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Do you know all the historical pagodas in Shanghai

The most famous ancient pagoda -- Longhua tower

The most beautiful ancient pagoda -- Songjiang square tower

Maota tower in Qingpu

The ancient pagoda called "the first leaning tower in the world" -- Tianma mountain Pearl Tower

The highest ancient pagoda -- Xilin Pagoda in Songjiang

The oldest ancient pagoda Qingpu Qinglong

Qingpu Wanshou pagoda

Songyin Huayan pagoda (Jinshan)

The only pagoda named after a monk -- xiudaozhe tower (located on the east slope of she mountain in the west of Songjiang River)

It is said that Songjiang Li Tower was built for the son of Emperor Taizong of Tang Dynasty

Pagoda built for praying for promotion

Zhenhai, Chongming

The only two towers -- Nanxiang Temple brick tower

Taopu white tower, a tower built by Han Shizhong, a famous anti gold general

The tomb tower in Longhua ancient temple -- master Taoming tower

The old pagoda in lotus pond of Guyi garden -- Putong tower

Wan'an Tower: the last ancient pagoda

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