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The first high-altitude plank road in Anhui -- Yuexi Mingtang Mountain Scenic Area

Mingtang mountain scenic area is located in Yuexi County, Anqing City, with an area of 50 square kilometers. It is named after the "Mingtang" set up by Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty to worship Tianzhu Mountain in the ancient South Mountain in 106 BC. Mingtang mountain is divided into five scenic spots: main peak scenic spot, Hulu River scenic spot, moon rock scenic spot, Gujing Temple scenic spot and qingsongling scenic spot!

During the Dragon Boat Festival (from June 9 to June 11, 2016), Mingtang mountain scenic spot will offer the following preferential policies on ticket price:

Tourists can enjoy half price discount, i.e. 60 yuan / person;

Half price discount for online booking is 60 yuan / person;

Senior high school graduates in 2016 can enjoy free tickets with their own admission cards;

Self driving route from Hefei to Mingtang mountain:

Hefei inner city -- Hefei Ring Expressway -- entering Beijing Taiwan Expressway toward Tongling / Fuzhou / anqing / G3; entering hefei'an Expressway in the direction of Anqing / Wuhan / g4212 / G50; entering Jinan Guangzhou Expressway toward Qianshan / Jiujiang / Wuhan / G50; YUEWU Expressway - G318 arriving at mingtangshan

Address: Mingtang mountain scenic spot, Hetu Town, Yuexi County, Anqing City

Tel: 0556-2302888, 5765888 400-1818566


Anhui summer resort: Guniujiang scenic spot in Shitai

Cool summer, summer resort, summer tour, student travel, graduation travel recommended - Shitai Guniujiang scenic area, quiet and beautiful, beautiful water Qingyi Shitai Guniujiang is absolutely the best place for summer cool and summer vacation, with lots of waterfalls and beautiful scenery.

During the period from June 10 to August 31, individual visitors can experience Shanxi rafting free of charge with valid tickets of Guniujiang in Shitai and sightseeing tickets of Shanxi rafting on the same day or the next day. Recently, the Guniujiang scenic spot in Shitai County has released the preferential activities for the students of the college entrance examination. During the period from June 10 to August 31, 2016, you can enjoy the free admission policy of Guniujiang in Shitai County with your admission card.

Self driving route from Hefei to Guniujiang

Hefei departure - Hefei Nanjing Expressway (3.2 km) - Hejie Expressway (124 km) - Anqing / Huaining exit - he'an Expressway (45.9 km) - Wu Da Expressway (28.2 km) - yinjiahui Expressway intersection, take national highway 318, turn left and drive into Yinhui town - turn right at junction 1, move towards provincial highway 221 - turn left, continue to drive along provincial highway 221 (to Shitai County), and turn right at Renmin Road Turn - turn left on 221 provincial road, continue to go on 025 County Road, turn left and drive for 6.7 km to Guniujiang, Shitai.

Address: Guniujiang scenic spot, new rural area, Dayan Township, Shitai County, Chizhou City

Tel: 0559-2937818


Back garden of provincial capital: Wanfo Lake Scenic Spot

Wanfo Lake scenic spot is a national AAAA scenic spot and National Water Conservancy Scenic spot. It is located in the southwest of Shucheng County, less than 80 kilometers away from the provincial capital Hefei. With Longhekou reservoir as the main body, there are Wanfo Mountain in the South and Wanfo hot spring (xitangchi hot spring) in the East. It is known as the "back garden of the provincial city" for its mountains and rivers, trees and flowers.

Wanfo lake is a world-famous lake type tourist scenic spot. It is surrounded by mountains, clear waters, bright waves, floating green island, full of birds and boat sails. There are 11 islands in the lake, including swallows, Ten Thousand Buddhas and fishing; and 11 islands, including customs, Tibetan immortals and Shuanglong, have been developed to develop entertainment items such as amorous feelings performance, wildlife viewing, water plane and so on.

Ticket price: 55 yuan / person

Self driving route from Hefei to Wanfo Lake:

G3 Jingtai Expressway (g4212 he'an Expressway) starts from the exit of "Shucheng / Sanhe" and goes about 26km along County Road x004 to Shucheng County, 25km along s317 provincial road to the entrance of Wanfo Lake scenic spot, and 5km along x044 County Road / Wanfo avenue to the scenic spot bus park.

Address: Wanfo Lake scenic area, Wanfo Lake Town, Shucheng County, Lu'an City

Tel: 0564-8535069


The most beautiful waterfall in Anhui: Yuexi Dabie Mountain rainbow waterfall

Yuexi Dabie Mountain rainbow waterfall is a national AAAA tourist attraction with a radius of 40 square kilometers and a core scenic area of 3.2 square kilometers. The characteristic scenic spots of the scenic spot are: the dreamlike rainbow waterfall and the original monkey River Canyon, as well as many river islands and islets formed after the confluence of the Houhe River and the Huangwei River, forming a landscape gallery of thousands of meters. Therefore, the Rainbow Waterfall Scenic Spot of Dabie mountain can be described as a scenic spot integrating gorge, waterfall, Lishui and culture.

Ticket price: 90 yuan / person

Self driving route from Hefei to Dabie Mountain rainbow waterfall:

From Baohe Avenue (or shibagang, etc.) shanghejie Expressway (G50) in Hefei passes through the buried hill (the buried hill doesn't go down the expressway, look at the Yuexi sign) and turn to LiuQian (G35), and then go to Huangwei exit after passing the exit of Yuexi County. After getting off the highway, follow the sign for 1 km to Caihong waterfall in Dabie Mountain.

Address: Rainbow Waterfall Scenic Spot, Dabie Mountain, Huangwei village, Huangwei Town, Yuexi County, Anqing City

Tel: 0556-5765555


The holy land of Eurasia's ancestral mountain: Maren Qifeng, Wuhu

Maren Qifeng tourist scenic spot is characterized by unique peaks and rocks, forest bamboo sea, rare birds and beneficial birds, and ancient temple singing spring, etc. Maren culture is characterized by ancient culture, historical celebrity culture, Buddhist culture, red culture and natural ecological culture.

Ticket price: 80 yuan / person

Self driving route from Hefei to marenquifeng

In the direction of Hefei Ring Expressway / Xinqiao International Airport, turn right on the ramp - Tongling / Fuzhou / anqing / G3 - Tongling / Huangshan / Fuzhou / Jiuhuashan - Wuhu / Xuancheng / G50 - Tongling East / Nanling exit, turn right onto ramp - x047.

Address: Maren Qifeng scenic spot, sichong Road, Fanchang County, Wuhu City

Tel: 0553-7216888

The preferential information and ticket price in this paper are for reference only

Scenic spot consultation: 13156688886

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