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A survey of the most beautiful villages in Hunan

The most beautiful countryside in Hunan

Rehui Town, Rucheng County, Chenzhou City

The most beautiful village in Hunan, hot water town, Rucheng County, Chenzhou City

From the name, this is a small town famous for its hot springs. It is a natural hot spring with the highest temperature, the largest flow, the widest area, the shallowest burial and the best water quality in South China. It is rare in the world and is known as "the first spring in South China".

The most special is the hot spring rafting, with a total length of 4.39 km and 16 rapids. It's the first time I've heard about it! There are winding hills, winding rivers, winding trees and rivers on both sides of the river. Or with his wife's belt, or with friends, or in pairs, driving a special double seater rubber boat, crossing the canyon and crossing the dangerous beach, sometimes the torrent is surging, and sometimes the slow flow is light. What comes is a kind of thrilling, dangerous and strange.

Snail tower, Xianrenqiao, feishuizhai, Tianshan DACAO garden, hot spring culture park, gaotan she village, glacier ruins and other scenic spots. There are also Jiangbei mountain forest Grand Canyon, Jiulongjiang National Forest Park, Lianxi academy and so on.

Guangming Village, bairuopu Town, Changsha City

Hunan is the most beautiful village, Guangming Village, bairuopu Town, Changsha City

Riding on the rural road of Guangming Village in Wangcheng, you can see the beautiful scenery full of vitality, green water on three sides and green bamboo in ten miles. Everywhere, it is full of strong rural flavor and water flavor, natural and peaceful.

In Guangming Village, there are white walls and black tiles, retro dwellings, exquisite carved windows, chic courtyard and flat bicycle path. The landscape, fields and villages are all in perfect order, just like a paradise in the world. If you come to Guangming Village from July to September, in the "lotus pond ancient rhyme", you can enjoy the amorous feelings of "the lotus leaves are boundless and the lotus flowers are different red" in the 50 mu lotus garden. The lotus reservoir on the surface of 85 Mu is rippling when the breeze blows.

Lion mountain, Baqu River Mountaineering and hydrophilic make people relaxed and happy. You can also experience the joy of picking and picking in the base of grapes, strawberries and watermelons, far away from the rhythm of the city, taste the farm food, and enjoy the leisure and idyllic life long lost. Butterfly Valley is a must for parents and children!

Shuangchong village, Baisha Town, Changsha County

Surrounded by mountains and streams, a courtyard with the style of the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China is set off among the green mountains and bamboos. In front of the courtyard, ponds, wooden pavilions, bridges and rockeries echo each other, and flowers and plants along the water are colorful. This is not Suzhou garden, but Shuangchong village, Baisha Town, Changsha County. This remote village, located in the north, is surrounded by green waters and green mountains, and one hundred year old houses become the biggest highlight. Houses and buildings are scattered among the mountains and rivers, and ecological roads crisscross to the farmers' homes. Fruit trees are vigorous and bear heavy fruits.

With abundant water and soil resources and mild natural climate, it is a suitable place for fruit development and tree planting. Through the development in recent years, it has become the hometown of small fruits! Before that, the fathers and children in "where to go, Dad" enjoyed a feast of fruit in Turpan. In the vineyard is ready to eat, enjoy the fresh fruit, people are greedy! These can be achieved in Shuangchong village, you are not coming soon!

Zhangguying village, Zhangguying Town, Yueyang City

Located at the foot of Bijia mountain in Weidong to the east of Yueyang County, experts believe that Zhangguying village is "the first village in the world" for its large scale, unique architectural style and beautiful architectural art, which has existed for more than 500 years. At present, more than 1700 buildings of the Ming and Qing Dynasties are preserved.

Overlooking from a high place, surrounded by green hills, Weixi river twists and turns through the village, 47 large and small stone bridges on the river. The walls and sandalwood of the buildings are connected, and they are staggered above the stream, forming a pattern of "the stream flows down from the steps, and the door opens to the water". There is a long corridor paved by the stream. There is a blue stone slab road in the corridor, which leads to all the doors and households along the way, connecting each lane. The laneways crisscross, reaching each hall, there are 60. The longest lane is 153 meters. Residents can live here "without exposure to the sun, rain and snow do not wet shoes".

Bean curd is a special product of this village. In addition, there are native chicken soup, boiled potato powder, mouldy bean dregs (the soybean dregs for tofu are fried in the pot first, then moldy, and finally sliced and dried), soup, dried radish, dried bamboo shoots, etc. Don't miss your favorite food partner!

The most beautiful countryside in Hunan

Dayang village, Shaodong county, Shaoyang City

The most beautiful village in Hunan is Dayang village, Shaodong county, Shaoyang City

Dayun mountain, the first mountain in Shaodong county, is located in Dayang village. The air is fresh and the concentration of negative oxygen ions reaches 10000 / cm3, about 10 times of the normal value. Beautiful scenery. This is not only a tourist resort, but also a paradise for photography

Meandering mountains, towering peaks, ups and downs, peaks competitive show, strange stone forest, a variety of forms, out of the category of emerald. Every time after the rain, it is more spectacular. It has a special charm: the mountains are up and down, the wind and clouds are surging, the clouds are misty, the clouds are deep, the mountains are surging, they are like dreams, they are like fairyland, they are poetic and picturesque, they are so beautiful.

Hutian Town, Xiangxiang City, Xiangtan City

Hutian town is located in the junction of Changsha, Xiangtan and Loudi, only 10 kilometers away from Loudi City. There are many historical sites in the territory. The stone street in the village still retains the historical features of the late Qing Dynasty. Ancient customs and folk activities such as rice wine steaming, vermicelli making, Kongming lantern dancing and dragon dancing are still flourishing. The ancestral hall of Jiang family, hidden in Hutian town of Xiangxiang City, is said to be the best preserved ancestral hall in Xiangxiang. In addition, all kinds of traditional crafts and folk arts are still popular among the local people. For example, the fire dragon lantern, which is listed as Hunan provincial intangible cultural heritage, will dance the ancient town every Lantern Festival to drive away bad luck for people.

Nanshan Town, Chengbu Miao Autonomous County, Shaoyang City

Nanshan Town is located in the southwest border of Chengbu Miao Autonomous County in the southwest of Hunan and Guilin in Guangxi. The average altitude of Nanshan Town is 1760 meters. It is the highest Township in Hunan Province, even in the whole South China, South China and East China. Chengbu Nanshan not only has the vast and majestic grassland of the Northern Kingdom, but also has the exquisite and magical landscape of the south of the Yangtze River.

Nanshan Town at the foot of Nanshan, hotels and roadside merchants can drink fresh milk, which tastes very delicious. However, due to the lack of defatting, friends with bad stomachs suggest not to drink too much. Nanshan ranch can camp and ride horses. If you don't go out of Hunan, you can drive horses on the grassland. What a pleasure!

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