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Top 10 food in Xinjiang

1. The big pot helmet of the three Chiang family

On August 28, 2013, at the third China Muslim food culture festival and Xinjiang characteristic catering food expo, the giant three big pot helmets of Jiang Lao can be said to have earned enough attention. Boss Jiang, from Dongwan village, Shuixigou, Nanshan, Urumqi, said that daguokui was made by hand and baked in the earth Nang pit. It took 22 kg of flour to bake. The baking process was very complicated and the time was relatively long.

2. The length of smoked horse sausage is 1111 meters

Smoked sausage is a special food in Xinjiang, but have you ever seen the longest smoked sausage in the world? In the "National Food Culture Week" held in Glacier square of Emin County, Tacheng Prefecture, Xinjiang, a smoked horse sausage with a length of 1111 meters was recorded in the "Great World Guinness record" and became "the longest Kazakh smoked horse sausage in the world".

3. Fried cake with a diameter of 2 meters

On September 15, China (Changji) Food Tourism Culture Festival opened in Changji food street. Fried cakes with a diameter of more than two meters became the focus of tourists' attention. The fried cake with a diameter of 2.18 meters was made by the Hui master of Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture by using flour, clear oil, alkaline water, peanut, walnut kernel, raisin, sugar and other raw materials with traditional Hui techniques, which set a Guinness world record.

4. "The world's largest Nang pit" roasts ten whole sheep

With the title of "the world's largest Nang pit" in Putaogou Dawaz style garden in Turpan City, Xinjiang, ten whole sheep were roasted at one time by the famous barbecue craftsman Patar wupulaji. The main body of this giant Nang pit is 8 meters high and 10 meters in diameter. It needs 2000 kg of high-quality anthracite and 200 kg of high-quality wood to cook delicious food. It takes 8 hours to preheat and 3 to 5 hours to bake.

5. "The best pot in the world" pilaf

The 2013 Shanghai Guinness record of "the world's first pot of pilaf" has become a business card of Xinjiang Yili Apricot Flower Tourism Festival. The diameter of the pot of pilaf is 4 meters and the height is 2.2 meters. The inventor is abdomihalis Aji. On the opening day of the Apricot Flower Tourism Festival, abiliti Halis Aji will be presented to local residents and tourists for free, so that thousands of people can enjoy Xinjiang food—— Pilaf.

6. Crane roasts Camel

On October 3, 2013, Qiemo County in Xinjiang, located in the southeast edge of the Tarim Basin, roasted a 200 kg full camel with Nang pit. The staff lifted the roasted camel out of Nang pit with a crane, and the local people lined up to eat.

7. A hundred people around to grab the biggest baked bun in Xinjiang

The 1.56 meter diameter and 66 kilogram baked buns came out of the oven, and two or three hundred people scrambled to eat them. This is the steamed buns roasted by the owner of mamuti bakery on the northwest road of Urumqi. As a unique ethnic food in Xinjiang, baked bun has always been loved by local people, and it is also a must order food for foreign tourists to Xinjiang.

8. "Xihai first pot" fish feast

Bosten Lake, known as "West Sea" in ancient times, is located in Bayingolin Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture of Xinjiang. The first pot of Xihai lake, which is 4 meters in diameter and 3 tons in total weight, is made of manganese iron brass and decorated with copper water patterns and fish patterns. It reflects the characteristics of Mongolian folk culture and is shaped like a gorgeous Mongolian hat. This pot can cook a ton of wild fish from Bosten Lake for thousands of tourists.

9. Xinjiang Altay 8 kg of major red fish shot 199000

A large red croaker weighing 8 kg and domesticated for 7 years sold for 19.9 million yuan. There is a world-famous national 5A scenic Kanas Lake in Altay. The lake is famous for its "Lake Monster". However, according to relevant investigation reports, the legendary "Lake Monster" is the big red fish.

10. 2.6m in diameter

The proverb "God God is big, steamed bun wheels are big" has been popular in Xinjiang Balikun Kazakh Autonomous County for a long time. With the concerted efforts of more than 20 cooks and more than 5 hours, Balikun County in Xinjiang produced the "No.1 steamed cake in the world" with a diameter of 2.6 meters and a weight of nearly 500 kg at the Dragon Boat Festival and the third food festival in 2013, which is several times larger than the wheel wheel wheel, and can be used by more than 1000 guests and tourists free of charge.

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