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In summer, it's rainy season. Ten tips to know

Summer comes and rainy season comes again. Cars are most susceptible to moisture and short circuit on rainy days. In order to extend the service life of the car and ensure the driving safety of the owners, we summarize ten maintenance strategies in rainy season for your reference.

1、 The windshield should be clean

Because when it's raining cats and dogs, no matter how you wipe the windshield wiper, the vision will not be clear and the vision will become very small. To cope with this situation, you should clean the front windshield of the car at ordinary times. Also, if the road surface of the car is wet, you must use the cleaning fluid to clean the splashed mud.

2、 Keep the rear mirror window clean

The rear-view mirror and rear window will be stained with water droplets, which will make the distance insensitive. Therefore, the eyes are easy to feel tired. Therefore, please clean the rear-view mirrors and rear windows on both sides before starting.

3、 Check the wiper system

Scraping caused by poor vision is a common vehicle insurance accident on rainy days. Driving in the rain to maintain a good line of sight is inseparable from the wiper. When it rains heavily, what appears in front of the driver is a vast expanse of white. If the sweeping ability of the wiper is seriously reduced, it will directly affect the driving safety. Therefore, in rainy days, the wiper system should be specially inspected to see whether the rubber of the wiper blade is aging, whether the blade edge of the wiper blade is deformed, whether the glass cleaning fluid is sufficient, whether the water spray from the water nozzle is normal, and remember to remove the debris between the wiper blades.

4、 Clear the drain channel of skylight

If you don't use it for a long time or the air in the environment is dirty, a lot of dirt will accumulate inside the skylight. For example: dust, leaves, etc. These debris will be washed into the skylight drainage channel by rainwater to block the skylight drainage pipe. When the drainage pipe is blocked, the accumulated water in the drainage channel will enter the interior of the vehicle after exceeding the height of the drainage channel, causing damage to the interior of the vehicle. The skylight drain pipe is generally located at the four corners of the skylight, connecting the skylight drain channel and the drain hole near the door or the front and rear fender.

5、 Check the tightness of the vehicle

Rainy days are also prone to the problem of water in the car caused by short circuit. There are rubber sealing strips at the door frame and other positions of the vehicle. On the one hand, it ensures the sound insulation of the vehicle, on the other hand, it also ensures the sealing of the whole vehicle. In terms of vehicle sealing, old vehicles need to pay special attention to. It is necessary to check and clean the door, bottom drain hole and rubber seal ring on the chassis. If the drainage hole is blocked or the rubber seal ring is not well sealed, it is easy to cause water into the compartment when driving in rainy days or passing through the water accumulated road surface, and in serious cases, it will cause short circuit of the power line in the compartment and damage to the vehicle controller.

6、 Check tire pressure

Driving on rainy days will put forward higher requirements for tires. The depth of tread in rainy season should not be less than 2 to 3 mm, and it is better to ensure that it is more than 4 mm. Because the tread depth is too low, it is easy to form a water film between the tread and the water surface, resulting in vehicle deviation, tail flick and longer braking distance. The best way to measure tread depth is to use a special ruler. If not, coins or sticks can be used instead. In addition, low tire pressure will also aggravate the degree of skid. Although the low tire pressure increases the friction between the tire and the ground and thus increases the adhesion, the adhesion is very limited relative to the decrease of the pressure per unit area between the tire and the ground. When the car brakes in the rain, the most important thing is to have enough pressure to drain the rainwater between the tire and the road surface, so that the car can stop stably. Therefore, it is safer to maintain a higher tire pressure in rainy days.

7、 Check the vehicle lights

Before driving on rainy days, check whether the vehicle lights are complete, especially the front and rear fog lights. Because fog lights provide good lighting for the front and rear of the vehicle in low visibility weather, they will be used frequently in rainy days, and no problems can occur.

8、 Check the brakes

The brake part should also focus on inspection to see whether there is oil leakage, whether the braking is normal, and whether the wear degree of the brake disc and brake pad is within the safe range.

9、 Keep safe driving distance

Due to the fuzzy vision in rainy days, the owner should ensure a wider safety distance than usual during driving. When driving in the rain, you should pay attention to the speed and direction of the vehicle in front of you at any time. You should never accelerate to overtake because of the slow speed of the vehicle in front. On expressways, due to the relatively high speed of each lane, the driver's perspective becomes narrow, and when the road is forced to cross the line and overtake, it is easy to cause wheel slip and cause vehicle rollover and other accidents.

10、 Avoid vehicles passing through the road with deep water

When driving in rainy days, pay attention to avoid passing through the place with deep water. If you have to wade in the water when driving, you should set the transmission at 1-2 gear at a low speed (the automatic transmission model without manual mode can also be shifted to l gear). Do not rush at high gear and low speed, so as to make the vehicle pass slowly and smoothly, and avoid drawing water into the air filter, resulting in engine water intake and flameout.

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