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The ten most beautiful streets in Yinchuan are very suitable for a stroll these days

1. Qinshui South Street (intersection of Shuishui street and Liupanshan Road)

Which road has the most flowers in Yinchuan? Qinshui South Street is worthy of its reputation. I believe many girls will love this road. Lavender, sunflower, verbena and gesanghua are all in the sea of flowers. 2. Shanghai West Road (located in Taikang street and yinjiaqu North Street)

Say it's a path

It's more like the forest in the city

The beauty of layers cannot be described

Into the lush

Around the intersection of Shuofang road and Wenchang Road

The trees on both sides of Shuofang road are luxuriant

Helan Mountain looms in the distance

It's open-minded

At the end of the road, you can see the clock on the main building of the North University for nationalities.

4. In the campus of Ningda Lake

The path is next to Ninghu lake

At the end of the road is a library

This is a road to knowledge

It is also a holy land for lovers to date. 5. Near Gulou North Street and Jiefang Street

Gulou Street

It's not as spacious as Beijing road

There are no high-rise buildings

But across the street

You can feel the strong breath of life


Just found that life is so real 6. Cuiliu Island District, Ai River Park

Cuiliu Island, Ayi River, rippling green waves

Green trees are reflected on the calm lake

It is quiet and comfortable in the afterglow of sunset 7. Near Wumei supermarket in Xinchang West Road Forest Park

Weeping willows

Like a girl with hair and a shawl

Will be a long road

It forms a corridor with beads and drapes

There was no noise at all

Just like this quiet 8. Acacia Road, Zhongshan Park

The long corridor of Zhongshan Park is surrounded by vines

It always gives people the feeling of Wizard of oz

Like Parthenocissus

I prefer the red branches and leaves in autumn

I don't know how many romantic memories have been left here

9. Tanglai park by Tanglai canal

Tang Lai canal, willow rippling, shade cover the bank

The whirling figure of weeping willows

Like a graceful dancer

Walking, reading, fitness

Is there anything better than this?

10. Phoenix Park (Shanghai Middle Road, opposite to the International Convention and Exhibition Center)

Yellow leaves flying and golden everywhere

Add a few literary atmosphere to Phoenix Park

It has also become the preferred place for Yinchuan Wenqing to take photos

It's not the street that matters

It's about who we're going with

In this most beautiful season in Yinchuan

Make a date with the person you want to date most

Walking in the streets

Enjoying the scenery

Also appreciate people

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