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it is beyond logic and above reason! Ten most mysterious cities and towns in the world

The concealment of the settlement often hinders the communication between the local area and the surrounding areas, which is mysterious. However, this mystery in turn attracts people's attention and makes her more famous.

In the Philippines, a village of 200 people was built in a volcanic crater.

Greece, a town hidden by the boulders of an island.

In the village of isortoq in Greenland, the Inuit live in scattered houses, many of which are full of color.

One of the driest places on earth, the town of huacachina in Peru, is built on an oasis.

Faroe Islands, a small town on the edge of a cliff with only 16 residents.

In Peru, the ulus built floating "islands" of reeds, with houses built on water.

Phugtal monastery, India, built on a cliff in the early 12th century with mud and wood.

A house built on a cliff with red clay in Mali, West Africa.

The village of undredal, Norway, is rated as the place closest to fairy tales. The houses in the village are all colorful.

South Africa's Sapa region, a green hills, on which a rural miraculously built.

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