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Ten most beautiful night scenes in Chengdu

Jiuyanqiao, one of the top ten night scenes in Chengdu, the nine eye bridge under the night curtain is brightly lit and colorful, presenting a beautiful and fantastic scene. Languifang, Riverside bar street and Cape of good hope square are gradually filled with all kinds of night pedestrians. The night view of Anshun corridor bridge should be said to be one of the most beautiful in Chengdu. Standing on the side of Funan River, you can see the corridor bridge from afar. It is very beautiful reflected on the charming Funan River. The Funan River under the bridge is more illusory under the neon lights. Qintai Road, one of the top ten night scenes in Chengdu, is a famous scenic spot in Chengdu. The reason why Qintai Road is a scenic spot in Chengdu lies not only in the rows of red bricks and green tiles, but also the strong humanistic feelings between Qintai and Qintai. Qintai Road at night, neon. The restaurants, teahouses and gold ornament shops on both sides of the street are resplendent. The sound of guessing boxing, yingying and swallowing spread to the streets, much like the Qinhuai River in ancient times. Thousands of years of ancient culture and the current trend of thought have a fierce collision here. 3 Kuanzhai alley, the top ten night scenes in Chengdu

It is very rare that the millennium city of Chengdu can retain Kuanzhai alley. Kuan Zhai alley historical and cultural area is composed of Kuan Xiang Zi, Zhai Xiang Zi and Jing Xiang Xiang in parallel, and the courtyard groups between them. The night in Kuanzhai alley is a mixture of Chinese and Western culture. The more colorful bars in the alley are, the more lively and colorful they are.

4 Chunxi Road, the top ten night scenes in Chengdu

Chunxi Road is a busy commercial street with a long history. It is the most representative and bustling commercial pedestrian street in Chengdu. It belongs to the heart of Chengdu. It has always been said that "Chunxi has been in the past 100 years". Chunxi Road night is bustling, shopping malls, people come and go, colorful streamer. It is definitely a good choice for Chengdu to enjoy the night view.

5 memories of the eastern suburbs of Chengdu

The original site of Dongguang Industrial Park is the original site of Dongguang Industrial Park. The memory of the eastern suburbs used to be a factory, but now it's a charming night scene. The breeze blows, the leaves sway, and the shadows on the ground change into various postures. The little lights cast by the factory add a bit of mystery.

Jinli, the top ten night scenes in Chengdu

Old streets, mansions, residences, houses, inns, shops and wanniantai are all located in the middle of the city. The green tiles are arranged in a neat and orderly way, and the Qingshiban road twists and turns forward, which makes people feel like time and space reverse. Sichuan tea, Sichuan cuisine, Sichuan wine, Sichuan Opera, Sichuan brocade and other ancient Shu cultures came like a breeze. The 350 meter old street, which appears in the east of Wuhou Temple, adopts the architectural style of Sichuan ancient town in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China. There are two things that can't be ignored in Jinli at night, one is lamp, the other is drama. The lamp decorates the place colorful and mysterious, while the drama connects the hearts of the people wandering here tightly.

7 Tianfu Square, the top ten night scenes in Chengdu

Tianfu Square, located in the heart of Chengdu, is paved with light colored granite strips treated with special technology. In the center of the square is a cylindrical, golden statue of the sun god bird, which is the "sun god bird" unearthed from the Jinsha site. It is a symbol of the spirit of the times in pursuit of brightness, ideal, harmony and vitality. The Taiji fisheye sculptures located on the East and west sides of the square are the most important landscapes in the square. These two fish eyes are two huge fountains respectively. When the fountains gush, the huge circular tray transforms the water scene sprayed out into a lotus blossom water mist landscape. At night, Tianfu Square is gorgeous and beautiful

8 Renmin South Road, the top ten night scenes in Chengdu

Today, Renmin South Road is still the main road of north-south traffic in Chengdu, known as the first street of Chengdu. As night falls, beautiful and atmospheric Magnolia lights "bloom" on Renmin South Road. All kinds of neon lights will start from Tianfu Square in the north to South Railway Station in the south. The whole section of Renmin South Road is decorated with colorful colors. The landmark buildings such as Yifu Building and provincial stadium in West China campus of Sichuan University are more eye-catching under the light mapping. The facades of several hospitals located in this section are also illuminated by neon, which makes walking in the street like walking in the scene of a lantern festival. The road is spacious and straight with brilliant lights. Now Renmin South Road has become a famous night running Holy Land in Chengdu.

9. Broadcast and TV Tower of Chengdu's top ten night scenes

The TV Tower is located in the east of Fuhe River, across the river from mengzhuiwan swimming pool in the west, amusement park in the north and Funan River to form a unique tourism and sightseeing area. The height of the TV Tower is 339 meters. Chengdu TV Tower ranks first in the West. From a distance, the TV tower looks like a sharp sword straight into the sky. With the world-class level sightseeing elevator, it can be safely and smoothly lifted to 230 meters high in 1 minute. When you go up to the top, you can have a panoramic view of Chengdu, especially the brilliant night scenery of Chengdu.

10 Wangjiang tower, the top ten night scenes in Chengdu

Wangjiang tower is the most magnificent building in the park. It is 39 meters high and has a total of 4 floors. It was built in the 15th year of the reign of Emperor Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty. There are two floors of cornices on the bottom and octagonal points on the top. The ridges and sparrows of each floor are decorated with exquisite clay sculptures and figures. In the garden, willow stone fence, wave light building shadow, green bamboo Road, pavilions set off each other, is a monument and tourist attraction in memory of the Tang Dynasty poetess Xue Tao. In the northeast of the park, there is a Yujin bridge leading to the other side of Jinjiang River, which forms a transitional landscape with Feiyun waterfall and moon watching platform. Every time the moon rises, you can enjoy the moon shadow in the wave on the moon watching platform, so the river bank under the platform is engraved with the words "Jin Bo Li Zhi".

In Chengdu, nightlife is a very important part. Chengdu people love to enjoy and enjoy the fun. When night falls, Chengdu is as prosperous at night as it is during the day. Barbecue snacks, leisure bars, night walking, night scenery Chengdu people's nightlife is rich and colorful. After a busy day's work, I always hope to relax and enjoy the slow pace life in the fast-paced city.

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