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If you want to seduce Pisces, these signs should be considered carefully

Pisces girl gives people the feeling like a gentle girl in Jiangnan Town. Qingqiao stone road, the hazy drizzle floating, she is holding a plain umbrella from the rain curtain slowly coming, very 'sky blue wait for misty rain, and I'm waiting for you' taste. It is reasonable to say that such a girl and every constellation fit well, but it is not the case. These constellations are not suitable for being a Pisces girl's boyfriend!


It's really a complex relationship between two complex constellations. Libra man is like 'golden hair' in his feelings. He is a warm man loved by everyone. He doesn't refuse anyone. It is precisely because of this that the sensitive and vulnerable Pisces woman will feel very insecure around him. Two people are still young children, because immature, so will not compromise, get along with a contradiction will be very tired.


Gemini boys can easily become the focus of the crowd because of their fluent eloquence and gentle and kind words. It's a sign that never gets bored. But it is also because he is too eloquent and rich in ideas that you sometimes can't figure out what he is thinking. Pisces female met him, may be very miserable, because he is too good at making up lies, let Pisces female no sense of security.


Although Leo's male chauvinism and Pisces female just match, but because Leo belongs to fire signs, Pisces female belongs to water signs, water and fire can not be described in this way. The lion man has a strong desire for possession and control, and the Pisces woman will feel dependent at first. But over time, this one-sided phenomenon made them both miserable.