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I'm very pragmatic in my love. I never have a romantic constellation

In our life, we may meet people who are more serious and pragmatic. They have many advantages, but when we get along with each other for a long time, we will find that they are extremely lack of romance in their feelings, and they will feel more or less boring when we get along with them. So which of the twelve constellations are like this? Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

LIBRA: slow response, total lack of muscle

It seems that Libra's head is always missing a tendon. They are always slow to follow the rhythm of their lovers. However, many times, some interesting and careful thoughts of their partner start to compare with them, which is very lack of romance. Although they are usually very lazy, they are often too lazy to use their brains to be lazy. Such dull performance is always described as too pragmatic, and slowly make complaints about the two people in Tucao really serious lack of fun.

Taurus: can't read romance

Always trying to create a romantic atmosphere, but finally found that we lost in the hands of Taurus. Pragmatic, they seem to have never studied the true meaning of romance since they were born. After they fall in love, they don't want to try and experience. Such Taurus always intentionally or unintentionally to the atmosphere, let a person feel very disappointed. But their faces are still the same expression that they can't understand the problem. It's really funny.

VIRGO: those who call themselves kings disdain romance

To say pragmatic people, of course, we Virgo, in fact, they do not understand romance, is disdain for romance. They believe that being a person is also good for both the object and the object. They should proceed from reality and discuss things based on facts. Some of the so-called romantic little sentiment is not allowed to exist, it will only destroy the set of good life rhythm they have planned for themselves. After all, they all regard themselves as the 'King', but the 'King' only needs strength to be loved by everyone, not romance at all.

Pisces: romance is only hidden in the deepest heart

It's said that Pisces is very romantic, so they are full of expectations to approach each other again and again, and pray for each other to bring surprise, but they find that they are so boring. It's not that the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment. But their romantic often stay in their mind, never willing to move out to share with lovers, let alone expect them to show. One is one, two is two. So at the end of the day, their other half is almost pragmatic.

CAPRICORN: pragmatic and romantic

Capricorn is also recognized as a pragmatic person in the twelve constellations, and of course it's the same emotionally. I'm afraid no one will question their listing. However, it needs to be emphasized that Capricorn is so pragmatic and doesn't understand sentiment more because they have the heart of rejecting romance. Perhaps when they get along with each other, too romantic atmosphere will affect their judgment and make them unconscious and make wrong judgments. In the end, it's too late to repent. Therefore, even if they are disliked and boring by the other party, they should persist in being pragmatic.