk customs of hundreds of years are preserved. Pilgrims continue throughout the year, and folk Flower Fairs are staged in turn.

Xiong Nan Road (Pinggu District)

Xiongnan road runs through the northern mountain area of Pinggu, with a total length of 35.9 km. It is connected with a million mu peach blossom viewing area, four buildings of natural scenery and Beizhai red apricot picking area.

Liushi Road (Fangshan District)

Liushi road connects the scenic spots of Fangshan District from Xiayunling to Shidu in the north and Shidu in the south, with a total length of about 30 km. It is the "lifeline" for the development of tourism industry in villages and towns along the line.

Huanling Road (Changping District)

Huanling road is located in the Ming Tombs town of Changping District, connecting the world cultural heritage Ming Tombs, with a total length of 42 km, carrying the heavy and vicissitudes of nearly a thousand years of history.

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