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Ten kinds of special products you must buy in Tibet

How can I go home without some special handicrafts when I come to Tibet? But did you get it right? If you buy a specialty in Tibet, but "meideying" Chengdu, can you calm down?

About location

Shopping in Lhasa is mainly concentrated in bakuo street. Although there are some fake or rough made things, they can be distinguished at a glance without special identification. Many bosses make a wild offer. When they see something they like, they remember to compare the goods before they start. Of course, price cutting is an unforgettable process of traveling and shopping. As long as the heart to Taotao, or you can be satisfied with the good things. There are various kinds of Tibetan ornaments, Nepalese style jewelry, pendants, small crafts, magic utensils, carpets, tapestries, Thangka, etc. generally, one third of the price of things here can be traded.

The national tourist handicraft market next to the eight corridor street is a good shopping place with low price and guaranteed things. Tibetan medicine, Cordyceps sinensis and saffron are generally not purchased in balang street. They are basically fake. They need to be bought in Tibet Tibetan medicine factory, Lhasa Tibetan medicine factory or their sales department, but the price can not be negotiated.

Lhasa's art galleries can be found in all major tourist attractions, especially the main entrance of Potala Palace and the opposite of Lhasa holiday hotel. There are not only oil paintings, cloth paintings, board paintings, watercolor paintings, acrylic paintings, ink paintings, but also Thangka, Buddha statues, painting utensils, art tapestries, tibetan travel brochures, postcards, strange stones, strange woods, and various handicrafts, which are dazzling, but the prices are higher.

1. Jewelry

Tibet's jewelry includes pearl, agate, gold and silver products. Different Tibetan jewelry have different meanings, and different styles of the same kind of Tibetan jewelry have different meanings, but basically they all mean blessing. For example, Tibet's more valuable pearl, "single eye bead" represents wisdom, "double eye bead" can protect harmony between husband and wife, and "three eye bead" can bring wealth. Tibetan bracelets and rings are generally made of Tibetan Silver and engraved with Sanskrit, which have the function of wandering to ward off evil spirits and pray for blessings.

2. Ox bone jewelry

Yak is the best friend of Tibetans. It is praised as a beautiful sacred animal by Tibetan people. As a unique ornament, ox bone is primitive, natural and bold, which adds a wild charm to the wearer!

3. Tibetan Dao

Tibetan knife is a must-have for Tibetan people. It can be used for meat cutting, self-defense and a special decoration. Men's knives are rough and sharp, while women's are delicate and small. The exquisite silver decorated scabbard is the main feature of Tibetan Dao, and the exquisite carving is incomparable.

4. Mask

Tibetan mask is a kind of handicraft derived from religion, which is called "Ba" in Tibetan language. It is generally divided into three types: Tiaoshen mask, hanging mask and Tibetan opera mask. The patterns of Tiaoshen mask include ghosts and monsters, Dharma protectors, immortals, animal totems, etc., which are mainly used in the dance ceremony held in temples on major festivals. The hanging masks are mainly the concrete images of various gods, such as Dharma protector, auspicious heavenly daughter, horse head Mingwang, etc. There are many masks in Tibetan opera, which are divided into blue mask and white mask. According to the plot of Tibetan opera, there are various facial makeup of characters, such as king, princess, fairy and monster.

5. Thangka

A scroll painting with a strong Tibetan flavor. Most of them are Buddhist and Bodhisattva statues. There are also wall charts of flowers and birds, landscapes, medicine and astronomy. The styles are painted on cloth, brocade, embroidery, tapestry and decals.



7. Tibetan blanket

Tibetan carpets are traditional handicrafts in Tibet, and their styles vary according to local customs. There are carpets, tapestries and card cushions. Tibet carpet has unique weaving method, bright color and harmonious color, soft and delicate blanket surface, fast washing, durable, and strong national color patterns, so it also has high appreciation and collection value.

8. Tibetan incense

It is a good tourist souvenir, which is used by Tibetans when they worship Buddha, exorcise evil spirits and hold religious activities. The fragrance of Tibetan fragrance is pure and thick. When put in the wardrobe, it can not only smell clothes, but also prevent insects. Some Tibetan incense with special ingredients can prevent and control infectious diseases and epidemics.

9. Tibetan Medicine

In the struggle against nature and various diseases, Tibetan people have formed a unique Tibetan medicine and pharmacy system. Many Tibetan medicines have good curative effects on cardiovascular diseases, tumors and other diseases. "Zhenzhu 70", "Zhifan 10th Five Year Plan" (akajua), "alpine snow lotus", "Hongjingtian" and "Musk" are precious Tibetan medicines, which can be purchased in general pharmacies or tourist shops.

10. Religious souvenirs

As soon as the Tibetan religion is mentioned, people will immediately think of the local ethnic strong Lamaism and its mysterious and strange atmosphere. And the related craft souvenirs, such as the scripture cylinder, the stone engraved Sutra plate and the stone Buddha statue, give people a mysterious and dignified feeling, which can be said to be a symbol of Tibet's long religious history. Tips tips

The local specialties most suitable for purchase in Lhasa are handicrafts and Tibetan medicine from Tibet and Nepal. Tibetan medicine, Cordyceps sinensis and saffron are generally not purchased in balang street. They are basically fake. They need to be bought in Tibet Tibetan medicine factory, Lhasa Tibetan medicine factory or their sales department, but the price can not be negotiated. Special reminder

Don't buy protected wildlife products such as cornu, Tibetan antelope horn and wild yak head. It's not only that these things can't be brought out of Lhasa, but most importantly, it's conniving at the indiscriminate killing of protected animals.

Bakuo street is an ancient and sacred turning street in Lhasa, and it is also the most famous small commodity street in Lhasa. For travelers, the most attractive ones should be the magic weapons and Thangka in the bakuo street. If you buy Thangka, zhuanjing tube and other magic tools, you can ask the Lama of Dazhao temple to open the light nearby. Of course, you need to pay a small fee.

Tibet's carpets, Tibetan knives, card cushions, aprons, ethnic clothing, ethnic shoes and hats, gold and silver jewelry and various traditional handicrafts are all made by traditional handicrafts with exquisite craftsmanship and beautiful shape, which has a strong local style and national characteristics.

If you buy a Tibetan knife, you can't take it with you by plane or by consignment, but you can send it through the post office. The Beijing Middle Road Post Office on the north of Balong street is the general post office of Lhasa. It is much faster to mail there than to send it at some small post offices.

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