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Where is the most beautiful night view in Beijing


Three sea rippling, rippling shore weeping willows, distant mountains such as Dai, beautiful scenery, one of the Yanjing scenic spots. Shichahai Scenic Area has a large number of typical hutongs and quadrangles, such as the big and small Jinsi Hutong in jinsitao area, the South and North Guanfang Hutong, the Yaer Hutong along the northern edge of Houhai, baimixiejie and Yanbao Xiejie.

The Place

The World Trade Plaza is composed of two leisure shopping centers and two 5A office buildings in the north and the south. The sky screen is 250 meters long and 30 meters wide. At the same time, it also has elegant and luxurious ladder square and semi closed pedestrian street. In the whole harmonious space combination, various classic architectural elements make the World Trade Plaza reveal noble and fashionable commercial atmosphere.

The concept of "looking up from all over Beijing" shows that the world trade heaven is a kind of public welfare spirit advocating civilization, a life attitude advocating civilization, a behavior concept advocating civilization, and a sense of social responsibility advocating civilization.

Blue Harbor

Solana, the largest commercial park in Asia, is located on the sunny and romantic lakeside of Asia. Chaoyang Park in the vast lake and Liangmahe Biche River surrounded, blooming beautiful. It is a rare landscape in the urban cement forest with the exquisite waterscape, the colorful sky garden and the Solana brand forest composed of more than 300 trees.

Yuetan Park

Located in Xicheng, the place where emperors of Ming and Qing Dynasties offered sacrifices to the moon god. It is one of the famous five temples and Eight Temples in Beijing. It was built in the Jiajing period of the Ming Dynasty. It is a famous classical garden in the capital. The altar of the moon is also known as the altar of the moon. One of the famous five temples and Eight Temples in Beijing is the place where the emperors of Ming and Qing Dynasties offered sacrifices to the God of night brightness (Moon). A large number of ornamental trees such as pine and cypress, Borneo, pomegranate, osmanthus and other ornamental trees are planted in the park. Ancient buildings such as bell tower, Tianmen, fufu hall, Shenchu and shenku are renovated. New scenic spots such as Yuetan toad palace, Shuanghuan yingyue pool, Guanghan bridge, Chang'e flying to the moon sculpture, tianxiangyuan, guanyue Pavilion, Yueting, Shuangyue Pavilion, Yuegui Pavilion, etc. are closely linked to the theme of "Moon" and highlight the "Moon" Artistic conception.

the north sea

Beihai is a good place to enjoy the moon in the city. Many emperors and generals here watch the moon, recite poems and paint, leaving a wonderful poem: "the wind and the moon, Qinghua Ying, four seasons, and the water and sky are clear around three continents.". During the Mid Autumn Festival, you can drive a small boat to cruise on the Taiye pool, or you can board Tuancheng to taste imitation food moon cakes. You can listen to the chimes of Marquis Yi of Zeng. Your heart seems to have been connected with the ancients.

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