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An inventory of ten non famous peaks in Hunan Province

Sanshengpo: Great Shangri La of Dong Nationality

Altitude: 1336.7 M

Location: Tongdao County, Hunan Province, bordering Guangxi and Guizhou.

The misty sanshengpo is full of mystery. Sanshengpo, known as "Shangri La" of Dong nationality, is located at the junction of Hunan, Guizhou and Guangxi provinces (regions), with the main peak at 1337 meters above sea level. The west of pozhi is Pingjia of Liping County, Guizhou Province, which is the first county of Dong Nationality in China; the east of slope is the Dupo township of Hunan Tongdao Dong Autonomous County, which has the reputation of "natural forest park"; the south of slope is Dudong township of Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County in Guangxi Province, which enjoys one of the four ancient famous bridges in the world. Another name of sanshengpo in the local Dong dialect is "liangmeng", which means "surrounded by clouds" in Chinese. There is a sun moon lake on the slope of the three provinces, also known as Swan Lake. It is called "Heit" in Dong language, which means a large area of sea. The lake is quiet, as clear as a mirror, as blue as the sea. There is a natural wonder on the top of the slopes of the three provinces - the natural "Great Wall". The natural "Great Wall" is a rocky mountain range exposed on the top of slopes in three provinces, with an exposed length of more than 300 km and a height of 10-30 M. On top of the giant stones, the grotesque rocks are craggy, and the cliffs stand at random. They are simple and natural. At first, they seem to be designed and built by human beings, but in fact they are natural. Sanshengpo is also a civilized hillside, which contains rich and splendid Dong culture. It is not only one of the birthplaces of Dong history, but also the most complete "holy land" of Dong traditional culture, and a bright pearl of Dong primitive ecological tourism. Mangshan: Oasis in the same latitude

Altitude: 1902m

Geographical location: located in Yizhang County, Hunan Province, at the northern foot of Nanling Mountain range and the border with Guangdong Province.

Mangshan Mountain is located in Yizhang County, the southernmost tip of Chenzhou, Hunan Province. It is at the northern foot of Nanling Mountain range, with a total area of 20000 hectares. It is adjacent to Ruyuan, Lianzhou and Yangshan in Guangdong Province in the East, West and south. Mangshan Mountain has a complex terrain with sharp peaks and crisscross gullies. There are more than 150 peaks over 1000 meters. The highest peak, mengkengshi, is 1902 meters above sea level, known as "the first peak in Tiannan". It is the highest peak of Hunan Province and Guangdong Province. The Changle river is one of the birthplaces of the Pearl River. Mangshan is a masterpiece of harmony between man and nature, with a forest coverage rate of 99%! Mangshan is known as "the green pearl of the earth's latitude belt" because of its largest and best preserved primary evergreen broad-leaved forest in the humid subtropical region of the world. Mangshan has more than 1700 species of plants, including 5 species of rare plants under state first-class protection, and nearly 300 species of vertebrates, including snow leopard, yellow bellied Tragopan, sika deer, golden cat, python, etc. It is called "natural animal and plant museum" and "biological gene bank" by Chinese and foreign experts. Purple magpie world: nearly 60000 Mu terrace scenery

Altitude: 1585.2 M

Location: Loudi, Hunan Province, belongs to Fengjiashan system in the middle of Xuefeng mountain.

It is said that the cultivation history of Ziquejie Terrace has been more than 2000 years. The present terraces are based on the highest peak windmill lane, facing the northeast and unfolding in a fan shape. There are 56996 Mu terraced fields on more than 10 hills with an altitude of 500 meters to more than 1000 meters. The largest one is only 1 mu, and the smallest is only a few dozens of stubbles of grass. badagongshan mountain

Altitude: 2004 M

Location: Northwest of Sangzhi County, Hunan Province, adjacent to Xuanen and Hefeng counties in Hubei Province.

It is one of the key areas of biodiversity in China. It has 206 families, 2408 species of higher plants, 146 species of vertebrates, 64 species of birds, 19 species of reptiles and 18 species of amphibians. Among them, there are more than 40 species of first-class and second-class protected animals, such as leopard, clouded leopard, forest musk deer, red bellied Tragopan, black bear, and 4175 species of insects. In 1993, it was included in the United Nations "man and biosphere" observatory. Davidia involucrata on the mountain is known as the panda of the plant kingdom. Davidia involucrata flowers are in full bloom in mid and early May, and the flowers are white. "The breeze blows, petals a pendulum, like pigeons", so also known as pigeon flowers. There are many waterfalls on the mountain, including 521 waterfalls such as lover waterfall, rainbow waterfall, Baizhang waterfall and Wulong waterfall. Lingfeng: the highest peak in Hunan

Altitude: 2122 M

Location: Yanling County, Hunan Province.

Lingfeng is located in Taoyuandong National Nature Reserve, Yanling County, Hunan Province. As the main peak of Luoxiao mountain range, Lingfeng has never been known. It is still "raised in boudoir and unknown to people". There is no road here. There is no road. There are few people in the area. Everything is full of original mystery. Hupingshan: the largest concentration of Davidia involucrata community in the world

Altitude: 2099 M

Location: Shimen County, Hunan Province.

The top of Huping mountain is high all around and low in the middle, so it is named Huping mountain. There are many rare trees and grasses on the mountain. Davidia involucrata is the largest Davidia involucrata community in the world. Huping mountain is steep in the south, West and North, with a slope of about 70 ° and a gentle southeast, with rugged narrow paths. On a sunny day in spring and summer, you can see a large area of Rhododendron, Millennium red, Magnolia community competing for beauty, fighting fragrance. Qiyun mountain in Eastern Guangxi: steep enough to see the top of the mountain from the foot

Altitude: 2061m

Location: Chenzhou, Hunan Province, at the junction of Guidong and Jiangxi Province.

Qiyun mountain, also known as qiyunxian and qiyunxian, is the main peak of Wuling Zhuguang mountains, with an altitude of 2061m. Located at the junction of Pule Township, Guidong County, Hunan Province and Sishun Township, Chongyi County, Jiangxi Province, wuzhifeng Township, Shangyou County, with a total area of 15 square kilometers. The mountain forest is composed of granite. The mountain is towering, with clouds and fog all day long. When you climb to the top of the mountain when the weather is clear and the sight is very good, you can see 18 counties in three provinces. Usually, you can see the Dongjiang Lake in Zixing from the top of the mountain. Bamian Mountain: this mountain is higher than that one

Altitude: 2042m

Location: Zixing City, Hunan Province.

Highlight: it belongs to Bamianshan series, a branch of Luoxiao mountains. In the north-south direction, it is listed in Qingyao town on the eastern border of Zixing city. To its east is Guidong County, which is the natural barrier for Guidong, Zixing and Rucheng. Bamian Mountain has eight sides, so it is named after it. Guidong County governs the East and Zixing governs the southwest. The mountains are crisscross and steep. The mountains are undulating, the valleys are crisscross, and the average slope is about 35 degrees. The mountain road is steep and difficult to walk. The ancient folk ballad says that "the Bamian Mountain is three feet and three feet away from the sky. People should bow down when passing by, and saddle off when horses pass.". The main peak is 2042 meters above sea level. Shrubs mainly grow in the mountain section of 1000-1500 meters above sea level, and alpine meadow is mainly above 1500 meters. Er Baoding: lucky to see rime

Altitude: 2021 M

Location: located in the east of Chengbu Miao Autonomous County, Hunan Province.

Er Baoding is located in Chengbu, Xinning, Chengbu and Ziyuan counties. It is the first peak of Yuechengling and the first peak in Shaoyang, with an altitude of 2021 meters. In January, the water vapor is heavy, and there are rime landscapes with a drop of more than 400 meters on the mountain. The most difficult mountain in my heart

Altitude: 2009 M

Location: located in the west of Daoxian County, Hunan Province, at the junction with Guangxi.

Jiucailing is the main peak of Qianjiadong, with an altitude of 2009 meters. It is rich in wild animal resources. Rare animals such as yellow bellied Tragopan, macaque, flying tiger, pangolin, tiger frog, tit, Caragana Caragana and other rare animals appear in the forest from time to time. The cultural landscape and natural scenery are also rich and colorful, which is the holy land for Yao people to seek their roots and visit their ancestors. Jiucailing crossing is the most difficult "self mutilation route" in the hearts of donkey friends. There are many ways to cross it. The usual route is from Guanyang Dupangling forest farm to dajiangyuan village, Daoxian County, Hunan Province. It takes more than three days to pass through the desolate and uninhabited forest area, which is a great challenge to the physical strength, perseverance and wisdom of the walkers.

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