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Review of the ten most beautiful night scenery in Germany

Frankfurt light

No German city, like Frankfurt, has so many fascinating lights. It has the tallest building in Germany, and once the tallest building in Europe, meseturm. In the picture above, you can easily see the new building of the European Central Bank in the French metropolitan area. Behind is the colorful silhouette of flange at night.

Dortmont dormon u

This u once reached the highest point of the domont complex. Since 2007, the iconic tallest building has been transformed into a center for artistic creativity. The most prominent is the animation film image Adolf Winkelmann, which is installed on the top of the tower's LED large screen for cyclic playback, displaying art videos suitable for every day and every hour.

Cologne Cathedral and town hall

The day here is attractive enough. At night, the blue light diffuses out a special magical color. From the deutzer bridge, the cathedral, the town hall are so beautiful. Cologne, marked by its cathedral, is the largest city in North Wales.

Oden square, Munich

This is the most beautiful square in the centre of Munich. When it comes to it, people always think of many Italian style cafes located there. Maybe it's because it's located near the quiet, post baroque style of the Italian Church of tieatina. At night, there are the commander-in-chief's memorial hall, the palace with gardens and several city palaces.

Hamburg Wharf

Hamburg Port is an interface connecting all parts of the world. Containers and cruisers come in and out here. When dusk falls, the buildings on the Yibei river bank, wharf trestle and container port face each other with affection.

Meissen albrechtsburg

The city of Maison, which stands on the Elbe River, is the landmark building of albrechtsburg. The oldest castle in Germany, built around the 15th century. Meissen is most famous for its porcelain making. From this angle, we can see the reflection of the old city on the Yibei river.


Once again, Dresden, reflected in another old city on the Elbe River, has a seductive chocolate side. Instead of high-rise buildings, is the city's unique baroque style of architecture, the wind shining, has the Elbe River Florence. Since 2005, the rebuilt dome of Notre Dame has been well known.

Lugen Lake

Its most distinctive feature is the hot spring building, located along the coast of eastern Germany. Mark R ü Gen island. The 400 meter long Lugen lake middle bridge is the focus of tourists. It was built in 1906 and has been damaged or destroyed many times. In 1998, after six years of repair, it became the logo of Lugen again.


As early as 800 years ago, Magdeburg's church square has become the symbol of the city, built in the 13th century, is the oldest Gothic architecture in Germany.

New and Old Swan Castle

In the night lights, the white facade of Bavaria's fairy tale palace glitters. It was a stone dream of King Ludwig II of Bavaria, but he lost his castle, the tower defense - as he imagined - the Medieval Knight castle. The most famous one here is its palace and the most photographed tourist spot in Germany.

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