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What summer resorts are there around Shenzhen? Seven summer resorts around Shenzhen

No.1 Liuxihe Forest Park

[reason for recommendation] Liuxihe Forest Park is a natural oxygen bar with abundant forests. There are conference rooms, shopping malls, mountain spring swimming pool and so on. In addition, there are more than 10 recreational projects in the scenic area, such as water amusement, monkey play, real person field battle, Peacock Garden and so on. The lake water in the scenic area is clear and beautiful, and there is a Tree House Hotel beside the lake, which is suitable for 1-2 day tour.

Admission: 40 yuan

Tel: 020-87843288

Tips: 1. Driving route: Guangzhou Airport Road - Xinshi - Guangshao highway - Conghua City - Liangkou town - Liuxihe Reservoir;

2. Local products: Winter honey, plum, Liuxi tea, five finger peach, chicken bone grass, sand pit fish;

3. Nearby scenic spots: shanyatang Yougu adventure, Peacock Garden, Monkey Island;

4. Driving tips: Liuxihe Reservoir is located in the northeast of Guangzhou, 93 km away from Guangzhou. It takes no more than 3 hours to drive to Liuxihe Reservoir from Guangzhou urban area.

No.2 Furong gorge rafting

[reason for recommendation] Furong gorge is a natural oxygen bar because it is close to the urban area and has a large area of original ecological green forest coverage. Furong gorge drifts in this famous landscape. The winding and turbulent River, big drop and big thrust, Furong gorge rafting thrilling and exciting brings you unprecedented happiness, and is gradually becoming a paradise for rafting enthusiasts.

Admission: 110 yuan for Warrior

Tel: 020-86853112

Tips: 1. Driving route: take Airport Road - Xinshi - Guanghua Road - Huadu - furongzhang - furongzhang reservoir;

2. Recommendation: rafting, farm food, fishing;

3. Driving tips: furongzhang reservoir is located in Furong Town, north of Huadu District!

No.3 Nankunshan

[reason for recommendation] Nankun mountain, with its main peak at 1228 meters above sea level, is a good place for health preservation and vacation due to its lush forests and high content of negative oxygen ions. The scenery on the mountain changes in different seasons. The most beautiful Spring Festival is azaleas. In summer, it's pitian waterfall, which pours down. In autumn, it's time to climb the mountain. In winter, rime is hanging on the tree top, which is a world of ice crystals.

Admission: 30 yuan

Tel: 0752-7690690 / 7690769

Tips: 1. Driving route: Guangzhou Zengcheng Longmen Nankunshan;

2. Recommended landscape: Panlong ancient pine, stone river wonder, Chuanlong Feibao, Guanyin playing water, seven star haze shadow;

3. Local products: Nankun bamboo mat, kiwi fruit, stone silicon, winter bamboo shoots, chicken flower, Lycoris, Baifeng tea;

4. Driving tips: with Nankunshan town as the center, there are mainly four sightseeing routes. To the west, there are shesong, Guanyintan, yixiantian and generals worshipping Buddha; to the south, there are Chuanlong waterfall, jiuchongyuanguan, zhubailiang garden; to the East, there are centenarian Shanwang, Panlong wonder and sankengzhai waterfall; to the north, there are Qixing lake and Zhuba waterfall.

No.4 Xiqiao Mountain

[reason for recommendation] Xiqiao Mountain is a natural oxygen bar with dense forests and rich primitive ecological flavor. It can be seen from Foshan on the top of the mountain. As a large scenic area, the scenic spots are scattered in general. The Buddhist temple in Qianshan has a strong cultural atmosphere, and many people go to pray for blessings and burn incense. Downhill tour bus, but it is recommended to walk down the mountain, so that you can find some beautiful scenery you miss when you go up the mountain.

Admission: 70 yuan

Tel: 0757-86880036

Tips: 1, travel bus: Nanhai No.26, No.46 and other multi-channel bus access!

2. Recommendation: the world's first sitting statue of Guanyin and Nanquan culture.

No.5 Huizhou West Lake

[reason for recommendation] Huizhou West Lake, formerly known as "Fenghu", is the largest leisure Lake in Huizhou City. It was also the Song Dynasty writer Su Dongpo who came here after being demoted and left many inscriptions, which made Huizhou West Lake more and more famous. The whole landscape of the West Lake is divided into five lakes, six bridges and eighteen sceneries, which can be played for 1-2 days to enjoy the lake scenery.

Admission: Fengzhu Garden 20 yuan, Dongpo garden 10 yuan, Baota Mountain 5 yuan, diancuizhou fanghuazhou 5 yuan

Tel: 0752-2886399

Tips: 1. Driving route: Guangzhou Zengcheng Huizhou (national highway) or Guanghui expressway, Guangshan highway, Huishen expressway;

2. The main scenery is: the jade tower, Xiangling flying clouds, Huazhou rain, red cotton spring drunk, Xixin summer resort, etc;

3. Recommendation: bird watching in West Lake, sighing tea in West Lake;

4. Driving tips: Huizhou West Lake is very beautiful at night. It is very delicious to taste Hakka food by the West Lake in the evening.

No.6 million green lake

[reason for recommendation] Wanlu lake, also known as Xinfengjiang reservoir, is a well-known eco-tourism area in Heyuan, with clear and pure water and no pollution. The scenic area is composed of many scenic spots, and the best way is to take a boat tour. When you come to Wanlu lake for a visit, the fresh water fish rich in the lake is delicate and delicious, which is also worth tasting.

Admission: 145 yuan

Tel: 3680875

Tips: 1. Driving route: 205 national road or 105 National Road Heyuan City Xingang town Wanlu lake;

2. Driving tips: wanlvhu is located on the Beijing Kowloon railway line, 6 km away from Heyuan City and 190 km away from Guangzhou. To Heyuan, you can also visit another Qinglong lake, which is the source of Dongjiang River with Wanlu lake. The two lakes are not far away and reflect each other;

3. Recommendation: Hakka houses, Hakka folk songs, Hakka food.

No.7 Luofu Mountain

[reason for recommendation] Luofu Mountain, also known as Dongqiao mountain, has a maximum height of 1296 meters. Its main peak is feiyunding, which is the best place to appreciate the sunrise cloud sea in Huizhou. In addition, Luofu Mountain is also known as one of the ten famous mountains of Taoism in China because of its large number of Taoist temples. There are many peaks and waterfalls on the mountain. Many famous people have come to visit the mountain, such as Sun Yat Sen, Zhou Enlai and Chen Yi.

Admission: 60 yuan in peak season and 48 yuan in off season

Tel: 0752-6668128

Tips: Travel Bus: ① Huizhou bus station - Luofu Mountain tourist line. ② Take Huizhou and Shantou bus from Guangzhou, 15 yuan 1.5 hours to Changning Town, BOLUO county. There are a large number of motor vehicles and farm vehicles in the town, which can cost 3 to 5 yuan. You can go to Chongxu Temple (the main gate). About 4km, you will see a memorial archway to Huanglong Temple. Go in and walk along the road to Huanglong Temple.

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