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Forced marriage and blind date after Spring Festival

Fifth Avenue

There are more than 230 historic buildings and more than 50 famous houses in Britain, France, Italy, Germany and Spain. These historic buildings have various architectural forms, such as Renaissance style, Greek style, Gothic style, Romanticism, eclecticism and the combination of Chinese and Western styles. They are known as the world architecture exhibition garden.

Reasons for recommendation:

The reason why Xiaobian recommends this is because there are unique architectural signs here. If it is the first time that two unfamiliar people meet, it is better to make an appointment here!

Italian Style Street

Tianjin Italian style street, with the purpose of reflecting the strong Italian style, will be built into a comprehensive multi-functional area integrating tourism, commerce, leisure, entertainment and Cultural Expo.

Reasons for recommendation:

There are pure exotic customs, very romantic atmosphere, very suitable for lovers or lovers.

Riverside Road

Binjiang Road Commercial Street is one of the most prosperous commercial streets in Tianjin. Binjiang Road is the most prosperous commercial pedestrian street in Tianjin, which brings together the cream of Tianjin's business, catering and service industries. Row upon row of international brand stores is the latest trend gathering place, and the retail sales volume ranks first in Tianjin.

Reasons for recommendation:

It's very busy here, and the catering is also very developed. If you feel embarrassed to chat alone, it's not like to come here and go shopping and chat.

Da Yue Cheng

Tianjin Joy City is positioned as "international fashion Youth City". As the spiritual card of Joy City, youth, fashion, trend and taste, it interprets the life style of Joy City, and guides the leading-edge life concept with convenience, leisure, openness and affinity as the keynote.

Reasons for recommendation:

This is the same as Binjiang Road. If you come here for a blind date, the recommended way is to find a small shop or milk tea shop where you like to eat and chat. It won't be very embarrassing.


Tianjin's "Xiaobailou" is not large in area, but its fame is not only familiar to Tianjin people, but also known to outsiders that there is a small white building in Tianjin. Even some foreigners come to find their dreams in the past.

Reasons for recommendation:

There are a lot of couples taking wedding photos here. Coming here has a good implication!

Jinwan square

The biggest feature of Jinwan square is its cultural heritage. The pluralistic composition of modern architectural style in Tianjin reflects the characteristics of the times in which Chinese and Western cultures meet, and reflects the function, culture, fashion and cultural value of Tianjin's modern city. Jinwan square uses the basic elements of western architectural culture, such as Baroque, classicism, romanticism and eclecticism.

Reasons for recommendation:

Besides the beautiful night scene, there are many restaurants, bars and cinemas in Jinwan square So it's not boring to come here for a blind date. You can watch movies, play games, or go to the bar for a drink.

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