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Check the constellation of dull personality and dead brain

Everyone's personality is completely different, some people are lively and cheerful, some people are quiet and calm, some people are smart and resourceful, different personalities lead to different ways of dealing with people. Some people have been widely praised, but some people often offend many people around because of their dull and inflexible personality. So are you such a person? Do you have such people around you? Now let's take a look at the signs that are dull and hard headed.

ARIES: straight gut

Warm and cheerful Aries is very easy to get along with, they have always been full of passion, is the people around the pistachio. But people who really know Aries will know that in fact, it's terrible for Aries to lose temper, because their straightforwardness leads them to think things directly, and it's easy to take them seriously. As long as they are serious things, then Aries will be directly a gut to the end, no matter how you explain, they will not listen, it is a dead brain.

Taurus: a muscle

Taurus's character is very honest, whether they are doing things or thinking things have always been a muscle, completely do not understand the flexibility. As long as they identify a thing, they will never change it easily, so they often offend many people around them because of their dead brain. But in fact, they are very kind-hearted, just because they are too rigid to understand. If you get along with them, you will find that they are good people.

Sagittarius: too lazy to think

Why do Sagittarius think hard when they do things? In fact, they are not really smart enough, but they are too lazy to think about things. They've always been straight people and don't like to beat around the bush. And hot tempered, they will always conflict with others because of all kinds of small things. And like the Sagittarius, although usually very civilized, but as long as they can't figure it out, then it is completely into a dead end, how can't get out.

CAPRICORN: strong principles

Capricorn is born dead brain, their character has always been very rigid and dull. They are very particular about rules. For them, there are no rules. If you want them to help you with things or accommodation, it is absolutely impossible. Instead, they will be angry with you and blame you for breaking the rules. So as long as the people around you talk about Capricorn, they will feel like a stubborn old man, who is totally unfeeling, so you don't expect them to be flexible.