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A complete menu of Fujian new year's Eve dinner

Putian people's new year's Eve food: Stewed bean curd and Putian stewed noodles are necessary

In the sound of firecrackers, one year goes by, and the next spring festival comes. New year's Eve is coming. What people who work hard for a year most want to do is to go home and sit around with their families and have a dinner at home. For Putian people, new year's Eve dinner has a different flavor.

The favorite stewed bean curd, Putian stewed noodles, one of the top ten city cards in Putian, Tianfu Tianshou Mazu noodles Let's have a look at the delicious food on the dinner table of Putian people's new year's Eve.

What to eat for Fujian new year's Eve dinner

1. Stewed tofu

In Putian, the most indispensable part of the Spring Festival is stewed tofu, which is the first dish of the new year's Eve dinner. Tofu is rich in nutrition. People in Putian like to eat stewed tofu, especially for those who have left their hometown. When they return to their hometown, they have a special preference for this special Putian food.

To make stewed bean curd, the salted bean curd should be kneaded into bean curd. Ingredients: the main ingredients are cabbage, celery, Lentinus edodes, bamboo shoots (winter bamboo shoots or calyx shoots), green onions, coriander, carrots, etc., which should be finely cut, and appropriate amount of vegetable oil, soy sauce, refined salt, monosodium glutamate and ground fried peanut. Meat sources are wide, such as lean pork, dried shrimp, razor clam, oyster, scallop, etc.

No matter meat or vegetable, the ingredients are first fried in oil, and then the broken tofu is put into mixing, adding the stewed spare ribs soup and appropriate amount of water. When the soup is boiling, the salt is adjusted. Add monosodium glutamate and beaten eggs. Cover the pot and simmer for about 30 minutes. Put some coriander on top and sprinkle with crushed peanuts.

2. Putian brine noodles

Putian stewed noodles is also one of the essential staple foods for Putian people's new year's Eve dinner.

The key to Putian noodles lies in gluten, soup and ingredients. The flour should be tough and not easy to paste off after cooking. Boiling soup is also an important procedure. Select the best bone segment in the pig bone. The soup is white and fragrant. Ingredients, lean meat, mushrooms, dried shrimps, scallops, oysters, razor clam, leek are essential.

The reason why stewed noodles are called stewed noodles is that they are slowly stewed in a slow fire, so that the flavor of soup and ingredients can permeate into the noodles. In this way, the noodles will have flavor.

3. Xinghua fried rice noodles

Xinghua fried rice noodles is also a common dish on Putian New Year's Eve dinner. "Four corners and four corners, straws tied to the waist..." This riddle nursery rhyme has been the food memory of several generations of Putian people, and its answer is "Xinghua rice noodles". Xinghua rice noodles is one of the top ten cities in Putian City. Its history can be traced back to the Song Dynasty. In January 2009, Xinghua rice noodles in Licheng District was approved to be included in the second batch of intangible cultural heritage list of Putian City.

4. Litchi meat

Putian is also known as "Licheng" because it is rich in litchi. Almost every family can eat Xinghua litchi meat on the dinner table of new year's Eve.

The litchi meat of Putian is to cut the lean pork (preferably the pork foreleg meat) into the size of litchi. The skin is carved into a shell with a knife. After being fried, it looks like litchi. The ratio of garlic, sugar and salt is about 3:1:2, then the litchi meat is mixed into the prepared multi flavor marinade and cooked until it tastes delicious. When the litchi is served as a decorative edge, it will make people confused whether it is lychee or lychee meat, which is delicious and attractive and makes people salivate.

5. Mazu noodles

Mazu noodles is a staple food that every family in Putian must eat on the morning of the first and fourth day of the new year, which symbolizes peace and security.

Mazu noodles are also known as Putian's number one snack because of its auspicious meaning. The old people in Putian often say that the long Mazu noodles, also known as longevity noodles, mean to add happiness and longevity. Therefore, every Spring Festival "must eat".

Why is it called Mazu noodles? It turns out that in ancient times, before the fishermen in Putian coastal areas went to sea, their families would cook a bowl of Mazu noodles for them to pray for the fishermen to come back safely. With the continuous spread of Mazu belief, Mazu noodles have gradually become a staple food for ordinary people in Putian.

Common menu of new year's Eve dinner

Putian fried razor clam, fried ribs, white hot nine section shrimp, oyster soup, steamed abalone, fried pig liver, steamed mandarin fish, cold mixed jellyfish head, Putian fried meat and bean ball soup.

Ningde New Year's Eve dinner: Mountain delicacies and seafood

Mountain delicacies and seafood are valuable and affordable

Ningde is surrounded by mountains and sea. It can be said that there are many delicacies on the dinner table of Ningde people's new year's Eve. In recent years, with the improvement of living standards, Fugu, eel stewed turtle and other rare dishes have also entered the table of Ningde people. "The dinner of Ningde people focuses on the word" richness. " An aunt in Fu'an, Ningde, told the newspaper guide that the new year's Eve dinner of Ningde people must have fish and meat, and the dishes should be rich enough. Among them, several dishes are necessary, such as fish, rice cake, dried bamboo shoots, etc. Fish, a symbol of surplus every year; New Year cake, refers to the annual rise; dried bamboo shoots, means higher and higher.

In Ningde, on New Year's Eve, families begin to offer new year's Eve dinner after noon, and evening meals are put on the table early. The dishes are rich and exquisite. Do not speak ill luck words on the table. When the meal is finished, there should be leftovers in the bowl, which means "enough food is more than enough".

It is worth mentioning that in Ningde, on the first morning of new year's day, they are vegetarian. The whole family should get up early, and the first thing to do after getting up is to drink a cup of sugar water soaked with red dates and peanuts, which means the sweetness of the new year. And during the Spring Festival, if you visit Ningde's family, they will warm up for you with a cup of sugar water, so that you can have a sweet new year.

Sweet potato button means long life

Sweet potato button is definitely a special dish on the dinner table of Ningde people. Sweet potato button is made of high-quality sweet potato after slicing into rice shape, after filtration, precipitation, pulping, classification, drying into starch, and then steamed, planed into silk and dried in the air. It is a bit like longevity noodles, but its appearance is silver. At the dinner, the Ningde people cook a large bowl of sweet potato buckles with celery and oysters as auxiliary materials. Besides filling their stomachs, they also seek a good omen of "long life and long life".

Fish, new year's Eve do not eat the first day

There must be plenty of fish every year. Yellow croaker, perch, carp Steaming, boiling, frying, there are all kinds of methods. In Fuan, Shouning and other places in Ningde, the time to eat fish is still very particular. Although fish is put on the table for new year's Eve dinner, it can't be eaten on New Year's Eve. It can't be eaten until noon on the first day of the first day of the new year's day, which means "more than enough every year.".

In recent years, puffer fish has become popular in some places of Ningde. Puffer fish taste delicious, but due to the skill of killing fish, family condition is good, choose to eat in restaurants. In Xiapu, Ningde, some families with better economic conditions also like to eat a tonic dish: Eel stewed turtle. Besides tonifying the body, it also shows "wealth".

Pickled shrimps and crabs, fresh taste, good taste

The area of Ningde aquaculture is relatively developed, in addition to fish, Ningde people also have a lot of seafood on the table. Blood clam, shrimp, Squilla, crab, jellyfish skin, etc., these are common dishes. Among them, in addition to boiled shrimp, fried crab and other common cooking methods, Ningde people also like to eat pickled, pickled with garlic, shrimp oil, wine, pepper and other seasonings for a period of time, and then eat them directly. It tastes good and tastes very fresh.

The New Year cake and dried bamboo shoots rise year by year

New Year cake is an indispensable dish on the table of Ningde people during the Spring Festival. In Ningde, some places eat it on the evening of new year's Eve, and some places eat it in the morning of the first day of the first day of the lunar new year. It is usually fried or boiled, which means that it will rise year by year and be sweet and honey. In addition, dried bamboo shoots are also an indispensable dish on the Chinese New Year's Eve.

And the dinner of Ningde people is not without meat. Drunk spareribs, braised pork, pig's feet soup Just listen to these dishes, don't you think it's very interesting! The dinner of Ningde people is rich.

On the first day of junior high school, the dishes are exquisite

In fact, in Ningde, the meal on the first morning of new year's Day is very particular. Although I was vegetarian in the morning of the first day of the first day of junior high school, there were a lot of dishes and every dish had a moral meaning. New Year cake, Huangzhen, spinach, tofu, Changshou noodles, Flammulina velutipes, pumpkin For example, spinach is also called "hongtoucai" in Ningde, which means a year of prosperity; pumpkin is called "Jingua" in Ningde, which naturally brings wealth; Changshou noodles, naturally, means longevity; and tofu, the local dialect "rotten" sounds the same as "you", implying everything in the new year.

Longyan: Hakka dialect coexists in the south of Fujian Province

The new year eats the rice to freeze the omen to say to freeze happily

It's Spring Festival. The streets and alleys of Longyan are filled with fragrance. Smell, smell, it will make your mouth water.

In Longyan City, there are two ethnic groups. Longyan people in Xinluo District and Zhangping City speak Minnan dialect and share Heluo culture with the people in Minnan area; in the other five counties, Hakkas live in the same customs and languages as Hakkas at home and abroad.

Two kinds of culture, coexist in one place, let Longyan people's dinner table, colorful.

Changting people like to eat chopped chicken, crisp and tender; Wuping people like to drink Ganoderma lucidum chicken soup, which has a light sweet taste.

Yongding's braised pork with plum vegetables, which is one of the eight dried dishes in Western Fujian, is a necessary steamed dish for the new year's Eve dinner.

The most interesting thing is that Liancheng people, on the first day of the new year, or on the morning of the new year's day, they must first cook and eat rice jelly. The omen says, "freezing is happy.".

Wuping: Ganoderma lucidum chicken soup

Ganoderma lucidum is a kind of fairy grass, which is hard to find and meet. However, they can be found in the depth of the liangye mountain in Wuping County, which has an excellent natural environment and an altitude of more than 500 meters.

With wild Ganoderma lucidum stewed chicken soup, is no more appropriate. Chicken and Ganoderma lucidum on the induction cooker, stew for an hour, sprinkle with onion, ginger and garlic, the beautiful chicken soup is out of the oven.

The Ganoderma lucidum chicken soup is not greasy at all, but has a light sweet taste. It is a good choice for soup dishes in the new year's Eve dinner.

Liancheng: Hakka rice jelly

Rice jelly, which is sold in the streets and lanes of Xuanhe Township in Liancheng, is an essential food for Hakka people to entertain their relatives and friends.

In Liancheng, on the first day of the new year's day, or on the morning of the new year's day, rice jelly is the first to be cooked.

Boiling rice jelly is a big pot of firewood. During this period, you need to hold a stick to stir the pulp in the pot. When boiling, people who eat alcohol or strangers are close to it, saying that it will be destroyed and will not boil into freezing.

Boil well, namely scoop into the wide mouth big bowl or basin to hold. After cooling, it looks like a piece of bright agate. The fragrance makes your mouth water.

Changting: Tingzhou rice wine

In Changting people's table, Tingzhou rice wine is indispensable. It has strong aroma, mellow taste and unique flavor. It is a simple and local wine.

During the Kaiyuan period of the Tang Dynasty, the prime minister and Poet Zhang Jiuling once praised in the building of Xiegang in Tingzhou: "Xiegang's building is very mellow, and two hundred green crabs can buy a bucket. When the red mud is broken and the green ants float, the jade bowl pours yellow honey

Although there is no trace of Xiegong building, Tingzhou rice wine is still there. Guests to Tingzhou, no wine is not a table, Tingzhou rice wine that yellow color, Mi Mi Mi fragrance, sweet mellow taste, do not know the depth, greedy drink oh.

Sanming new year's Eve dinner: chicken soup stewed with red mushroom is delicious and nourishing

The green city is full of mountains, and its taste is pure and ancient

Sanming is a typical city of immigrants. People from all over the country gather in this fertile land, so the customs of the new year are also various and splendid.

For example, in the first month of January, people in Datian are busy watching operas and like to go out to enjoy Shanghua bench dragon; in Shaxian County, there are various dragon dance competitions; and Taining's "earthworm lamp" tour village