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Full of literary and artistic style, seven theme blocks most worth visiting in China

1. Yancheng zhongnancheng shopping center: young Plaza

Young Plaza is a unique experience space created by Zhongnan Commercial Group, which accurately grasps the pulse of the times and brings forth the new in time by relying on stories, feelings, complex and scenes.

"It's just a tourist attraction", "every shop wants to go in and have a look", "it's really high here" You know, in the face of the most fastidious consumers, it is absolutely not easy to stand out and get praise in many commercial squares and shopping centers.

Zhongnancheng shopping center, as the core customer group of 18-35-year-old emerging middle class, makes in-depth exploration on commercial richness and experience, and makes corresponding changes around the changing trend of customer demand. "The growing middle class has become the most powerful and fastidious group. In order to grasp their hearts, in addition to meeting their diverse needs for commodity richness and personalization, the situational space environment, the resonance of consumption circles, the imagination of cross-border business formats, and the infectivity of business aesthetics are all very important factors." According to the relevant person in charge of Yancheng zhongnancheng shopping center, young Plaza came into being based on the above considerations.

"This is not only a place to release shopping demand, but also a space with themes, topics and humanistic care." It is understood that young The founder of Plaza block contacted more than 1000 original brands, organized hundreds of creative brainstorming, design seminars and construction progress seminars. Before and after visiting many well-known creative blocks and outdoor attractions at home and abroad, such as SOHO block in New York, Kyoto in Japan, and Tianzifang in Shanghai, they invited the most fashionable design team, the best construction team and cross-border art in China Only by integrating these cultural elements with different styles, can families and craftsmen present a travel feast with time and space crisscross for consumers.

With the theme of global beauty, each section of the block has a different visual and tactile experience. 2000 square meters of super large space, each is carefully designed, original flavor. The design of Yuxiang is very small in the south of the Yangtze River. The shops with Japanese style above the rain lane are full of harmonious feelings. Nottingshan street is full of exotic flavor, people's Square is full of strong industrial style, and the small scenes in the block are elaborately polished. The Eiffel Tower, 1880 steam fire truck, British bus and water fishing boat are all carefully polished Up and down, left and right echo, full of literary style, creating an extraordinary visual experience.

Creative retail, food bar, music coffee, beauty decoration, light food, pottery bar, experience shop, library, bar The 32 stores with personality and taste are harmonious and different. They build a multi-dimensional living space in the cross-border mix and match. They are waiting to meet each customer in young Plaza.

Music Festival, 8090 animation exhibition, drama show, creative market, boring meeting, public welfare Sports Challenge competition, love education public welfare activities Every weekend, young Plaza district will hold various creative activities, attracting countless young people to gather here.

2. Tianjin Joy City: Qigee commune

When it comes to theme blocks, the first thing I think of is the series of creative blocks in joy city. Such as Qie commune, shenbesti street and No.5 garage of Tianjin Joy City; Mofang 166 of Shanghai Joy City; Yuejie of Chaoyang Joy City.

Among them, Qie commune is the most famous. It is the first shopping district with landscape environment and main business form in China, and it is also known as "the most literary District in Tianjin".

The names of the blocks are full of fairy tale color, "happy lane", "single eyelid lane", "left ear garden", "45 minutes square" The street signs, the outer edge of the wall, the stair guide board, every corner will have a surprise discovery, as well as the well covers with animal expressions, the kittens squatting on the side, the bubbles in the eyes of the fish, and the row by row display of waste television sets. Everywhere, there is a strong literary style.

The main body of the shop is recycled containers. The designers pass on the unrestrained creative ideas through green plants and traffic signs, such as signs with "slow" and "speed limit in town", feather glass stickers, no plug-in square stage, and "stairs without reason to go up", so that consumers can get a pure experience of the block.

There are 34 stores in the block, including 22 original designer brands, attracting a large number of young consumers who like to try new and novelty.

Since its opening, Qie commune has attracted a rapid growth of passenger flow, reaching 15000 person times a day, accounting for nearly 30% of the total passenger flow of Joy City, while its actual construction area is only 3500 square meters.

It is also the success of Qie e commune that makes Joy City determined to carry out the theme block to the end. At present, other theme blocks of Joy City have also opened, creating a lot of topics and attracting countless popularity. If you go to Tianjin for tourism, this is a place worth exploring.

3. Tianjin Aegean Shopping Park: "π factory"

This theme block named after "Pi ratio" means "infinite non cycle" of innovative life. It is the first innovation and entrepreneurship space in Tianjin. Taking the station as the concept prototype, there is a fun place for gathering and selling original ideas, and a "π guest" special training camp that provides all kinds of help from packaging to operation.

The block has attracted many creative brands at one time, including tattoo studio, coffee shop, maker space, restaurant, manual collection shop, dessert shop, experience shop and other shops with personality and taste

One of the most popular is to meet Van Gogh and Kunlun VR dream space. "Meet Van Gogh" is the first zero base oil painting experience store in Tianjin. With the wonderful music, meet Van Gogh to accompany you to enjoy a good afternoon tea time and create the first oil painting of life together. Kunlun VR dream space is a VR experience park integrating technology, modernity and entertainment. "Walking", "hanging" and "driving" experience modes, VR glasses with an effective field of view up to 120 degrees, high-definition display with 2.5k resolution, and 99% true color restoration.

In addition, there are also Nash space, the first shopping center in Tianjin, and Orange County maker, a brand of university students' start-up service launched by the public welfare venture capital fund.

The theme block is actually more like a platform to provide services for post-90s college students' creativity and entrepreneurship,

4. Zhengzhou Vientiane City: 9? platform

Platform 9 is known as the first social networking theme block for young people in Henan Province. The name comes from the book Harry Potter, which is popular all over the world. In the book, it is an entrance to the fantasy world that countless young people yearn for; and here, it is not only the entrance for people to get in touch with the new trend world, but also a fashionable place for young people to show their personality.

9? Platform covers an area of 2200 square meters, which is composed of a ring road, two squares, three streets and four hutongs. Taking the European Art District as the carrier, the space sentiment is enhanced through the creation of external layout, green plants, flower art, awning and other details. For example, in the block, such as "back to the future telegraph office", "Cross Square", "why not Street", "jet lag Park" and so on.

In addition, there are a lot of interactive graffiti, dream devices, and unique road signs In "platform 9", every corner can encounter surprise, and every corner can find surprise.

There are more than 40 theme shops with different characteristics, such as cultural creation, handicrafts, fashion clothes, fashion accessories, skateboards, animation, fun games and so on, including "Tashan", "Chaowan", "Qishe" and "navel" that have entered Zhengzhou for the first time. Young people in all circles are familiar with "impression town", "angel's work", "pumpkin animation", "Yao Yao Yao" and "Yu" "Travel notes" and "a market" which is the first recycling store with the concept of change in Zhengzhou.

5. Hefei Xindi shopping center: mumigu

Mumigu is the first large-scale indoor cultural and creative theme block in Anhui Province. It is built by Xindi shopping center, with a total area of 6700 square meters. It is composed of 4 landscape roads and 12 personalized lanes. It is the only indoor light art living block in Anhui Province.

Compared with the theme blocks in other cities, the mumi Valley has plenty of space, and the creative landscape is scattered in various street nodes. A series of highly stylized art packages such as landscape sketch, art installation, auxiliary soft decoration, characteristic shops and visual system in the block will shake every consumer who is involved in it.

In the block, there are more than 100 shops, including concept restaurant, creative bookstore, art and flower art, original designer shop, handicraft workshop, etc., and 15-30 M2 small and exquisite shops. Each shop is a scenery.

Different from other districts that focus on fashion and literature and art, "mumi Valley" also attracts many inheritors of Chinese traditional culture, such as making sugar figurines, painting sugar paintings It is also a trend to come here to experience the happiness of traditional Chinese culture and handicraft production in the weekend.

6. Another city in Changzhou: spade Queen Street

Mushroom house, thatched cottage, hole in the bottom of hobbit bag Walking along, the "spider" and "machete" suddenly fall from the top of the head and turn "men" into "Niang gun" "Struggling" in the project surrounded by Wuyue and Wanda, "Lujin Yicheng" has become a success with spade Queen Street.

"Can only be alone, two together will have a death" Betta shop, "meet" art Qing bar, yukrili talk and sing, zero basic oil painting painting, instantly, reserve also become so comfortable. With the sprouting succulent plants and mellow coffee Literary and artistic style of you, here, you can find all the reasons that make you excited.

Passing by the "smell Museum", before entering, the fragrance will be overwhelming. Here, you can find all the flavor of life: soil, green grass, fireflies, garden after rain, plum blossom candy, loneliness Common and rare odors will be filled for you in small bottles, so the private odor customizer is famous.

In the most beautiful sorceress divination shrine, there are thin fingers, dark red nail oil, crystal ball, mysterious tarot card, light veil, faint and delicate eyebrows Not yet divination, already intoxicated. Shuffle, shuffle, draw Analyze your character's destiny.

There are also private customized "dream house, magic No. 1 College" VIP Club, unexpected here, you can encounter surprise. Besides Dinosaur Park, maybe, it's also a place worth visiting.

7. Nantong zhongnancheng shopping center: young Park

Young park is an upgrade of young Plaza 2.0. This in itself is worth looking forward to.

Fresh and retro trend element creators, creative hand-made toy creators, adventurous Parkour players, professional cool fancy basketball experts, unique perspective of young artists, perfect school grass with not only appearance but also dance art, and band that they are afraid of A group of young people, once gathered in this special fun young Park, you will see a strange whirlpool, constantly attracting you.

Here you can become a quiet craftsman, you can also do a brush the world's network, you can do a common white-collar in the daytime