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Enjoy the ten most beautiful waterfalls in China in a cool summer

In hot summer, where there is water, you can feel cool. In summer, you should find the most cool place. Waterfall is the first choice! Let's visit the ten most beautiful waterfalls in China.

1. Hukou waterfall of the Yellow River

The scenic area is located in the middle reaches of the Yellow River and the middle section of Shanxi Shaanxi Grand Canyon, with a total area of about 60 square kilometers. Hukou waterfall of the Yellow River is famous for its unique and majestic scenery. It is the largest yellow waterfall in the world and a symbol of the great Chinese nation.

When you stand in front of Hukou waterfall, you will appreciate the majestic posture of "the water of the Yellow River comes up from the sky", and see the wonder of "the first waterfall of the Yellow River in the world". The majestic momentum of Hukou waterfall, the magic legend of Dayu father and son in flood control, and the fate, pursuit and dream of the children of the Yellow River will surely make you immerse yourself in the scene and forget to return.

2. Huangguoshu waterfall

Known as Asia's largest Huangguoshu waterfall, its thrilling, has long been empty in the heart. When crossing the waterfall, I was very lucky to see the rainbow of Huangguoshu waterfall, known as the rainbow of "snow reflecting the rosy clouds of Sichuan". White water, like cotton, does not need bow and spring flowers to disperse, and red clouds like brocade do not need to weave into the sky. Through the waterfall, a magical and cold water curtain hole, looking out from the hole, the green leaves are swaying in the hole like drizzle.

Sometimes pouring rain, sometimes misty rain, such as the general ribbon flying waterfall, water and green intertwined, amazing beauty! To Huangguoshu, photography is no longer important, you just need to really approach it, appreciate its majestic, magnificent! The surging waterfall, the valley bottom of the clean, here, you forget everything. The blue-green water, like a silk, is slippery. I really want to hold it on my face. I like this kind of hue. The faint and deep color, no matter from which angle, is shocked by its earthshaking.

3. Detian waterfall

Detian waterfall, located in ShuoLong Town, Daxin County, Guangxi Province, is a national special scenic spot. Across China and Vietnam, it is the fourth largest transnational waterfall in the world and the largest in Asia after Iguazu falls between Brazil and Argentina, Victoria Falls between Zambia and Zimbabwe, and Niagara Falls between the United States and Canada. It originated in Guichun River, Jingxi County, Guangxi Province. It has water all year round. It flows into Vietnam and flows back to Guangxi. It passes through the cliff and falls into a waterfall at Detian village, Daxin County.

The Guichun River under the waterfall is the boundary river between China and Vietnam. The right part of the waterfall is large in scale. The majestic three-level waterfall is located in China, called Detian waterfall. It is rated as one of the six most beautiful waterfalls in China by National Geography of China.

4. Jiuzhaigou waterfall group

Bashan and SHUSHUI, since ancient times, I don't know how many tourists have been fascinated! Jiuzhaigou's scenery is mainly concentrated in the waterscape. The numerous Haizi (lakes) and the waterfall group connecting these Haizi are the most charming and wonderful landscapes in Jiuzhaigou landscape. Xizi lake, the paradise of Hangzhou, is full of water and misty mountains. It looks like a passionate girl in the south of the Yangtze River. The Haizi waterfall in Jiuzhai is green and light blue with natural carving. It is as pure as a village girl in Bashu. Especially for people who have lived in the city for a long time, walking in the mountains and rivers of Jiuzhaigou can not help but feel a sense of returning to simplicity.

If you look at the waterfall in China, you may suddenly fall down from the cliff like the sea falling down and the Milky Way burst, with a magnificent momentum; or you can fly down from the cliff like a white silk off the axis and curl like a graceful woman; or you can turn over the cliff from the cave and drop it like a crystal bead curtain, hanging in front of the cave, which is very interesting. The Jiuzhaigou waterfall group, on the other hand, flows out quietly from the cliff or beach covered with trees. The waterfall is often divided into countless small streams of water, either light and slow, or rapid flow, in various forms and wonderful. In addition, the surrounding mountains are emerald and full of green. In the golden autumn, when the forest is fully dyed, the waterfall scenery is even more magical and beautiful. Jiuzhaigou waterfall group is mainly composed of NuoRiLang waterfall, Shuzheng waterfall and Pearl Beach waterfall. In addition, there are numerous small waterfalls such as ladder waterfall group in Shuzheng group sea. The magical and wonderful waterfall makes people stay still and linger back and forth.

5. Lushan waterfall group

The ancients said: "taidai Qingsong, Huayue moling, Huangshan cloud sea, Kuang Lu waterfall, and called the mountain and river Jue Sheng.". The beauty of Lushan Mountain enjoys the reputation of "the most beautiful scenery in the world", and the waterfall is the first in the beauty of Lushan.

The main waterfalls of Lushan waterfall group are: sandizuan waterfall, Kaixian waterfall, shimenjian waterfall, Huanglongtan and Wulongtan waterfall, Wangjiapo double waterfall and yulianquan waterfall.

"The five old peaks compete on the top of Mount Emei in the north, and the three layers of Longquan come from the sky." This is the most spectacular waterfall in Lushan waterfall group.

The water of sandizhun waterfall flows out of daziyue mountain, flows slowly for a period, and then passes through the back of Wulao peak. From the North cliff mouth, it is suspended on the big plate stone, and then flies down to the second level big rock. After a little rest, it sprays again on the third level big rock, forming a triple layer. Therefore, it is named the three fold spring waterfall. In Ji You Ji Ji Ji, Zeng liaoxiang describes the three springs: "the higher level is like flying clouds, the intermediate level is like gravel breaking ice, and the lower level is like jade dragon walking pool." Sandizhun waterfall is known as "the first wonder of Lushan Mountain", so there is a saying that "it is not a guest of Lushan Mountain until you arrive at it".

6. Jingpo Lake Waterfall

The Mudanjiang River system originates from Changbai Mountains. Jingpo Lake is a famous mountain barrier lake in Mudanjiang basin. A long time ago, a volcanic eruption, condensation of magma blocked the Mudanjiang River South-North flow of the original river, created Jingpo Lake. At the place where the volcano erupted, there was a huge difference between the water level of Jingbo lake and the lower reaches of Mudanjiang River, which is diaoshuilou waterfall of Jingpo Lake.

7. Luoping Jiulong waterfall

Jiulong waterfall group is the largest waterfall group landscape in China. Located in Luoping County 22 km east of the Jiulong River. It is said that the Dragon defeated the bronze drum spirit here and defended the waters and protected the people on both sides of the Jiulong River. Due to the unique geological structure and long-term erosion of water flow, there are ten cascades of waterfalls with different heights, widths and shapes.

In the wet season, the sound of water can be heard several miles away. Along the Jiulong River, there are not only places to step on stones and water, but also places suitable for photography. You can also put on the clothes of ethnic minorities and pose. You can take a cable car to the viewing platform on the top of the mountain. You can have a glance at ten waterfalls and enjoy a panoramic view of the scenery. One of the largest waterfall 56 meters high, 110 meters wide, known as the first waterfall in Kowloon, also known as the "Dragon Waterfall.". In the rainy season, you can hear the sound of the water from a distance of several miles. If you look up close, you can see that the waterfall is like a river flowing down and the fog is rising, which is like a thunderbolt. In the dry season of winter and spring, the waterfall is like a silver chain hanging in the sky, flying flowers and broken jade. Under the sun shining, the rainbow comes to the waves, just like a fairyland.

8. Zhuji Wuxie waterfall

Wuxie scenic spot is located 23 kilometers northwest of Zhuji City. There are 72 peaks, 36 Ping, 25 cliffs, 10 stones, 5 waterfalls, 3 valleys, 2 streams and 1 lake, which constitute a natural landscape painting scroll, known as "xiaoyandang". The local people call the waterfall "Xie", and one water is divided into five levels, so it is called "five discharges".

Wuxie waterfall was famous in the world as early as 1400 years ago in the Northern Wei Dynasty. There are detailed records in Li Daoyuan's shuijingzhu. Scholars of different dynasties, such as Yang Wanli and Wang Shipeng in Song Dynasty, Yang Tieya in Yuan Dynasty, Chen Hongshou, Xu Wei, Yuan Hongdao and Song Lian in Ming Dynasty have visited here, leaving behind paintings and poems. Tang Yin and Wen Zhengming, four talented scholars in Wuzhong of the Ming Dynasty, were even better known for their poems.

9. Quicksand waterfall

Liusha waterfall, located in the west of Hunan Province, has a drop of 216 meters, which is said to be the highest in China. From Dezhuang Town, you can walk to Liusha waterfall on the village road. You can see the waterfall at a corner. Most of the time, the waterfall soars from the cliff, with a high drop, and the water falls into quicksand. Visitors can walk along the mountain roads on both sides and walk under the waterfall. The light water floats down like a mist like a gauze. It feels like entering a water curtain cave. There is a drizzle, which is immersed in the heart and spleen. With the wind, the drops of water, like fine sand, blow on the face, hands, grass, stones, run to the end, and then merge into the blue lake under the waterfall.

It is not as majestic as ten thousand horses galloping, not like the roaring sound of beasts, but with a little seemingly soft, quicksand waterfall lingers in the heart of the viewer with an ethereal temperament.

10. Three Gorges waterfall

The Three Gorges waterfall, also known as Baiguoshu waterfall, is located in Taishanmiao village, Huanghua Township, Yiling District, Yichang City, about 34 kilometers away from Yichang city. It is famous for its forest scenery and natural waterfalls.

The main waterfall is 102 meters high and nearly 60 meters wide. It flies down from the steep cliff and blows up dozens of meters of water mist. Because of the heavy rain yesterday and the sunny day after the rain today, the waterfall is like a rainbow of ten colors. It is really spectacular. It can be said that "the flying stream is 3000 feet down, and it is suspected that the Milky way is falling nine days.". It deserves to be called "the first waterfall in Central China"! Some visitors once praised that "when you visit the white fruit tree in the morning, you will see a mountain in the sun and a mountain fog; when you visit the white fruit tree in the afternoon, you will feel cool and comfortable; when you visit the white fruit tree in the evening, you will see a piece of sunset and dew

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