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Shanghai's top ten online bookstores are all places of interest

Zhongshuge's most beautiful bookstore: 930 times Town, Songjiang District

Zhongshuge is the first "Internet red" which is known as "the most beautiful bookstore in Shanghai". The first bookstore in the Thames Town of Songjiang is hidden in European style buildings, which is very quiet. The outer wall of the bookstore is engraved with text excerpts from books from different countries. With a strong scholarly flavor, you will fall in love with it and cannot extricate yourself from it.

Later, Zhong shuge opened a second branch in Minhang, and his appearance was still so high. Recently, zhongshuge ruiou store will open. In this shop, when Zhong shuge returns to Shanghai, you can see the shadow of the "ten li Yangchang". Walking into the bookstore, you will see a white world. Along the zebra crossing on the ground, you can feel as if you are in a sea of people, wandering in the world of books. And privacy is also reflected here, so that you can enjoy a good reading time. The half floor space of the half floor bookstore: No.129 Harbin Road, Hongkou District

The original site of the bookstore is the workshop of Shanghai Xinke (formerly Shenke) testing machine factory. It is composed of two mutually vertical spaces on the first floor and the second floor. The space on the first floor is higher, while the space on the second floor is low and narrow. It is this very interesting spatial pattern that makes the location of the half floor Bookstore an important reason.

The whole bookstore has more than 6000 books, including some minority, art and literature books. Most of the books are selected by the owner himself. The quality is very high, and there are many Taiwan edition books. Hengshan · Heji, the first image theme bookstore in China address: 880 Hengshan Road, Xuhui District

This is the first professional bookstore of image theme in China. There are more than 10000 kinds of books and more than 500 kinds of magazines at home and abroad in the space of nearly 300 square meters. The first floor of the bookstore is the movie literature books and coffee area, the second floor is the image theme space, the main video books, and the third floor is the magazine and creator's books.

Heji, translated as "mix", means mixed. Cultural and creative products, clothing and catering are also gathered around the small building of the bookstore, which is worth visiting. Shanghai "Hogwarts College" address: 1st floor, Jiayu building, No.18, Gongping Road, Hongkou District

Jiantou book office is surrounded by a group of office buildings, there is no bustling business street, the surrounding environment is very quiet. The design of the first and second floors is retro simple, and when you walk into the reading room of the bookstore, you will be amazed as if it were a scene in Hogwarts. The vault and large French windows seem to open the magic space. The reading room is now open to members only and open days will be open to the public.

This bookstore mainly promotes biographies. You can see all kinds of biographies in the store, and the theme of a person will be launched every month. In addition to books, the store can also buy a variety of cultural and creative works, a variety of creative trinkets, as well as tea and incense. I haven't read literature, art and food for a long time. Address: 1208 Yuyuan Road, Changning District

The name "long time no read" is easy to remember. The bookstore is hiding in the changing Yuyuan Road. All the books in the store are selected by Zhou Yan, the owner's wife who published foreign books on design. About crafts, movies, music, literature, art journals at home and abroad, and creative cultural products are all things the boss is interested in. In the shop, you can not only see the classic books, but also find many books on the topic of the times and the latest foreign art albums.

But you're wrong to think that this is just reading. There are authentic English brunch, creative cuisine and a semi open bar for a drink. In the ground beside the big glass or in the outdoor warm sun, a cup of coffee, a small piece of dessert, relieve the fatigue of reading. Shanghai Sanlian bookstore is antique, private address: No. 250, Xinfeng Road, shangduli, Zhujiajiao Town

Rather than being a physical bookstore, it is more like a new reading experience place. The books displayed are mainly social sciences, humanities and classic ancient books. It is also the first experience space in China to provide customized books and print on demand.

The second floor of the bookstore includes the printing experience area, dining area and Taofen theme area. The printing experience provides the production and printing of rare books in the old edition of three couplets. It can also provide one-stop "private customization" service of "editing and publishing + digital printing + e-commerce mode" according to the personalized needs of readers. Readers can customize their own books and even out of print books here. Book fragrance hidden behind the sea of flowers in harbook Bay address: reel Rao department store, 1601 Nanjing West Road

A large sea of flowers at the entrance makes you think that you are a florist, but you will know that there is another cave when you go in. The bookstore is mainly about art and literature, and there are a lot of original imported books, most of which can be read at will. On the small counter in the bookshelf and coffee table, there are various creative small things with full design sense, waiting for you to choose.

The innermost area is the coffee area. The desserts in the shop are highly praised by customers. You can also see the panoramic view of Jing'an Temple by the window. Address: Hubin Avenue Shopping Center, 150 Hubin Road, Huangpu District

Taking apart the traditional Chinese characters of "design" is the reason why the bookstore named "Yan Jiyou". Here, whether it's a book "poking from the ceiling to the floor," a "glowing" book wall, or a childlike slide concept children's literature area, it's very interesting, and it's a perfect concave modeling resort for photos.

The piano in front of the book wall, the books arranged in order, and the warm seats for people to rest constitute a small world of quiet reading. From the inside to the outside, the European style of xishifu Bookstore address: 6th floor, North District of Joy City, 166 Tibet North Road

The color in the bookstore is very European. There are some books and beautiful decorations in the window at the door. "Book mountain and sea of books" display state, people feel very satisfied. There is also a coffee shop hidden in the shop. The bookstore often introduces some artistic and cultural activities, which weakens the atmosphere of reading.

Near the door of the bookstore, there is a "no two creative living space". There are many creative small objects, stationery, tea sets, small decorations, etc., which are worth stopping at. Address of Jiading Library: no.1288 Yumin South Road, Jiading District

The last one recommended is actually a library, not a bookstore. But the titles of "the best public library in the world" and "the most beautiful library" make people unable to abandon this reading space. Architectural modeling is like an open book, and architecture itself is worth savoring. A good public environment is not just about talking about. Coffee shops, hydrophilic platforms, children's reading rooms and slide equipment, as well as various cultural activities and performances, can be experienced by booking in advance. The library will open until 8 o'clock at the latest, but Jiading library has opened a 24-hour library about the size of two classrooms. As long as you have a card, you can come here to borrow / return books at any time. The 24-hour library selects all kinds of popular books. Basically, if you don't look for books that are very partial, here are still enough for you.

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