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Shanxi's special products

[sliced noodles]

Sliced noodles, a traditional pasta of the Han nationality in Shanxi Province, is one of the "top ten noodles in China", which is popular in the north. Operation process: mix flour into lumps, hold dough with left hand, hold curved knife in right hand, slice the flour into boiling water pot, cook it, add Sao Zi and seasoning to eat, the most famous of which is Datong noodles in Shanxi Province. Shanxi noodles are famous at home and abroad for their unique flavor. The cutting surface is all by knife, so it is named.

Bamboo leaf green wine

Zhuyeqing liquor is an ancient traditional health wine of Han nationality in China. Its history can be traced back to the northern and Southern Dynasties. It is based on high-quality Fenjiu, with more than ten kinds of precious medicinal materials, and processed by unique production technology. Its mellow and sweet taste and remarkable health care effect have been affirmed since the Tang and Song dynasties.

[Castanopsis nudus]

Naked oats (K ǎ ol ǎ o) is a famous pasta snack of Han nationality in Shanxi, Hebei, especially Bashang, which belongs to northwest staple food. Castanopsis fargesii is a kind of container made of wicker and shaped like a bucket. It's also called "fence fight". "Castanopsis fargesii" is a kind of flour food made with naked oat flour. Because of its shape, it is called "Gua" among the people. It is a round frame made of bamboo strips or willow sticks with the same thickness from top to bottom. It is shaped like a bucket. It is a kind of utensil specially used by farmers to draw water or hold things. It is named after "Castanopsis fargesii" because it is shaped like a "fence".

Pingyao beef

Pingyao beef is a famous traditional dish of Han nationality in Pingyao County of Jinzhong Area, Shanxi Province. Broad and profound China's delicacy culture is one of the cream of Chinese cuisine culture. In ancient Pingyao, beef was sold as a "selling sword, buying a calf, selling a knife to buy cattle, and doing well in the process". According to legend, Pingyao beef has been famous as early as Ming Dynasty. By the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China, Pingyao beef has become a must-have food for distinguished guests.

[Wen Xi cooks cakes]

Pancakes are fried snacks. In southern Shanxi, people call "fried" as "cooking". Wen Xichu cake shape like a full moon, due to the skin covered with white sesame, so the appearance is moon white. It is wrapped with sesame seeds, round shape, with chestnut and dark white filling inside. It can pull out a few centimeter long filaments. It tastes crisp and sweet, not skin, sticky or greasy, and does not deteriorate for a long time.

Shanxi aged vinegar

Shanxi aged vinegar is a famous traditional product of Han nationality in Shanxi Province. It is one of the four famous vinegar in China. Its production has a history of more than 3000 years and is known as "the first vinegar in the world". Shanxi aged vinegar is famous for its color, aroma, alcohol, consistency and acidity. On August 7, 2011, Shanxi authorities said that the local vinegar was safe and reliable, and could be safely eaten.

[Taigu cake]

Taigu cake has a long history of production. It was sold in Beijing, Tianjin, Xi'an, Lanzhou, Baotou, Zhangjiakou and other places in the late Qing Dynasty. Taigu cake is sweet but not greasy, crisp but not broken, delicious and delicious. It is famous all over the country for its fragrance, crisp, soft, and enjoys the reputation of "king of cakes". Taigu cake is a typical representative of "Shanxi Merchants' food culture". The crisp and melodious song of "Pingyao beef Taigu cake" by famous singer Guo Lanying has spread the good name of Taigu cake all over the world.

Fen Wine

Fen Liquor has a long history and exquisite craftsmanship. It is famous for its soft, sweet taste, long aftertaste. It enjoys high popularity, reputation and loyalty among consumers at home and abroad.

[tip picking]

Tiao Jian, also known as Pai Yu or Tiao Gu, is a traditional pasta of Han nationality popular in Yuncheng and Jinzhong of Shanxi Province. It is favored by the majority of the people for its convenience, smooth taste and digestion. It is one of the most representative pasta in Shanxi Province and one of the main lunches for residents.

Hunyuan Liangfen

Hunyuan Liangfen is a special food of Han nationality in Hunyuan, Shanxi Province. In summer, cold noodles are one of the food that people like to eat, while people in Hunyuan, Shanxi Province, like to eat it. There are dozens of Liangfen stalls on the streets all the year round, regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter.

[pea cake]

Pea cake is also called bean paste cake, Chengsha cake. It is a special cake snack of Han nationality in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province. It belongs to sweet food and should be eaten in summer. It's made of top-grade pea peeling and grinding powder, sugar, persimmon cake and persimmon cream. Sweet and delicious, cool under the fire, refreshing soft sweet, beneficial to the spleen and stomach, antipyretic and detoxification. In 1957, pea cake was rated as the "top ten famous foods" in Taiyuan.

[mulberry wine]

Origin: Yuncheng Yongji city system law: the ancient method has been lost, but now the method mainly uses high-quality sorghum, pea, mung bean as raw materials, through distillation, fermentation, evaluation, blending and other processes, storage for one year. Characteristics: Sangluo liquor is a fragrant Daqu, with mellow and mellow quality, soft and sweet taste and long aftertaste. It is a high-quality liquor with traditional fragrance.

[scallion pancake]

Scallion pancake is a special snack of the Han nationality in Shanxi Province. It is one of the staple foods that people in urban and rural areas of Ningwu city like to eat. Fried eggs and pancakes are often used to treat guests. It can be said that every household can make them. It tastes as thin as red, soft and sharp, golden yellow, crisp and delicious, without losing flavor.

Yellow River Beach date

Yellow River Beach jujube means red jujube growing on the edge of the Yellow River. In local people, it is called riverside jujube, commonly known as "tanzao", and its scientific name is "Mu Zao". It is one of the four famous jujubes in Shanxi Province. Zizyphus jujuba grows in the beach ranging from fifty meters to one thousand and five hundred meters away from the Yellow River, with elegant environment, fresh air, abundant sunshine and large temperature difference between day and night. It is the essence of nourishing and nourishing mother Heyuan source. It is a unique treasure of North China and Northern Shaanxi. Its characteristics are large, cylindrical, Dark Jade, sweet, soft and fragrant, and is known as "ginseng fruit".

[persimmon leaf tea]

Persimmon leaf tea is made of persimmon leaves as raw materials and processed scientifically. Persimmon leaf tea is a new health drink made from persimmon leaves. Persimmon leaves contain tannin, choline, protein, minerals, sugar, flavonoids and other useful substances for human body, especially vitamin C, which contains C1G vitamin per 100g fresh persimmon leaves. Drinking persimmon leaf tea often has many health functions, such as convenient urination, blood purification, antibacterial and detumescence.

[Pingyao push Polish Lacquer Ware]

Push light lacquer ware is a kind of high-grade lacquer ware with craft property. It is one of the traditional handcraft skills of Han nationality in Pingyao, Shanxi Province. It is named after the luster of palm. Shanxi's famous handicraft Pingyao push light lacquerware is simple and elegant in appearance, bright in flash, resplendent in painting and decoration, delicate and smooth in handle, heat and moisture resistance, durable, and is the best among lacquerware.

Sesame cake in Liulin

Liulin sesame cake is a special snack of Han nationality in Liulin County, Shanxi Province. It is made of high-quality white flour, sesame seed, butter and alkaline noodles. Sesame cake is crispy and delicious, with strong taste and crispy taste. It can strengthen the stomach and eliminate food, especially for patients with chronic stomach disease.

[Yanggao preserved apricot]

Yanggao preserved apricot is a famous food of Han nationality in Yanggao County of Shanxi Province. It is popular at home and abroad. The apricot produced in Yanggao mountain area is very famous. It is big, sweet, small in kernel and fresh in color. The preserved apricot made from high-quality apricot is different from other places. The method of preserved apricot is not very complicated. After the apricot kernel is removed and dried in the sun, the preserved apricot can be made.

[crisp fire]

Suhuoshao is one of the famous traditional snacks of Han nationality in Changzhi area of Shanxi Province. Its color is light yellow and pure, and its taste is crisp and delicious. It can be used as staple food or as dim sum. It is a kind of small fire with yellow color, crisp quality, mellow taste and beautiful shape, which is made of white flour and eggs, cooked donkey oil and flour, and baked with coal fire. Therefore, it is also called "donkey butter crisp fire".

Li Houhu

Lihouhu is a traditional handicraft of Han nationality originated in Licheng County, Shanxi Province. It was named after Licheng in ancient times. It is a wonderful flower of folk handicrafts of Han nationality in Licheng county. Li Hou tiger originated from the Han folk custom with tiger as its totem in the Shang and Zhou dynasties. After 3000 years of historical evolution, it has gradually perfected its unique shape which integrates story, straw weaving, embroidery, paper cutting, calligraphy and painting. Li Houhu is known as the first tiger in China because of its cultural connotations of blessing, house building and wealth making.

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