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It's shocking to check the Guinness record of the world's most outstanding!

The Guinness Book of world records is familiar to many people. It sets the best, most beautiful, strangest and greatest things in the world as a complete. Some of them really challenge the limits of human beings, and even many records that people can't imagine. People have captured countless eyeballs in crazy and ridiculous ways, which shocked and shocked people all over the world. Today, let's take stock of the world's most outstanding world records!

Most cones hit in a minute. Frisbee master Brody & middot; Smith (USA) hits eight cones with a Frisbee in one minute on the Guinness world records show in Rome, Italy. The cone is located 10 meters away from Brodie and 1 meter above the ground.

The most frequent chest landing and body rotation in a minute. On March 11, 2013, Rani & middot; Franco (UK / Philippines) performed 25 spins in Soho, London, UK. Rani landed on her chest, her back arched, her legs outstretched, her feet on the ground in front of her eyes; then, her legs exerting strength, her whole body began to rotate. With each turn, she returns her body to its original position.

The biggest blaster. 'blaster' is also known as' African hairstyle ', also known as' round hair'. The hairstyle became popular in the 1960s with the promotion of African Americans. Evan & middot; Dugas (USA) has the largest blaster. According to the results measured on March 31, 2012, her explosive head was 16 cm high and had a circumference of 1.39 M.

The maximum number of baking pans broken with the head in a minute. Bonaparte & middot; Q. orbs (far right) and 'Sweet Pepper' kleipek (both from Canada) Co perform "monsters of change" in Niagara, Ontario, Canada. The energetic two took turns pounding each other on the head with 55 baking plates in a minute.

The longest time to stick to the torch. As if swallowing fire wasn't exciting enough, carrissa & middot; Hendrix (Canada) made the challenge more difficult. She held her breath and held her teeth on the inverted torch. On April 12, 2012, after a month of practice, she successfully performed in a TV show in Rome, Italy, which lasted for 2 minutes and 1.51 seconds.

Toothpicks are the most in the beard. The number of Irish TV shows is the biggest in the world. Ed finished the task in less than three hours; during that time he was not allowed to seek outside help.

The maximum number of swallowing swords at the same time. At the Guofeng hotel near tower bridge in London, the Space Cowboy (real name: Cain & middot; hertgren) successfully poked 24 knives with a length of at least 38cm into his esophagus, thus establishing his position as the world's top sword swallowing master.

The shortest time to drag a car 30 meters with your teeth. Acrobatic superstar Igor & middot; zaribov (Russia) pulled a car filled with gasoline and carrying a passenger 30 meters with his teeth in Las Vegas, Nevada. The total weight of his teeth is 1645 kg.

Most of the spoons hang on the body. Etiba & middot; echiev (Georgia) holds an upright position and attaches 52 spoons to himself on the scene of "Guinness China Night" in Beijing, China. He thinks the secret of success is that his sweat is' sticky '.

The longest metal coil that passes through the nose and mouth. Andrew & middot; Stanton performed at a Las Vegas Night Show under the stage name "Mr. screw head.". He used an electric drill to insert an oiled metal coil into a bizarre part of the human body. In a program on the Italian international channel, he inserted a 3.63 meter long metal coil through his nose and out of his mouth.