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Top 10 most popular tourist cities in Asia

1. Beijing, China

In everyone's heart, there is a Beijing complex of "I love Tian'anmen Gate in Beijing". They all dream of living in the legendary Forbidden City, shuttling through the hutongs and courtyards written by Wang Shuo, and climbing the great wall and shouting: I am a hero! In everyone's heart, a person belongs to their own Beijing.

If you want to accurately describe the appearance of Beijing, it would be like a dream. Beijing is on the quiet road outside the red palace wall, at the corner of hutonger, beside the busy road of international trade, and on the stone brick path by Weiming lake. Only when you feel and listen with your heart can you hear the inner monologue of Beijing.

2. Shuimingyang, Bali, Indonesia

Shuimingyang has the most beautiful beach in Bali. When you come here, you must watch the sunset like a fairyland and appreciate its tranquil beauty. Don't forget to visit the celebration ceremony held by Balinese on the beach, as well as gammelan's performance and sacrifice to the gods. You will be amazed at this.

3. Barca, Bali, Indonesia

Life in Denpasar, the largest city in Bali, Indonesia, is centered around pasar Badung, the largest bazaar in Bali. The goods here are very ordinary, but you can learn about the daily life of Denpasar from the noise, and you can also take some colorful photos.

The Taman budaya Park displays all kinds of Bali artworks, which can become lively during major festivals - the Bali Art Festival from June to July is a must see program. The rest of the time it's quiet, but it's a good place to escape the crowds in the city center.

4. Huian, Vietnam

Huiangu called "Dazhan Haikou". As early as the 17th century, it and Malacca became the most important commercial port in Southeast Asia. It is also the earliest Chinese port in Vietnam. For hundreds of years, Chinese have been living here, forming a prosperous Chinese community. There are many Chinese guildhalls in Hui'an, including Guandi temple, Buddhist temple and ancestral hall of various surnames. The buildings of the guild hall are magnificent and magnificent, and they maintain the traditional Chinese architectural style.

Now, Huian has become a place where Backpackers usually stay and is more and more familiar to tourists. On the 14th of every month in the lunar calendar, the city will replace the electric lights with traditional colored lights, and let skilled tailors make some clothes for you.

Best season: January March

Suggested play: 2 days

5. Hong Kong, China

As the convergence point of Chinese and Western cultures, Hong Kong has become an international metropolis due to its high cultural differences. This cover and contain everything. This is a world of condensed essence. It is a busy and lively city. It has become the universal capital of everyone's desire.

Hong Kong is located in a transportation hub and a key place of Commerce and trade with zero tariff, which has earned it the reputation of "shopping paradise". Daily necessities are sent to Hong Kong. The price of high-end goods makes shopping maniacs itch.

6. Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu means "the city of light", with four seasons like spring. The annual average temperature is 20 ℃. It is an ancient city with a history of more than 1000 years. It has become a symbol of Nepal's ancient culture with exquisite architectural art and wood and stone carvings.

Kathmandu is 1370 meters above sea level, surrounded by mountains of 1500-2800 meters above sea level. It is full of pines and cypresses everywhere. The sunshine is bright and the seasons are like spring. It is known as "paradise in the mountains". Located on the southern slope of the Himalayas, this natural barrier blocks the cold wind from the north for the city. Facing the warm current of the Indian Ocean in the south of the city, it has a unique geographical environment. It is a world-famous tourist attraction with brilliant sunshine, lush green trees and blooming flowers all year round.

The best season: October - December is the best. Kathmandu is warm all the year round, and spring and autumn are the best time to hike and enjoy flowers in Nepal. From October to December, it is the best time to enjoy the mountain scenery, and it is also the local tourist peak season.

Suggested play: 2 days

Visa difficulty: easy

7. Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand, a city created by Vishnu Walking on the streets of Bangkok, you will come across a strong exotic atmosphere. The broad street, the forest of high-rise buildings, the shuttle flow of people, the hot waves, the noisy music, all give people an impression of a modern city. Golden Palace, floating market on the water, spectacular ceramic tile spire Bangkok, a city of Buddha light.

Best season: November - April is the best time to visit Bangkok. There is a big water splashing festival in April. However, in the off-season from May to October, although it often rains, the accommodation is cheaper, and the rooms and tickets will not be nervous.

Suggestion: 2-3 days

Visa difficulty: landing visa

8. Ubud, Indonesia

Ubu is an important town of painting and art in Bali and a world-famous art village. The peaceful and beautiful idyllic scenery and the ubiquitous artistic atmosphere make Westerners feel strange. The handicraft shops and many famous museums all over the streets and lanes show the world the cultural heritage and artistic details of Bali for hundreds of years through painting, sculpture, music, dance, textile, photography and other forms.

Hundreds of naughty long tailed monkeys live in the Monkey Forest Park Nature Reserve near Ubud. Don't miss the niche canyons of Kawi mountain.

The best season: July to August.

Suggestion: 2-3 days

Opening hours: all day

9. Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi, the charming capital of Vietnam, has experienced years of baptism, including well preserved old districts, monuments and colonial buildings, as well as modern buildings. Although it did not use the old name of Shenglong, the ancient Hanoi did not forget its history, as can be seen from the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and the Hualuo prison. Hanoi is located in the subtropical zone, because of its proximity to the ocean, the four seasons are like spring, flowers and trees are flourishing, known as "spring city of hundred flowers". Lakes, parks, boulevards and more than 600 temples and pagodas make the city more attractive.

Best season: November - April the next year

Suggested play: 1 day

Visa difficulty: easy

10. Siem Reap, Cambodia

Siem Reap is the provincial capital of Siem Reap province of Cambodia. Its tourism industry has developed rapidly, thanks to its historic gateway of Angkor, one of the seven wonders of the world.

When the morning sun clears the weedy temples and Angkor Wat ruins, the seemingly ordinary sunrise in Siem Reap becomes profound and meaningful. Tomb Raider chooses Angkor to convey a mysterious message. In "in the mood for love", Liang Chaowei chooses Angkor's tree hole to bury his secret. We choose Angkor to see the dust laden ancient civilization.

Best season: November - February the next year, the dry northeast monsoon will make the trip very comfortable.

Suggested play: 4 days

Visa difficulty: easy, landing visa

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