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A survey of the most photogenic tourist attractions in Xi'an

Cherry blossom in Qinglong Temple

Qinglong temple is located in the high-rise and elegant Yueyou yuan, which flourished in the middle of Tang Dynasty.

Southeast corner of Xi'an city wall

The ancient city wall of Xi'an is a famous city wall building in ancient China, and it is also the best preserved ancient city wall. The sense of history is very strong, and the majestic ancient city wall is extremely magnificent. It's really cool to ride a bicycle on the wall of the ancient city of Xi'an. The scenery is very good. You can go for a walk.

bell tower

Xi'an bell tower is one of the largest and most complete bell towers left in ancient China. Xi'an is an important military and political town in the northwest of the Ming Dynasty. Therefore, it ranks first in terms of architectural scale, historical value and artistic value.

Flower appreciation in Fengqing Park

Fengqing Park was originally named Xijiao park. The whole park includes nine scenic spots, including plum blossom and ink fragrance, Jiagui Hehuan, youhuang Yayun, canjin Jifang, Xianghu inviting the moon, frost Maple gorgeous autumn, Cangsong yicui, Yingli Songchun, Huaiyin Hanbi, etc. The main waterscape and architectural landscape are: Jinhu, museum, art gallery, Yixin Pavilion, etc.

Tang Paradise

Located on the side of the Dayan Pagoda, the ancient capital of Xi'an, the lotus garden of Datang is the first large-scale royal garden style cultural theme park that fully displays the style and features of the prosperous Tang Dynasty in China. As early as in history, hibiscus garden is a famous royal garden. Today's lotus garden is built on the site of the former Tang Dynasty Hibiscus garden. With the background of "walking into history, feeling humanity and experiencing life", it shows the splendid civilization of the prosperous Tang Dynasty.

Academy gate

What people in Xi'an usually call "academy gate" refers to a pedestrian street from the forest of steles to the gate of Guanzhong Academy. Mainly engaged in four treasures of study, calligraphy and painting and folk arts and crafts, full of elegant cultural atmosphere and elegant cultural atmosphere.

Defu Lane

Defu lane and the antique Shuyuan gate ancient culture street are in line with each other from east to west. It has become one of the most "foreign" streets in the traditional cultural area.

Xi'an xiaoqingxin Railway

After the popularity of Xi'an xiaoqingxin railway, located in the original metallurgical plant of Xi'an, has aroused many netizens' feelings of literature and art, and an endless stream of citizens have gone to take photos here.

Hancheng Lake in Xi'an

Hancheng lake, located in the northwest of Xi'an City, was formerly Tuanjie reservoir. The planned land area of Hancheng Lake scenic area is 2890 mu. Tourists can enjoy the unique scenery on both sides of Hancheng Lake by boat.

The most beautiful Panshan road in Xi'an

A new highway has been built from Xi'an to Hongqing, but its name is still unknown. This road has a section of winding mountains, winding for several miles, with a magnificent momentum, quite like the Sichuan Tibet line.

South Lake of Qujiang River

At that time, there were ziyunlou and Furong garden in the south, Xingyuan, Ci'en Temple and Qujiang Pavilion in the West The palaces on both sides of the Strait are continuous, the pavilions are undulating, and the wild cattles are green and the weeping willows are like smoke. The scenery is picturesque.

Gaojia courtyard

Gao Yuesong's former residence, commonly known as Gaojia courtyard, is a quadrangle of brick and wood structure with three courtyards and four entrances. Its main body was built in the Chongzhen period of the Ming Dynasty, which has a history of more than 400 years.

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