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Check the list of top ten "blood sucking" overtime buildings in Shenzhen. Is your company on it

Today, we have made an inventory of the top ten "blood sucking" overtime buildings in Shenzhen.

1. Kexing Science Park

According to the preliminary data analysis, Kexing Science Park is not only the champion of Shenzhen's overtime building, but also a "heroic" winner in the national overtime building competition.

2. Tencent building

As a super high-rise building with novel shape, complete internal functions and leading cultural environment, Tencent building has become a new landmark on Shennan Avenue, which is well-known in Shenzhen special zone.

3. China Resources Building

Shenzhen China Resources building is an international standard grade A office building, located at No. 5001, Shennan East Road. Its main target customers are financial institutions and large enterprises at home and abroad.

4. Wanlida building

Next to Tencent building, it is said that the 2-18 floors are rented by Tencent.

5. China Merchants Bank Building

The shape of the building is like a huge "doctor's cap". I don't know if all the staff working inside must be doctors.

6. Bagua Sanlu Ping'an building

Ping An insurance company of China has contracted the building

7. Coolpad Information Port

This is the high-tech industrial base of digital mobile communication, striving to become the global R & D headquarters of Coolpad.

8. Han's laser building

Han's laser Shenzhen Science and technology center will become the largest R & D base of Han's laser in the world.

9. Star River Development Center Building

It is composed of two towers of super five-star hotel and high-grade office building, which is divided into three major functions: Hotel, office building and podium business.

10. Huawei base area f

The world's third largest smartphone manufacturer, next only to Samsung and apple, is so powerful that I don't need to introduce it.

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