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An introduction to the top ten mountains in Jiangxi Province

Huanggang mountain

Huanggang mountain, located at the junction of Jiangxi Province and Fujian Province, is located in Wuyishan Nature Reserve. The highest peak, 2157.8 meters above sea level, is the first peak in the southeast of the mainland. It is also the highest peak in six provinces and one city in East China, known as "roof of East China" and "No.1 peak in Jiangxi Province". The mountains are quite different in height, with a vertical belt of nearly ten miles. Huanggang mountain has been listed in the reserve list of "World Heritage Application" of Jiangxi Province.

Single vertical point

Dushijian, with an altitude of 2129 meters, is the second highest peak of Wuyi Mountains, which is completely within the territory of Shangrao lead mountain and the second mountain of Jiangxi Province. Due to its high mountains and dense forests, the road is difficult and dangerous, and there are few outdoor tourists who climb the top. Due to its unique natural landscape, beautiful mountain scenery, numerous animal and plant species and well preserved original plant ecology.

Southerly side

The south wind side, 2120 meters above sea level, is located in the southwest border of Suichuan County, Jiangxi Province. It is 30 kilometers away from Jinggang Mountain and 35 kilometers away from Yandi mausoleum. It belongs to Luoxiao mountain range, which is the watershed between Jiangxi Ganjiang River system and Hunan Xiangjiang River system.

Qi Yunshan

Qiyun mountain, 2069 meters above sea level, is the second highest peak of Luoxiao mountain range, Chongyi County, Ganzhou region; the mountain is high and the ground is wide, especially in the early morning after rain, the sky is blue like washing, the water under the mountain is as smooth as a mirror, and the mountains in the distance are like islands floating out of the sea in the blue waves. When the sun rises slowly from the horizon, the sea of mist is tinged with a faint red.

Jinding mountain

Jinding mountain, with an altitude of 1918.3 meters, is the highest peak of the Wugong mountain range of Luoxiao mountain range; it is at the intersection of Luxi County and Anfu county of Ji'an; the mountain scenic area has six main peaks, which are steep, beautiful and primitive, connected and undulating, forming a terrain surrounded by mountains on three sides and opening to the north. Among many peaks, Jinding is the most famous. The small golden roof is towering, and the big one is round and open. In many valleys, there are many different shapes and interesting living rocks.


Wuhugang, 1891 meters above sea level, is the peak of Wuyi Mountains and Shangrao Qianshan. Due to the different topography, the temperature varies greatly. The annual average temperature in the central and southern valley basins ranges from 17.9 ℃ to 18.1 ℃, and the annual average temperature is only 8.4 ℃. The vertical decreasing rate of temperature was 0.49 ℃ lower for every 100 m elevation.


Guofengao, 1887 meters above sea level, is the peak of Wuyi Mountain, located in Shangrao, Jiangxi Province, belonging to Qianshan Mountain range. There are many clear springs, waterfalls, mountain streams, streams; guofengao belongs to the subtropical monsoon climate zone, with mountains and mountains overlapping in the region, and the absolute height difference is up to 1700m. With good ecological environment and special geographical location, the species resources are extremely rich, and the most complete, typical and largest primary forest ecosystem in the world is distributed in the same latitude zone of the world.

Yu Jing Peak

Yujing peak, Yujing peak scenic spot is the highest and most central scenic spot of Sanqing mountain, with an altitude of 1810.9 meters; it is the scenic spot with the largest elevation difference. In addition to the three main peaks of Yujing, yuxu and Yuhua, there are three peaks of Penglai, Feixian valley of vertical kilometers, Wangmu valley of thousands of feet in the abyss, as well as the wonders of clouds, fog waves, sunrise and Buddha light.


Jiulingtou, 1794 meters above sea level, is the highest peak of Jiuling mountains. It is located in Jing'an County, Yichun County, Jiangxi Province, and Wuning County, Jiujiang County, Jiangxi Province. It is known as the roof of returning home. It is rolling and magnificent. Like a horse galloping from the south to the west, it reaches the banks of Xiangxi River. The marvelous craftsmanship of nature is carved into a marvelous scene connected with Xiangxi and Yangtze River in lepingli.

Junfeng mountain

Junfeng mountain, 1761 meters above sea level, is the highest peak in Fuzhou, at the junction of Yihuang County and Nanfeng County. Junfeng mountain is a continuation of Wuyi Mountain, with a total area of 180 square kilometers. It is the highest peak of Yushan Mountain among the Six Mountains in Jiangxi Province. It is known as the ridge of Eastern Jiangxi, the head of the mountains in Eastern Jiangxi and the first peak in Fuzhou.

The above is the top ten mountains in Jiangxi Province. I believe that as long as rock climbing enthusiasts have conquered these ten mountains, you can also claim that you have conquered Jiangxi.

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