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What's delicious in Hubei? Ten classic Hubei dishes recommended

1. The most delicious: steamed Wuchang Fish

Highlight: one of the two famous dishes in Hubei. It is named after Liangzi Lake in Ezhou. The head body is high, the face is flat and the back is thick. It is rich in fat. The meat is delicious, the soup is fragrant, and the nutrition is rich. It can be called the delicacy of freshwater fish. The preparation method is as follows: clean up the fish, put the Bluegrass flower knife on both sides, scald it with boiling water and put it into the fish pond, alternately put the slices of mushroom, cooked ham, winter bamboo shoots, sprinkle with pig fat dice, green beans, green onion knots, ginger slices, refined salt, Shaoxing wine, and clear soup. Steam the fish soup for about 10 minutes, then take out the scallion and ginger, decant the fish soup in a spoon, stir up the foam, add monosodium glutamate, chicken oil and pepper Pour it on the fish.

2. The best regimen: pork ribs and lotus root soup

Highlight: first, blanch the chopped spareribs in boiling water, and then remove them to control drying. Then oil pan, the ribs into the pan fried, and then put into the pot, add the right amount of warm water, boiling salt. In addition, the old lotus root will be peeled, cleaned and cut into irregular prisms. Add a little salt and stir until the ribs are cooked to 6. Pour the treated lotus root into the pot, stir and continue to boil. Add salt appropriately until the pork chops are rotten with lotus root powder. Sprinkle some scallion and pepper into the soup bowl. The characteristic is the meat lotus root fragrant rotten, the soup is delicious.

3. The most delicious: hot and sour lotus root belt

Highlight: This is one of the most characteristic dishes in Honghu, a land of fish and rice: "lotus root belt". Lotus root belt, also known as chicken head tube, is actually not yet formed lotus root, that is, the most tender lotus root. The method is as follows: wash the fresh lotus root and cut it into inch sections obliquely, and soak it in water to avoid discoloration. If the lotus root belt is too old or not too fresh, it needs to be peeled. Cut the red pepper and set aside. Hot pot oil, add shredded ginger, dry red pepper stir fry until fragrant. Pour in the watered lotus root belt and shredded red pepper. Stir fry quickly until it is cut off. Add white vinegar and salt to taste. Stir fry evenly.

4. Most delicious: Pearl Balls

Highlight: pearl balls, also known as coir raincoat balls, are famous snacks of Han nationality in Hubei Province. It is made of glutinous rice, potato flour and diced meat as the main raw materials. Its flavor is unique, delicate and delicious. Pearl balls can be eaten directly or dipped with ingredients.

5. The most abundant: Mianyang three steams

Highlight: Mianyang three steaming, also known as Mianyang powder steaming, is steamed meat, steamed fish, steamed vegetables (you can choose dozens of vegetables, amaranth, taro, beans, pumpkin, radish, Artemisia annua, lotus root, etc.). The method is to take 1 kg pork (choose fat and lean according to taste) and cut it into pieces about 3cm long, 2cm wide and 3mm thick. Add salt, soy sauce, red rot milk, ginger, white wine, pepper and monosodium glutamate and marinate for 10-15 minutes. Then use 10 grams of rice flour to wrap evenly, put them into the stacking cage one by one, cover, steam with high fire for about 60-70 minutes, take out, turn the plate. Another small bowl of sauce, vinegar, pepper, monosodium glutamate, scallion, sesame oil, add a small amount of hot water to make marinade, pour on the steamed meat. The two methods are the same.

6. Most elegant: Braised mullet in brown sauce

Highlight: Braised mullet is also known as "braised tilapia", and Tianmen, Hubei Province, calls it "braised mullet fish". According to legend, the creation of this delicacy is related to the Ming Dynasty writer Tan Yuanchun. Tan Yuanchun, who was born in jingling of Huguang (now Tianmen of Hubei Province), and Zhong Dan created the school of mausoleum together. Tan Yuanchun is the author of the collection of Tan Youxia. Tan Yuanchun is not only fond of poetry, but also fond of the sound of silk and bamboo, especially the Lingnan wooden pianqin. One day, he suddenly found that the black carp with its head and tail removed looked like a wooden zither. So he ordered people to make patterns along the ribs and then stew them with wine. If you look at the delicacies, you may hear the JINGLUE and elegant rhyme of the wooden zither, but your heart will be open and afraid. This case later spread to the people, because it looks like a roof tile, so it is called "braised tiled fish".

7. Most popular: fried bacon with red cabbage and moss

Highlight: the red vegetables are purple red in color, plump stems, crisp and tender. They come into the market around the Spring Festival every year, and Hongshan in Wuchang has the best quality. In old times, it was a tribute. The red cabbage moss is fried with vegetable alone. It tastes delicious and crisp. It is supplemented with bacon slices, ginger rice and fried with sesame oil. Its taste is better. It is the two famous dishes in Hubei Province with Wuchang fish.

8. The most tender: Braised wild duck in brown sauce

Highlight: Honghu wild duck is famous for its large size, fat meat and delicious taste. The best raw material for braised wild duck is qingtoushuang. Cut the finished duck into 40 pieces, fry the whole duck into a pot to dry the blood. Take it out of the pot and put in ginger, garlic, soy sauce, salt and so on. Stew the duck meat with water until it is eight times ripe. Add sugar and cook until it can be shredded. Take out the pot and dish it and sprinkle with green onion and pepper. This dish is yellow and bright in color, fine in cooking, and pays attention to fire skill. The meat is tender, crisp and fresh.

9. Crispy: fried shrimp cake

Highlight: Hubei traditional famous dishes. Hubei Province, known as "the province of thousands of lakes", is rich in Lake prawns. Its color is green and white, its shell is thin, and its meat is plump, tender and delicate. The cooked dishes are delicious and delicious. Shrimp cake frying is to use shelled shrimp meat chopped into minced mud, add ingredients to beat evenly, fried into round cakes. The meat is snow-white and the coat is golden. It tastes delicious.

10. Most game: striped eel

Highlight: the strip eel in Jingzhou and Shashi has a history of more than 200 years and is well-known. Choose two hundred grams of live eel, wash and remove bone, cut into two inch long, four inch wide eel strips, put in a bowl, sprinkle a little salt, knead a few times, mix well with soybean powder, paste, after three times of frying, add soy sauce, sugar, ginger, garlic, onion, etc., and thicken with wet starch. Its characteristics are: the color is golden and transparent, crisp outside and tender inside, sweet and sour, mellow taste.

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