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Spring Festival on the tip of the tongue

Taizhou: Sea lees soup

On the evening of Lunar New Year's Eve, every family in Linhai is smelling salty soup. A bowl of lees soup, similar to the color of lotus root powder, is placed on the table, but its content is extremely rich - green mustard leaves, black diced mushrooms, fragrant diced meat, refreshing white water chestnut diced, soft taro diced With chopsticks in the bowl, a bowl of bad soup is quickly wheezing by the children.

The story of Qi Jiguang is also deeply imprinted in children's minds. "In the Ming Dynasty, Qi Jiguang fought Japanese pirates in Linhai. When Linhai City was surrounded, people cooked all kinds of food, such as flour, taro and bean paste, into a large pot of stew. After the Qi family soldiers ate, their morale rose and the army and the people fought back the Japanese pirates together. " Lin Hai's Aunt Liu said.

Shaoxing -- braised pork with dried vegetables

In Shaoxing, the Chinese New Year's table is bound to be a "pickled pork with dried vegetables". Mr. Wu of Yangxunqiao in Shaoxing specially invited Mr. Shen, a village chef in his 50s, to come to his home to make braised pork with dried vegetables.

Master Shen is a good cook. He said: add ginger, star anise and Tsaoko to the top-quality pork and cook it in water for 30 minutes; heat the pork in hot oil, fry the pork skin into golden brown on one side, and then pour in the soy sauce for coloring; cut the meat into 1 cm slices; place the meat skin in a bowl with the skin facing down; heat the oil in a hot pot, stir fry garlic and star anise, add dried vegetables and sugar to stir fry well, add in broth and cook for 5 minutes; stir fry Cover the meat with dried vegetables and steam them in a cage drawer for 1 hour. Pour out the juice of the steamed vegetables and put the meat in the dish. Thicken the sauce with a small amount of starch and pour it on the meat. "The basic skill level of the chef can be tested if the meat with preserved vegetables is well done." Master Shen was busy in Mr. Wu's kitchen and told reporters at the same time.

Wenzhou -- Muffin

"Muffin is tall and high; I'll treat uncle a to muffin. The thick muffin is a gift to my uncle; the cake is thin and has no edges and corners; the cake is solid and meets the Buddha... " When Wenzhou nursery rhyme "send muffin" is sung, how much homesickness is aroused.

Engagement, marriage, new house, Chinese new year, longevity Muffin plays an important role in the traditional life of Wenzhou people. It is well-known throughout the country, is a famous Chinese snack, its main raw material is made of Japonica rice, steamed from. Wenzhou muffin is also famous for dwarf muffin. This dwarf muffin is actually lard glutinous rice and sugar cake. It uses pure glutinous rice of the year, grinds it into fine powder, and then cooks and cuts it into pieces. The dwarf muffin is made and sold now. It tastes soft and glutinous, sweet and salty. The Osmanthus fragrans decorated on it makes it very fragrant.

When I was a child, I followed my mother to buy muffin. The stoves of the eight Bridge muffin shop were lined up, and the strong flavor of the new year was steamed out in the cold wind.

Jiaxing Tongxiang Guoba sugar water

Everyone's food memory has a taste of childhood. Xiao R, who has worked in Hangzhou for more than ten years, goes back to his hometown every Spring Festival to visit her grandmother. After entering the door, she will drink the sweet rice dumpling made by her grandmother. "Guoba was left by my grandmother after cooking a big pot. It was thin, crisp and fragrant. It was filled with sugar and soaked in hot water. All of a sudden, I had childhood memories."

In Tongxiang, during the Spring Festival, when visiting relatives and friends, some elders will first give the younger generation a cup of sugar water, its new year's message is: sweet honey.

Quzhou Kaihua steamed cake

When countless Kaihua people come back to their hometown, the first thing they want to eat is steamed cake, which is naturally the most distinctive local snack. During the Chinese new year, many families will prepare SAIC cake.

Steam cake in the selection of materials, using rough early rice as raw materials, rice soaked in a night after grinding into powder, adding water into the rice pulp, can not be too thin or too thick. The tools for making steamed cakes are also unique. Put an iron pan on a small coal stove, then put aluminum plates, spread a layer of gauze, ladle out two or three spoons of fermented rice slurry, spread them out, and sprinkle shrimp, pork, dried bean curd and other fillings according to personal taste. After 10 minutes, cut the steamed cake into small pieces and fry them in the oil, which makes people's mouth water.

Jinhua steamed bread

Jinhua people have the custom of eating steamed bread and New Year cake during the Spring Festival. Jinhua steamed bread, also known as "Dayuan steamed bread", is round hill shaped with flat bottom and dome. It is often printed with red patterns. Some are square seals, and some are peach with leaves. They are popular in large towns in Jinqu basin. Most of them come from steamed bread workshops. They are indispensable for weddings and weddings.

Jinhua steamed bread can be stored for many days at low temperature in winter. When you need to eat, put the steamed bread in the pot and steam it for a few minutes. Take a bite, loose and moist, full of bite, carefully taste a product, there is a trace of sweetness. If you break the steamed bread, and then put in braised meat, fried pork, meat balls or vegetables, the taste will be more beautiful.

Zhoushan: Eels

Every time after the new year, he bin, a Zhoushan native, would pack a lot of eels back to Hangzhou. Zhoushan eel is frozen in the refrigerator. When you think of it, you can stir fry celery and horseshoe with it, and the dishes will become more delicious.

From November every year, it is the season for Zhoushan people to dry their eels. He Bin said that despite the fact that drying fish sauce is very simple, the flavor of dried fish varies greatly at different times and in different weather. In sunny days and northerly weather, the color of eel is bright, the water content is controlled at about 30%, and the meat is the most tender.

Ningbo - hot pot

Laodizi, Ningbo people are very particular about eating New Year's Eve dinner. In general, there are no less than 12 kinds of dishes on the new year's Eve, such as New Year cake, pickled large yellow croaker, taro stewed pig's feet, frozen meat It is a symbol of peace and prosperity in 12 months of a year.

In the past, most people would prepare a hot pot (hot pot) at home, which was not used on weekdays, but only served on New Year's Eve. Eat "hot pot" is also to ask for a "good color", "with a round, red fire, warm and warm meaning Three fresh dishes are usually put in the pot. The so-called "three delicacies" are meatballs, egg dumplings and smoked fish. The shape of egg dumplings is like a treasure, which means "good luck and prosperity in the coming year".

Huzhou yuanbaodan

Huzhou people must have dried bamboo shoots, Yuanbao eggs, shrimp balls, meat balls, and whole fish. After dinner, the elders gave the children red paper bags of "lucky mother of the year".

There is still a trick to this method of braised pork and Yuanbao egg. It is necessary to stir fry the pork into lard first, so that the fat meat of the finished product is not greasy, and the lean meat is more biting. Adding a little high liquor can remove the fishy smell and improve the freshness. Peeled cooked eggs should be fried with a little oil first, the skin folds to absorb the soup, and the pot should be constantly turned to avoid frying. Finally, the juice to pick out the eggs, in order to avoid the final fried eggs.

Lishui -- Jinyun meat soup

Meat soup is a specialty of Jinyun. Jinyun can't do without this dish, whether it's urban or rural wedding feast, or every new year's festival, family and friends' hospitality. It can be used as a "dinner" to satiate, but also as a "snack" embellishment.

The ingredients for this dish are very simple. The best pork sandwich or lean meat on the hind legs is usually used for meat battering. First, slice it into 1-2 mm thick slices, and then stick appropriate amount of sweet potato powder. Gently tap for a moment with the back of a kitchen knife or rolling pin or wine bottle until the meat piece is pancake shaped. In the pot, add some fresh vegetables, such as peas, bamboo shoots, mushrooms and bean curd. Add water and stock. Bring the water to a boil. Beat the meat patties. Then pour in the seasoned sweet potato flour sauce. Stir while pouring. Then roll on the fire for a moment, sprinkle with chives, coriander and so on, you can serve the table.

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