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Looking at the ten most wonderful buildings in the world is amazing!

There is no wonder that the world is so big that some wonderful buildings in the world always have strange shapes after they are designed. However, they make people remember deeply and marvel at the ideas of architects. Today, I'd like to take a look at the ten most exotic and exotic buildings in the world.

1. Waldspirale (Darmstadt, Germany). Designed by renowned Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser, this winding apartment building is the coolest residential building in the world. In addition to the dazzling 'spiral' appearance, the 'Forest' is also a well-known design. The roof is planted with a large number of vegetation such as beech and lime trees, which is beautiful and environmentally friendly.

2. CCTV Headquarters (Beijing, China). The building where the largest national television network institution in the mainland of China is located seems to be too avant-garde. The two towers are inclined inward with a large angle; the towers are connected by horizontal structures, forming a closed loop. From some videos of the construction of CCTV building, we can see that the construction technology is constantly developing.

3. Lotus Temple (New Delhi, India). The flower shaped bah & Aacute; '& Iacute; house of wool attracts an average of three million visitors a year and has won numerous architectural awards.

4. Ibirapuera auditorium (Sao Paulo, Brazil). A crimson 'tongue of fire' extends from the side of the pure white hall, which is very eye-catching. This is the ibila buela auditorium. Created by legendary architect Oscar Niemeyer, it is one of the most remarkable landmarks in the region.

5. Krzywy Domek (Soport, Poland). The house in this photo is not the result of PS broken. It looks like a joke. The design of this shopping center is inspired by illustrations in Polish fairy tales, and its Polish name translates to 'crooked house'.

6. The iceberg (Aarhus, Denmark). The sea view apartment complex was designed by JDS architects in Belgium, and they have won many architectural honorary awards for their beautiful and practical design. In order to obtain the best sunshine conditions and the best view of the Bay landscape, the building volume is cut by zigzag lines, which brings its unique advantages of vision and sunshine conditions to the extreme, making every apartment get the best effect.

7. The National Museum of art, Osaka, Japan. From the outside, the C & eacute; SAR Pelli style building looks like a component that has fallen from a transformer. The interior of the building is an underground museum with a collection of internationally renowned paintings, from Warhol to Lichtenstein.

8. Piazza d'Italia, New Orleans (Louisiana, USA). The Central Plaza in Nora is the masterpiece of Charles Moore, one of the representatives of American postmodernism. A large number of Italian classical architectural elements are used in the square design. Several arc-shaped single 'colonnades' composed of columns and eaves are scattered in front and back, with different heights, and large and small arches arranged in high or low order. Behind the arch is the same shopping mall.

9. Grotto sauna (Lake Huron, Canada). The interior space of this sauna room is made of exquisite curved wooden structure, just like being in a wooden cave. Its architectural concept and interior concept are from ancient caves.

10. Milwaukee Art Museum (Wisconsin, USA). Inspired by the bird's wings, this super modern art gallery is unique in shape and different from every angle. It is a landmark building in Milwaukee.